E. Michael Jones: Religion and The Alt-Right

UPDATE: This might be of interest.

Here’s my response to E. Michael Jones:

Race is a fiction

No, race exists within the human species and is real. I’m proud of the fact that I am 100% Northern European. This idea that racial categories are social constructs that have no relationship to biology is antiquated late 20th century postmodernist nonsense.

White identity is a mistake

In my view, it is important to untangle three separate things: race, ethnicity and identity which are not the same thing. While it is true that White people exist as a race, whiteness is not always an ethnic marker or a source of identity. Historically speaking, it just so happens that in our culture largely due to the presence of large numbers of non-Whites in a frontier colonial society of intense racial conflict that whiteness became an ethnic marker and a source of identity.

Jews are in rebellion against Logos and the Jewish Question is a theological issue

There is the Kevin MacDonald perspective which explains the Jewish Question in terms of evolutionary biology. There is the E. Michael Jones perspective which explains it in terms of culture. I’m sure there is a lot of truth to both perspectives which are not really at odds with each other. Ultimately though, it doesn’t really matter because the effect is the same whether the cause of it is biological or cultural. It is still a social problem.

Whiteness led to the trap that was Charlottesville

As a White Southern Anglo-Protestant, I went to Charlottesville because the city government there was trying to tear down the monuments of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson who are two of our greatest heroes. At the same time, lots of other people who went to Charlottesville weren’t even Southerners, but were opposed to the larger issue of destroying historical monuments and were right that the Left’s iconoclastic campaign of destruction wouldn’t stop there.

Northern Catholics and Southern Protestants are ethnically different

Obviously, I agree with this.

The South has a very different history than the North. It has always had a different racial, ethnic, religious and cultural makeup although the two regions have converged somewhat in the late 20th century. The South is full of Northern transplants. The North is full of non-Whites now.

The Alt-Right is converting to Catholicism

My sense of it is that a new wave of people who are more religious have become disaffected and illiberal due to the gender nonsense. I haven’t noticed many people converting from atheism to Catholicism although I am sure there are cases of it.

Jews are our enemies, not our friends

I completely agree.

We can love our enemies, but we don’t have to pretend that they are our friends. This is an excellent point.

Jews have become accustomed to Jewish privilege due to their total control over the news and entertainment media

I agree.

Charlie Kirk is an astroturfed puppet of the donor class

I agree with this as well.

The weakness and effeminacy of modern Europeans isn’t due to Christianity

I agree with Rusty Reno’s take.

Clearly, there have been epochs in which the “strong gods” have been ascendant in Christianity like during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation or during the Crusades. We now live in a times when the “weak gods” are ascendant which has been the case since World War II. This will inevitably change in the long run. What’s more, the effeminacy is due to a number of factors like Jewish control of the media and urbanization with the most effeminate progressive men overwhelmingly being urbanite atheists and the most masculine being rural Christians.

It is possible for black people to become fully Polish

Blacks have been here in the South for 400 years. They share our dominant religious faith which is evangelical Protestantism. They share our cuisine too. And yet, black people still haven’t become White.

The overwhelming majority of Southerners know the truth about race. Black people will never become White. White people will never become black. This is actually not a problem to anyone but outsiders particularly Yankees due to the egalitarian assumptions of their own culture.

Africa would look like Europe after 1,000 years of Catholicism

No, it would still be African.

China looks more like Europe and it isn’t even Christian.

Pagans and Christians are too at odds to cooperate

I tend to file the people who are White identitarians who claim to be pagans under the category of “my 21st century identity crisis which has been caused by multiculturalism.”

Multiculturalism is the reason why White identity is uniquely considered illegitimate and inherently opposed to Christianity. No one makes these same disingenuous arguments about how Korean identity and Presbyterianism are inherently opposed or blackness and Christianity are inherently opposed because that is accepted and celebrated as legitimate under the tent of multiculturalism. The revival of paganism is a rebellion against multiculturalism.

The prospects of a pagan revival are quite dismal

I tend to agree.

