Grift Right Attacks Richard Spencer

MILO and the Grift Right launched an attack on Richard Spencer last night by releasing an audio file which is allegedly Spencer having an emotional meltdown after walking into the trap in Charlottesville and getting screwed over by the police stand down:

If this is true, all it proves is that Spencer was furious about what had transpired because obviously the day hadn’t gone according to plan. The plan had always been to hold the Unite the Right rally in Lee Park. Virtually everyone who went to Charlottesville was also furious.

Here is my own meltdown:

Various Antifa accounts are trying to spin the narrative that Spencer was “reacting to the death of Heather Heyer” rather than the police stand down. In the video clip above, I was reacting on Periscope to the police stand down in Charlottesville in the immediate aftermath of the rally. This was BEFORE we left town and James Fields, Jr. plowed his car into the crowd. It was already crystal clear by then that the police had deliberately ceded the streets to Antifa and created a chaotic situation where dozens of people had already been hurt.

In any case, this hit piece isn’t about Charlottesville and the Unite the Right rally, which is over two years ago and is old news:

The true motivation is that these disgusting, washed out, attention seeking grifters like MILO are trying to latch on to the Groyper thing like vultures to revive their own tarnished brands by jumping on and sinking the next bandwagon with their cringe and that Richard Spencer recently warned people about it and called them out for it on his YouTube channel. The first 1:25 minutes of the clip is Spencer doing exactly that on the J.F. Gariepy show.

It is difficult put into words the sheer contempt that I have for these people. I also want absolutely nothing to do with them ever again:

I could continue.

There was another salacious, attention seeking article that MILO wrote about how his gateway to conservative journalism was through being sodomized by his editor at The Spectator in the UK, which sounds plausible but could also just be another lie to claim victimhood.

It was always clear to me that this guy was a moral degenerate and a massive albatross for anyone associated with him. I will never forget the time that he held the Twinks for Trump event at the RNC in 2016 or bathed in blood in Lucian Wintrich’s degenerate art exhibit. I predicted his demise in late 2016 because I knew his values would catch up with him.

This piece of shit has been desperately trying to glom on the Dissident Right wave of positive energy like he did with Gamergate and the Alt-Right before that. It couldn’t be more obvious what he is doing or more predictable in light of his past:

“The leaked audio is one half of a video currently circulating among members of the so-called ‘groyper,’ America First or ‘dissident’ Right, whose recent public relations offensive against Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk has led to at least one chapter of Turning Point, at Kansas State, dissolving entirely. The tape’s contents have been independently verified by three separate sources. 

The first half of the video is a clip from a recent podcast appearance on YouTube, during which Spencer disavows the new dissident right, specifically criticizing the blossoming Christian revival among many young American conservatives. 

Along with former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, Richard Spencer remains active on social media, including Twitter. Spencer was invited to appear on CNN in July. Meanwhile, center-right conservatives such as Gavin McInnes, Roger Stone and Laura Loomer remain on media blacklists and banned from all major social networks and payment platforms. …”

Richard Spencer isn’t a Christian.

Of course, that’s not exactly news. We’ve always known that Spencer is a fedora tipping atheist and a narcissist and an elitist. He is honest about not being a Christian and his elitism.

Are we supposed to believe that MILO is a Christian?

Is he trying to insult our intelligence? Are you kidding me?

The difference is that MILO is a petty homosexual who has an ego 1,000x bigger than Richard Spencer. Spencer is also deeply ideological. In contrast, MILO was promoted by Steve Bannon at Breitbart precisely because Bannon thought The Dangerous Faggot could be used to normalize homosexuality, cross dressing and transgenderism on the Right.

MILO did far more to normalize homosexuality on the Right for Blompf than either Charlie Kirk or Lady MAGA. The whole Grift Right crew has always been defined by homosexuality, atheism and their support for Zionism. There isn’t a single one of them who is a White Christian heterosexual who is married and has a normal family. The only thing that they succeeded in accomplishing in the Trump era is precisely what Charlie Kirk has been criticized for at his events.

I think it is great that there is a “blossoming Christian revival” going on “among many young American conservatives” even if many of them are Papists. The moment it becomes associated with this crowd again though is also the moment we can say the movement has sunk.

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  1. You’re doing good work on the Grift Right issue but one problem (more of a side issue) is that Milo has always claimed to be Christian and Christians have always generally accepted him as such, even if they disagreed with his behavior.

    Love the sinner hate the sin.