For every Christian who ceases to be a Christian, perhaps 1 in 1,000 will become a pagan while the rest will become degenerate liberals. In fact, atheists and agnostics are even further to the Left than the Jews. The triumph of atheism won’t lead to a pagan victory.

Violence is an immoral and ineffective strategy

This was perhaps the most solid response of the interview.

If White Nationalists and the Alt-Right got their way and America became a 100% White ethnostate, it would still have massive problems

This is an important point.

As I have explained, White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were constructed around three basic truths. These truths are White identity, the existence of race and the Jewish Question. While all of these things are true, they really tell us nothing about how we ought to live and behave in this world. There is a cultural and moral vacuum at the heart of both White Nationalism and the Alt-Right because these important questions are left unanswered.

My takeaway from that is that we need to build upon the Alt-Right. It was our second effort. It won’t be our last effort.

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  1. I just listened to it. While I have a very casual understanding of race and genetics, I would say Dr. Jones and the host have even less than that. For a man who has such great insights on the JQ, Jones can be infuriating. And that damn host claimed that the Alt-right is promoting violence. What an ill informed ass.

  2. The Alt-Right is majority and functionally Atheist. The overall sentiment is hostile to Christianity. While this is overwhelmingly from the vocal pagan minority, it’s also from some of the irreligious as well.

    • I would like to see some numbers on religious affiliation in the dissident right, just for the heck of it. I agree that our side’s intellectual content on the web skews atheist, though. And man, are you correct about the hostility towards Christianity! Automatically limiting your movement’s appeal and potential membership among your target group is one of the more stupid maneuvers imaginable. But apparently, there are some short-sighted morons wanting to keep the dissident right a permanent fringe movement. I wonder if it’s retarded self-sabotage, or something more nefarious.

      • But if you honestly believe that Christianity is a slave religion the jews gave us and thus is part of the problem, what can you do? Pretend to be a Christian to broaden the appeal? And that in a political movement that claims to be truthful against a deceitful foe? That would be a shitty move.

        • That’s a false choice. Who’s demanding you must be a Christian? You’re expressing projection here. A lot of you haters have the fucked-up attitude that being Christian is a problem. Actually, you want us to conform to your view on our faith. It won’t be happening. You should accept that, adjust, and move on, so that we can work together.

          I’m mystified that people with your view don’t understand something very basic. If you want the movement to grow you need numbers. What kind of person will most likely be attracted to White nationalism? What will their background tend to be? What will their cultural affiliations, such as their religion or religious preference, probably be? Am I getting through to you? This is just common sense I’m communicating here.

          If you want to have a small circle jerk where you pagans and atheists congratulate each other on not being Christian and having excluded us, go for it. Marginalize yourself at your pleasure. Keep splintering the movement, keep making it more insignificant and less influential. Make sure you’re unable to reach and attract a great number of people with this divisive tripe. I’ve had it with the stubborn idiocy of those insisting on movement suicide.

          • You simply fail to detect my point: If Christianity is part of the problem, your “pragmatism” is simply deluded. You offer only empty rhetoric like a wannabee priest.

          • No response to anything I said, and ending by namecalling unrelated to anything I said. You prove your stubborn idiocy, idiot.

          • You whine about atheist and Pagan “haters” (who are part of the movement) then turn around and whine about how they “splinter” the movement.

            “Don’t punch right,” says the Christian, as he keeps punching right.

            The Christian cries out in pain as he strikes you.

        • Well pagans and atheists can move to countries their people built. America was founded by WASPs (pre federal government) and the South was and still is majority WASP. Furthermore, pagans have no numbers or infrastructure in this country and we don’t need them, or want them. Even if they did have useful assets, I don’t care. I just add that in for the “we should all just work together” camp to see they add nothing of value, and only destroy what we have with relentless attacks which are waged against Christians, and IMO more than they wage attacks on foreigners.

          The core of a nation is ethnicity+religion. That’s why America actually got built. These were one huge unified group of people. British Protestants. They weren’t trying to accept everything that was White, and openly banned jews and papists, so the ban on pagans is also without saying.

      • “And man, are you correct about the hostility towards Christianity! ”

        There are Christians in the movement who insist that ONLY Christians can be White Nationalists. And they are only too happy to lie about and smear anyone who doesn’t
        share their beliefs

        What can be done about these short sighted morons? I wonder if it’s retarded self-sabotage, or something more nefarious.

        • “There are Christians in the movement who insist that ONLY Christians can be White Nationalists. And they are only too happy to lie about and smear anyone who doesn’t
          share their beliefs”

          Yeah, apparently “Rich L.” has been asleep at the wheel. Just the other day, the Daily Stormer said there needs to be a purge of atheists on the dissident right.

          And yes, these young dumb assholes who became Catholic a week ago are viciously attacking anyone who isn’t Christian, often with hysterical and completely unsubstantiated allegations that mirror SJW witch-hunting.

          It’s even more divisive than the Alt-LIte/Right schism.

        • And there are pagans that insist on multi-culturalism and the acceptance of homos. Have some of your own faulty logic.

    • IMO the pagans and atheists are pretty much the same thing. The word “pagan” is thrown around a lot in these circles without any real definition. I use it to mean a catch-all term to simply mean non-christian. In any case, the “pagans” we refer to in our movement are really just racist non-christians that really like pagan symbols and participating in the traditions, be they atheist, agnostic, deist, or whatever else.

      • You’re correct about pagans and atheists being much the same thing. But calling you Pagani, instead of Atheists, is a demeaning term, and we mean that demeaning with all our hearts. The term ‘a-theist’ is a ‘scientific’ term, frought with all the pseudo-legitimacy that scientism can convey. But Pagan confers the knucle-dragging, troggish connotation that you are illiterate, stupid, and uncivilized… because you are. Those who are TRULY pagan, and actually worship Celtic demons, and runes, and so forth, are even LOWER on the totem pole of life.

        Just to be clear… PAGAN.

        • I don’t take pagan as an insult at all so it’s fine, but now I am illiterate, stupid, and uncivilized? Gotcha.

      • I agree. Pagans and Atheists in these circles are functionally the same thing: simply anti-Christian. The “pagans” are almost solely just guys that want an excuse to wear a Thor’s hammer necklace. None of them actually practice. And not a single one of them has ever produced an insightful and educated argument against Christianity, because they know nothing of the faith, just the residual effects of the signal-boosted apostates.

  3. Christianity really doesn’t have much of anything to do with our movement.

    It is, however, a powerful de-radicalization vector.

    One person’s specific interpretation of true Christianity doesn’t matter.

    What matters is what institutions are actually doing.

    On issues of race and nation, Christian institutions outside of Eastern Europe are overwhelmingly anti-white.

    On issues of sexuality, Christian institutions are mixed. Some are pro-gay, others are anti-gay. But the anti-gay institutions promote ineffective ways of thinking and forms of resistance.

    IE: Love the sinner hate the sin.

    Anonymous Racialist Spergs on the internet have always been more willing to completely shun gays than actual Christian institutions, who adopt a semi-welcoming attitude.

    And Christianity, like conservatism, is clearly moving in a pro-gay direction. Note that the Catholic church which the Groypers are being funneled into is, by all accounts, heavily infiltrated by gays in the priesthood.

    Our movement is about promoting a healthy society for White people.

    This is perfectly adequate as a basis for making moral judgments. “Is it good for Whites”

    The Alt-Right failed because it had not fully embraced this morality. It dabbled with it, but retreated from it when the going got tough. That’s understandable for a young movement facing adversity.

    Anglin and TWP are bad examples of the need for Christianity.

    Anglin is clearly a malicious actor, who has often used Christianity as cover.

    TWP was always Christian and collapsed because people did stuff that was clearly against the morality they claimed to believe. If anything it shows Christianity as inadequate, but really, no system will completely prevent that kind of human failing.