    This has limited their ability to resist his homosexuality normalization scheme.

    In contrast, the he was always rejected by “racialist spergs” on the internet.

    • Umm, no. The man (dare I call him that, and not get blasted for sacrilege) is a FAGGOT, and a KIKE.

      He is no more a Christian, than Hillary Clinton is… Less, Actually- presuming that Clinton once may have been one…. when she was 12.

      The bullsh* about ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ is nullifed in one verse from the Law.

      “Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.”

  2. Well, what is a “proof” for you that Spencer is legit, might be evidence (together with lots of other evidence) for others to the contrary.

    Honestly, who talks such nonsense: “My ancestors fucking enslaved those little pieces of fucking shit,” “They don’t do this to fucking me. We’re going to fucking ritualistically humiliate them.”? Only an agent who want to support the narrative of the “evil White men”?

    So this audio file might be a collaboration between two agents (“Milo” and Spencer) who want to show that Charlottesville was not a ZOG psyop where ZOG controlled both sides and made sure that the violent proles from both sides met (or actors of proles from both sides) in a similar manner as in the Greensboro shootout 30 years ago.

    The difference between Greensboro and Charlottesville might be that ZOG staged a trial for the former event which had some semblance of a real trial and had some “truth finding commission” years later which showed that the “Right” was led by ZOG-agents. Since the general audience is now so apathetic no such events are necessary for Charlottesville.

  3. Spencer is a faggot and a narcissistic who doesn’t actually care about White people, but just wants to cash in on White interests. But, I don’t think he said that. That sounds like something a jewish screenwriter wrote.

    Milo and Loomer are jews. Obviously they are going to fuck up any White thing they associate with

    “I think it is great that there is a “blossoming Christian revival” going on “among many young American conservatives” even if many of them are Papists.” Things our WASP ancestors would never say. Millennials are a severely misled generation. First they misplaced their faith in Trump and now in Catholicism??? They need a proper education about both the history of the federal government, and of Catholicism.

    • How would Spencer cash in on white interests? He couldve made a lot more money just being an average upper class kid

  4. What do ya know? Milo being a catty faggot. Kind of like how Greg Johnson is also a catty faggot.

    It’s almost like there is a pattern here

  5. Charlottesville was an almost perfect repeat of what happen to the German Bund in 1939 Madison square garden.
    jewish mayor, jewish paid thugs, jew controlled police beating down a pro-white assembly.

    Just a carbon copy!

    • Faggot and cross dressing piece of shit J. Edgar Hoover was being blackmailed by jewish mob kingpin meyer lansky, who in turn was allowed to run loose in nyc and attack America-Bund members.

  6. Other than Richard Spencer being shown as an extreme narcissist and egomaniac, there is nothing about the audio that is out of character to what everyone knows about Spencer. It actually gives him cred in some sectors of the movement. Spencer has never denied being an elitist.

    The audio was never meant to be heard by people. How do all these people running him down think Donald Trump acts behind closed doors or when he is in a rage? They support one of the biggest narcissists and egomaniacs ever to hold office – as a matter of fact I have seen Trump praised for these attributes by the very same people attacking Spencer now.

    I will say this – the leak came from our side. MILO may have been the leaker but someone gave the recording to him. I’m sure Spencer can put two and two together and figure it out. I will be interested to hear his side of things.


    • How on earth does the notorious troll andrea make it past moderation? What is the point of having moderation if you are going to let this through?

  7. MILO is not a Christian according to the Bible. Many Catholics don’t really know the Bible that well compared to Protestants who at least historically are brought up from a young age reading and learning about the Bible.

    The New Testament clearly condemns homosexuality in Romans. The New Testament clearly says that ‘faith without works is dead’ and at judgement day Jesus will say to many “I never knew you.”

    But, even without the Bible it’s clear that MILO is a disgusting and filthy morally and sexually degenerate pervert who has repeatedly bragged about his love for BBC.

    His favorite biblical passage is “get thee behind me Satan” but not taken as a pious and honest Christian takes it in their quest to live a morally righteous life but as a demented and degenerate filthy pervert would.

    I don’t believe in Hell but if there was one this POS would deserve to be one of the first tossed in……

  8. ‘even if many of them are Papists. ‘

    Many of them are Jews infiltrating the rotten remains of the Roman church like Peter Hitchen’s son (Hitchens is a crypto but he married an overt Jewish woman).