    • Anglin is a cancerous turd that just adopts whatever the flavor of the month is in the dissident right. Now he is a good Christian boy, posting images of white Jesus almost daily, but lets not forget he has a pagan symbol tattooed permanently on his chest and wrote articles about aborting retards and letting kids with cancer die not long ago. Then all of the rape stuff. yeah, what a good Christian boy he is.

      • Indeed. Andre Anglin in a chameleon who is financed by guys that wear small circular hats. Definitely, a very bad actor.

      • Anglin is a shill. His past uncovered all of that. By his own admission he is “half red indian” and admitted on a podcast that Whites should be bred out and that it’s too dangerous to have all of these people with high IQ’s so they need to be mixed. Him and the federal informants weev and Azzmador carry out the work of SMEARING genuine White interests by making everyone look like a Hollywood Nazi. They also have posted several anti-Southern Nationalism articles, particularly by their writer Benjamin Garland.

        The Daily Shiller was ALWAYS controlled op. Boggles the mind how someone can think of themselves as intelligent and discerning, but then wholeheartedly believe DS is legit. weev goes to jail a well know jewish anarchist, suspiciously gets released from jail early, and instantly becomes the world’s #1 neo-nazi that single-handedly makes the entire MSM start calling the alt-right “nazis”

        wew lad

    • “And Christianity, like conservatism, is clearly moving in a pro-gay direction.” Wrong. Christianity doesn’t move. People and their personal beliefs, obviously affected by the cesspool culture we live in, do. Once again, someone who judges the faith by the modern state of it.
      Naturally, he won’t judge Europe to have always been worthless, because of it’s current state though. More faulty logic. You’re anti-Christian, don’t beat around the bush. Naturally, you don’t belong in a Christian nation, you are a foreigner and need to leave.

  4. Just because white people vote repubican more than democrat and republicans are called right wing and the alt right is also called right wing doesn’t follow that Christianity is a consistent between the two.

    You used to mock Christianity.

    The whole thing about the right left spectrum being overly simplistic applies. Only right wing republicans are religious, not white nationalists.

    • LOL. no, what’s outdated is your silly “race is a social construct” delusion. The HGP prefer the word “ancestor” to “race” and redefined “race” to mean something subjective, not objective.to fit their agenda, I suppose. Lefties like you think that by redefining “race”, it means it doesn’t exist!


      “Race, on the other hand, researchers say today, is a complex combination of factors from physical appearance to family stories and how people are treated as they move through the world. In other words, for many people, it is in large part subjective, not measurable

      “Family stories” and “how people are treated” have nothing to do with race.
      This changes nothing. You’re free to think you’re the same as a negro or a Chinaman, I guess, if it makes you feel good about yourself. Me, I think you’re probably just another white coward

    • Out of Africa has been debunked numerous times. Even MSM now admits the oldest humans are from Europe. Back to reddit commie.

  5. I haven’t listened to that file (and maybe I never will since Jones can be very frustrating). As a historian Jones is ok although he does not much more than paraphrasing good books from the past which were written from a Catholic point of view (and a marred by it a bit as well). And he has covered some “new” ground as well with some books (the one about control through a perverted sexuality, and the one about the decline of European music). But he is no deep thinker. His philosophy is a joke, full of contradictions and howlers. And sometimes he talks like he is on “our” side, sometimes not (when his loyality with the current Catholic church and its weird representatives takes over). So he is a bit of a vain fool as well who is not made for politics.

  6. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I’ve been following Jones’s work for a while. I agree with him on the JQ and I think it does make a difference whether the cause of jewish behavior is caused by biology or theology, because if it is caused by theology it can be changed by their sincere conversion to Christianity. If their behavior is due to their biology then it can’t be. It makes a difference in strategy. I have some disagreement with his views on race. I agree that white identity is problematic because it is a deracinated identity and it would be better for Europeans in America to get in touch with their ancestral roots rather than identify as white. There are advantages to white identity in that it is more inclusive and avoids historical grievances this could also be accomplished by a Christian or Catholic identity. I have never heard Jones day that race doesn’t exist. Maybe he does here. I haven’t listened to it. He has always said that whiteness doesn’t exist and I think that because whiteness allows Jews to pretend to be white there is reason to pause and consider whether whiteness should be pursued as a identitarian strategy. But he has always said that he is biracial, Irish and German, do he has some racial identity. I disagree with him that Africans could become fully polish. While a black persons could convert to Catholicism and learn Polish there is an obvious physical difference (biology) as well as a lack of shared history (ethnicity) that makes such a proposition impossible. I think Jones is smart enough to understand this and I think that he is pursuing a good strategy by avoiding positions that divide us by race and uniting people towards a (((common enemy)))

    • He is dishonest when he says there is no such thing as “White.” “White” is obvious common nomenclature for Caucasian, and “Yellow” and “Black” are for mongoloid and negroid.

      “But he has always said that he is biracial, Irish and German” These are different ethnicities, not races. One things shills love to do is bring up phenotype and ethnicity as a way to say “we’re all mixed.” it’s important to call this out immediately.

      blacks cannot become Polish. Christian maybe, but not Polish, this is civnat slow-boil genocide which is based on the lie of assimilation, which is not real. 1st gen immigrants will behave according to the norms around them, if surrounded, but 2nd and 3rd gen hate the host nation and it’s peoples, and immediately feel entitled to the wealth and social influence that takes centuries to build. magic soil is not real. a driver’s license doesn’t make one Polish, or American.

      This guy is a dishonest shill, which comes from his spinelessness.

  7. I’ll have to look it up and listen to Jones. Because he’s an RC, he is already predisposed (like a good little soldier) to fight in the Pope’s army- which is totally multiculti at this point- even as he revolts at the departures from the Faith. So, he’s bound to be schizo…. but nevertheless, I am willing to hear him out.

  8. Catholics are scum, almost as subversive as Jews. They will need to be expelled from the north American continent at some point. They can live in Brazil with their fellow race-blind Catholics.

  9. I got a news flash for E Michael Jones – he really needs to get on the internet and see what all these “coverts” are saying and doing. There is nothing Christian about it. It’s fake. I was talking the other night that the religious right in the 1980’s was a lot more hardcore than the groypers. Nothing they are doing is new or in the least bit interesting.

    As a Protestant Christian myself I saw the measure of their resolve at Charlottesville. Their fleeing away from CVille and throwing everyone under the bus was not Christian charity nor was it honorable.

    There is no doubt that there are some really good smart guys among the groypers – I follow a few of them on twitter. But, there is no Christian awakening going on. I see almost zero humility or real Christian charity among his so-called converts. They are crude, immature and cowardly. Obsessed with appearances and tough guy talk – I could go on. Bottom line – Outside of a few serious people, I see nothing Christian about any of it.

    • The leadership of the Alt-Right are all shills: DS, TRS, Spencer etc. Cville showed their true colors. Now, they only encourage dead end strategies like groyperism (literally has no impact online outside of the alt right echo chamber) and infiltrating the GOP. Fuestes himself was removed from CPAC and stopped from attending the last TPUSA event. Even Steve King was witchhunted out of committees for weak dogwhistles which he also cucked on.

      Federal politics is 100% anti-White. period. people need to accept that and start building local groups and resilient networks and infrastructure.

  10. Here’s one for you Brad: It’s claimed in South Bend, that E. Michael Jones and Pete Buttigieg are close personal friends.

    • No. That’s so wrong, it’s stupid. Did you get that info from Vice? Jones’ and Buttigieg’s families did live two or three blocks away from each other in South Bend. They didn’t associate, however. Jones has done videos where he criticizes Buttplug as a mayor and as a person. Jones even said that Buttplug is trying to turn South Bend into a gay disco. If that’s friendship, count me out.

      • I’m suggesting Brad investigate the ties between E. Michael Jones and Pete Buttigieg. Interesting that you admit they were neighbors in South Bend.

  11. “The prospects of a pagan revival are quite dismal”

    European Pagan revival is indeed unlikely, but Asiatic Pagan religions are flourishing and I think that will eventually replace the Abrahamic faiths.