  9. 1) As as anon who has spent the past year or so calling out our short comings let me get this out of the way, Spencer’s heated moment after the fraudulent state of emergency is regrettable. I never got into pro-white politics with a desire to oppress anyone and do not stand by Spencer’s alleged statements, and if I had to wager neither does Spencer.

    Which is why these comments were never released and are out of step with Spencers idea of a life affirming imperium. People who say THIS is the real Spencer are knowingly being disingenuous.

    How many people have said they hated their parents in a heated fight when they were teenagers? Does that mean the person’s REAL attitude towards their parents is hatred? Of course not. Does the guy or women who says to their husband or wife in a fit of rage “I never loved you and I hope [insert something terrible] happens to you” the REAL them? No, and everyone making the claim that this is the real Spencer knows this.

    Same goes for people saying Richards voice was cracking? He spent the day yelling over antifa and trying to coordinate with people as the police pushed them into antifa. All of this happened HOURS before James fields car accident. If my memory serves me correct James fields car accident was mid-afternoon 2-3 pm. This audio sounds like it was recorded right after the state of emergency and everyone was pushed into a clash with antifa around 11am and people were out of there by noonish and this was probably recorded at around 1pm when people got back to their hotels/wherever people were staying.

    • 2) Fuentes/groyper/stormer are amplifying Milo’s claim of Spencer being a fed.

      This narrative is stupid on so many levels.

      If Spencer was a Fed and he said this to discredit pro whites why didn’t he release the footage himself?

      Why wouldn’t Spencer talk like this publicly?

      Fuentes hung out with Milo in DC this past summer. Not sure if fuentes/irony bro/stormer was involved directly but they are amplifying it to hit Spencer with.

      This is completely short-sighted on Fuentes part, because outside of right wing online world nobody sees a difference between the two.

      Fuentes foolishly wrote on telegram “now everyone can see me and Richard have nothing in common”

      Stormer is misleading Fuentes into actively signal boosting the ADL (stormer) narrative to deplatform himself.

      Stormers public embrace of Fuentes and Fuentes cooperation with the stormer has all but guarantees Fuentes downfall will be sooner than later.

      Con Inc are now putting Fuentes and Spencer in the same tweet and demanding jack ban them.

      Fuentes is in trouble for his public attack of the maga movement (Charlie Kirk) now with this release nickers will attack Spencer (white politics) for his banning. Causing more infighting and a desire from already skiddish nickers to abandon white politics even more than they already have

      • Nick counter-signals just about everyone but grift righters like Laura “lampshade” Loomer, Milo Faggotopolis, Jacob Wohl, Baked Alaska, Faith Goldy, and Gavin McInnis.

        Fuentes is going to be in a very lonely place without any friends and allies after the hot air goes out of his balloon. His inevitable fall will hopefully teach him a lesson in humility.

        I trust the people in Spencer’s orbit like Jefferson Lee, Josh Neal, Jim Goad, Tyler Hamilton, and even the insufferable Mark Brahmin.

        • Exactly, for a while there was a split in con inc on how to handle Fuentes. For grifters and electioneers they either support/supported Nick or look the other way in order to court edgy energy/votes.

          The con inc ideologues are less concerned about winning elections than keeping the narrative on tracks.

          For a while the ideologues were biting their tongues or whispering quietly but now after Nick directly attacking the president’s PR outreach team (tpusa) Nick is only left with the banished grifters like Milo.

          It’ll be interesting to see if Nick makes it through the 2020 election and not be deplatformed, my guess is no, but it’ll come down to how hard he shills for trump. If he does make it through 2020 he will be deplatformed sometime in 2021 (Trump’s first year of his second term.

          Nick will be another Milo only not gay or jewish, so he won’t be able to lead any straight pride parades.

  10. So what if that faygeleh M.I.L.O. tries to smear the Earl of Spencer? Neither one of them are relevant any longer, HW. They are nothing more than former e-celebs whose 15 minutes of notoriety have long since come and gone.

  11. Both Milo and Thpenther are garbage.

    Thpenther’s ideas are loony, but that’s not the worst of him. The worst is that he bears partial responsibility for the plight of James Fields. Fields came to Charlottesville, in part, because of Spencer’s rhetoric.

    Spencer is a trust fund critter with money. He didn’t hire a decent lawyer for Fields. He threw someone on his own side under the bus, after helping to cause his plight, without so much as acknowledging his existence. Never mind helping him, like someone with even an iota of dignity and honor would have done.