  12. Jones views and opinions on race and civilizational competence, culture, etc. are retard tier. There isn’t anywhere to start because they’re so obviously stupid.

    That’s my only issue with Catholics. Theyre beholden to the brown third world. And you can say anything you want, or make any obscurist bullshit point about race, but as a white american your country ceases to be a place where you feel at home, ceases to be a place you feel comfortable and ceases to be a place where you have any cultural connections that could resemble a cohesive way of life to authentically pass on to your kids and grandkids – the moment it becomes non white. The alt right is correct about this fundamental issue and most Christians are wrong about it – despite agreeing with all their life choices. Period.

    Jones is good on jews but the end result is still shitty diverse nothingness.

  13. Restoring Christian belief is not that much more viable than getting into euro-paganism

    Christianity does have the nostalgia-plus advantage of being the European white Western ‘tradition’ … but ultimately it founders on the Jewish ‘book’, which upon close reading, is un-sustainable

    The Jesus-Paul New Testament is in fact about a 15% Buddhist overlay on Judaism, the ‘nice’ Jesus stuff mimics Buddha from 500 years earlier, as scholars have proven, quote for quote sometimes

    The mostly-Jewish Bible is in fact, a very disturbing text … child genital mutilation, ‘eternal hell’ terrorisation, the God-ordered episodes of ‘kill all the women and children’ that horrified and perplexed the 1500s Protestant Reformers themselves

    By making the Jewish book so prominent and widely read, the Reformation in fact led to widespread collapse of Christian belief within two centuries, so the USA founders were often ‘deists’ etc

    But no doubt religion is not just needed but ‘true’, so we need to find out how to fill the ‘God-shaped hole’ in people’s souls

    The answer won’t be Christianity, or the rather vacuous euro-paganism … it will be westerners finally coming to make their own version of the Asian meditation, yoga, etc brave warrior religions which are quite ‘provable’

    Unlike mere ceremonies (which yet do have value), the meditation etc disciplines give you quite direct ‘access to the divine’, you know and feel the divine is real, that this life is not the only one … but without the ugly ‘holy book’ baggage … You realise the Semitic Abrahamic faiths, with their ‘one way only, holy book’ fanaticisms and pro-Jewish cult, were an erroneous detour

    You can see God is right at hand for anyone, and no child should ever again fear ‘eternal hell’, there is always a way back to goodness … and no one ever really ‘dies’

    The rise of China etc may actually help spark the Western turn to the ancient Asian wisdom – a more reliable, less-negatively-charged ‘rock of faith’ – and inspire Westerners to better develop their own versions of it

    • “The Jesus-Paul New Testament is in fact about a 15% Buddhist overlay on Judaism, the ‘nice’ Jesus stuff mimics Buddha from 500 years earlier, as scholars have proven, quote for quote sometimes.”

      This take is actually incorrect as the NT has been shown to have an undercurrent of Platonist Greek Philosophy running throughout. Some could even make an argument that there are Zoroastrianism elements to it, but I have never heard someone make a Buddhist reference. People used to say Christianity was a Mithraic inspired religion, but that has been debunked as ridiculous.

      A historiographical analysis of Christianity does not have any direct relation to Buddhism at all.

      ” it will be westerners finally coming to make their own version of the Asian meditation, yoga, etc brave warrior religions which are quite ‘provable’
      Unlike mere ceremonies (which yet do have value), the meditation etc disciplines give you quite direct ‘access to the divine’, you know and feel the divine is real, that this life is not the only one … but without the ugly ‘holy book’ baggage”

      Gay. Literal homosexual and wayhmen-tier shit. Every guy I ever met who was big into meditation was either a soyboy or a light haired bearded dude with sandals and a man bun who dated brown women exclusively.

      The only thing of substance you posted was the reference to “warrior religions” to which I would agree but I’d say we’d need to focus more on the masculine side of God and less on the feminine which has been happening for the last few centuries.

      I’d rather die than worship your weird Asian religions. White people are interested in exploring reality, Asians are interested in exploring the self. If you think naval gazing is going to bring about some great revelation then you should feel happy because the White race has been doing since Woodstock. Go back to your marijuana.