    Milo is the lowest type of vermin, but Spencer is also the lowest type of vermin

  12. Wonderful ebullient Castizo Nick thinks that Wohl and Loomer are OK. They are JEWS.

    Would we be dealing with ANY of this if we had implemented the NO JEWS WHAT SO EVER EVER EVER policy, centuries ago?

  13. When MI6 attacks.

    Very effective way to jam up the Seminar/Auditorium Groypers with infighting.

  14. The faggot in question, no not Spencer, the other faggot with the Greek name, was pumped up by the Breitbart jews, using Bannon, who has a strong affinity for fags, by the way. At this point, Nick Fuentes looks good, I like him, and he has a goood position, we are America First, we owe no allegiance to Israel, and we are Christians, and so we oppose all degeneracy. I can run with that, until it all breaks down in the next world war.

  15. Gatekeeper Dana Loesch played the audio of Spencer on her radio show today because she noticed that he was trending on Twitter. She then went on a weak diatribe against Spencer and all other so-called ‘white supremacists’ like him saying that they do not have a seat at the table of modern day conservatism. Of course her position involved the usual collection of ad hominems, ridicule, and slanderous attacks at those who would dare have a white identity. For those who might be interested to listen here is her show page. She addresses Spencer beginning at the last half-hour of her show today!

  16. Enjoyable Hunter Wallace 2 minute angry f-bomb rant ‘meltdown’ linked above, from Emperor Kingfish Whitepill & Lord of the Frogs

    English speakers in other places sometimes envy the natural timbre and cadences of native US Southerners

    It’s thought by some that the musical rhythms of some American voices, actually throw back to 1000 years ago, pre-Norman invasion, when Denmark and England at times had the same kings, and Britain was somewhat more Scandinavian-Viking

    Hunter has a good voice for politics … maybe the time will come

  17. I’d like to note that nothing Spencer said in that clip differs from what he says publicly…only difference is one of degree and tone.

    I’ve been following Spencer’s “career” (as it were) from the start and the one thing we have to admit is that he’s remarkably consistent in his talking points. That is: he says the same things in public and private (presumably – I’ve only been around him a few times in semi-private venues, like mingling between speeches at conferences, but he seemed consistent).

    It’s terribly disingenuous to present someone to the world without giving them a chance to present in their own way.

    I hope Milo can take what he dishes out…

  18. Vox Day joined the Spencer pile-on @ his site.

    so disappointing. This fratricidal infghting

    is all the result of the wet blanket Drumpf

    has dumped on the Right. About which

    Haxo warned long ago.

    • Vox Day continues to impress and disappoint in equal measure.

      On the up side, he actually produces things This is altogether missing on the dissident Right. He actually has published and is publishing a dissident-Right comic book. Everyone said that something like this should be done. But he actually did it. I cut him a lot of slack because of that, and projects like it. If more dissidents produced bona fide cultural content beyond just social-media memes, we’d be much further along.

      On the down side, one of his main approaches to fostering his brand is picking fights with others on the dissident Right, be it Spencer, Johnson, etc. I’d prefer that he simply go after cucks.

      Also on the down side, his support of Milo — who is vile, vile, vile.

      I love it when Vox does his own thing. The shooting-right is unfortunate. It’s the go-to tactic of the Alt-Lite (than which Vox is mostly better).

  19. It is so obvious a blind man can see it. The Jews want the white nationalists to be led by a homo. Those Jews really do love that Moshiach.

  20. Spencer sounds like a spoiled teenage girl. I always thought that he was a little effeminate anyway. Little fancy pants mother f***er.

    • Gotta agree. I finally got a chance to listen to that audio. It sounds like him. It could be some-one else; there’s laughter in the background. If that’s him – it’s pure cringe.

      Spencer is not our leader. He’s done so many dicey things. If this makes him go away – that’s good. I consider him to be a more upscale version of Wanglin. I’ve considered him to be absolutely toxic for a very long time. He’s also a mischling. Can we have a Juden free leader, sometime? Anytime? Ever?

  21. Focusing on “grift right attacks Spencer” is like Hillary Clinton attacking Trump over Muh Russia for her DNC shenanigans. Leaving aside what Trump or Russia may have done: What Hillary Clinton did was criminal. That’s the point.

    Leaving aside what MILO (and any leaker close to Spencer) may have done: Spencer revealed himself to be a sociopath-level narcissist who has zero self-knowledge or humility or capacity to lead. Did he have the right to be furious at what happened at C’ville? Yes. Did he have the right to throw around a few racial epithets while ranting and venting? Yes. Those aspects of this recording are irrelevant. But: “I rule the world!” “People bow down to me!!” Who thinks, let alone _says_, such things?

    And it simply isn’t true that these statements can be excused away due to his anger at the situation in Charlottesville: Is the statement “I rule the world” something you would say or expect anyone you respect to say, even in a moment of righteous anger? Spencer revealed something extremely telling, and dangerous, about himself in that rant.

    Spencer did some very good work, and when he spearheaded his early websites — the original Alternative Right, Radix, etc. — he produced good, thoughtful and intellectually rigorous content, and he got others to do so as well. He was good as a writer, an editor, a somewhat cerebral and philosophical thinker, and he should be acknowledged as one of the early, committed pioneers in this latest generation and iteration of the anti-Liberal, anti-TrueCon revolution.

    But in deed and word, he has revealed himself to be utterly unfit to lead others, even as he demands that he be coronated as The Leader. Across the spectrum of the true Dissident Right — from Hunter Wallace, to Greg Johnson, to Anglin, to Taylor, to Mike Enoch — not one of them views himself as more important than the mission., or views the mission as a means to his own personal aggrandizement. But for Richard Spencer, the opposite is true: He comes first, not the mission. And that is completely unacceptable in a follower, let alone in a leader.

    The Alt Right was most successful as a decentralized multi-headed hydra. Yet when the Alt Right finally began to gain momentum as a force, attract mainstream attention, and the ideas were gaining currency, Spencer’s main concern was that he be the leader of this movement. And that contributed to its undoing: It gave the media the target they needed.

    Spencer’s affinity for the thought of Jason Jorjani is not coincidental: the underlying principle of Jorjani’s works is literal Luciferianism (Prometheanism). And that is the religion Spencer follows, consciously or not. The best thing Spencer could do today would be to humble himself, come to Christianity and overcome his flaws and weaknesses through the power that comes of that.

    People may say “Spencer has stepped down, he isn’t a leader and doesn’t want to be”, so my critique is no longer relevant. I don’t believe this is true: Most of what Spencer currently does, as he himself admits, is to tear down and criticize the Right, from Trump to Fuentes. Why? He says it is his commitment to honesty and being true to himself. But this leaked tape as well as his pattern of behavior tell a different story: It’s because he still sees himself as the rightful king, who is planning his triumphant return. As delusional and unlikely as that would be, it has to be called out until he exhibits greater self-knowledge and humility.

    For people who may not be familiar with the work of Ted Sallis (, he has many perspicacious if quite curmudgeonly things to say about the problems of leadership, seriousness and maturity in the Movement. This Spencer recording, even if two years old, is another piece of evidence that Sallis’ critiques are largely on point.

  22. JF’s show last night addressed the grift right’s alliance with Nick Fuentes against Richard Spencer, especially the role Milo plays in all this drama.

    Nickers like to insinuate that Spencer is queer, but as I often point out to them that it’s Fuentes and Milo that frequently pictured together looking like a Sam sex couple on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

  23. Hunter Wallace, the rage that you and Richard Spencer express at the betrayal committed by the Authorities at the Charlottesville pro-White demonstration has been experienced by others before. You know, of course, that you find yourself in a existential crisis.

    In 1939 the Poles were abandoned and betrayed by the British and French Establishments: the Poles raged in their impotency. The following year in the summer of 1940 at Dunkirk, the British Establishment abandoned their allies, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Danes and Norwegians: these peoples raged also in their impotency. At the end of the Second World War, the Germans raged silently as they suffered at the hands of the Allies: raped and murdered en masse by the Soviet beasts and butchers; their families, wives, mothers, children having been bombed mercilessly by the British and the Americans.

    This last forty years, we British have drunken the bitter cup of our abandonment. This last forty years “our” Establishment has subjected us to mass Third world immigration which is destroying civilised life in our major cities; we never had negroes nor Asians in our country before; we never had muggers attacking the defenceless ; we never had gangs of foreigners, Pakistani muslims, raping English children en mass and with complete impunity in the full knowledge of the complacent and complicit Authorities.

    Your rage at Charlottesville does you justice, HW.

    I’ll quote the American philosopher, Francis Parker Yockey, in his 1948 book, ‘Imperium’, ” there was poison in America’s WWII victory cup.”

  24. This audio proves Richard Spencer is legit, and passionate about White Survival.

    I like him even more now.

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