    • None so blind as those that will not see. “To you I explain the parables, but to them, their eyes remain darkened.”

      Must be a pity to be predestined to be damned. I would not be so smug, Brabant Barabbas. “for it is appointed to die, and then comes judgment.”

  14. This is one big problem with Catholicism, the concept of Ecumenicism by man.

    For us in Orthodox Christianity, the idea of a man made Ecumenical world is an ABOMINATION.

    How can a LIMITED and FALLIBLE creation i.e. Man, bring Peace on Earth and brotherhood of Man, an Ecumenical world???

    It is EXACTLY what the die hard commie wants to bring about. A world ecumenical utopia with the only difference the commies want this ecumenical world without God/Creator.

    According to the New testament, Christ in He’s Second Coming will bring Peace on Earth and make Earth a new where all men will be under His Dominion, Gods Kingdom.

    That is the ONLY Ecumenical eschatology that is mentioned in Christianity by Christ himself !

  15. Paganism will have as much appeal as African animism. The idiotic, ahistorical comments on Christianity being an overlay of Buddhism on Judaism, and the myriad other loony anti-Christian assertions here always presented as fact, show that there is too much ingrained and irrational hatred of the faith — and its adherents — to even have a dialogue. Splintering a small movement is a genius move, btw. Go build your little clubhouses in the backyard, children. No one will hear from you or care to, even if they somehow did.

    By all means, throw out all of European history and civilization to pursue Asian philosophy or worship trees and ancestral spirits like primitive African tribesmen. Kind of defeats the purpose of uniting European peoples under accepted and recognized historical forms, but I’m sure most of us will be glad to throw out all their beliefs, all our common bonds across the centuries, to satisfy some insistent egotist’s mania about Confucius or Odin. Jesus, what a pack of purblind fools.

    • I could not agree more with what you just wrote.

      Though there is a dark side to how Christianity was practiced and even interpreted throughout our Continent’s historical brother wars.

      One example I know well, is about the Byzantine emperor Theodosius I, where he practiced a jewish/Pharisaic intolerant version of what he deem to be “Christianity” – He and he alone ENDED the classical Olympic Games !!

      Not only did he destroy every Hellenic pre-Christian temples he could find but he was a bloody cold murderer of any Hellene that did not convert to Christianity.
      It was estimated that he murdered throughout his reign, over 400 thousand, of my forefathers..

      And we also know of the 100 year war between France & England where religion was used as a tool to win power by the Kings.
      And almost another 200+ years of religion being the excuse for Germany, France, Dutch, Spain, Netherlands all to wage war amongst each other.

      Lets not forget the dark days of the Vatican when it reigned supreme in central west and south/West Europe. Those days, what the Vatican did and how it behaved would make G. Orwell’s work 1984 seem like a ode to Freedom !!!

    • You can’t deny that Christianity is a offspring of Judaism (Jesus is some kind of messiah, portrayed as a rabbi, who is descended from David, and he even once says that his mission is only for “israel” (Mt 15,24). And Christianity gives very bad advice to its believers. (Stay poor, don’t plan for the future, deny your family, your nation, your race when they have not your faith.)

      So who is the idiot?

      • Easy. You. You’re displaying a minimal, superficial semi-understanding of my faith. And you’re repeating the error of trying to separate my White identity from my Christian one. You’re not learning, and still seeking to encourage senseless division.

        • Instead of arguing to the points, you just argue like a SJW: “You are a hater”, “You are divisive”, “You hurt my feelings” etc. Very poor and unconvincing.

          • Your juvenile namecalling reveals how much you project. Hurt my feelings? Really? Going to pull out the rubber/glue insult, next? Talk about poor and unconvincing.

          • @Rich L.

            Cute, the vicious name-caller complains about name-calling. Oh, how you let the mask slip in this thread. What a dishonest, hypocritical and stupid person you are.

        • “still seeking to encourage senseless division”.

          And you’re still causing senseless division against non-Christians, while crying like a little fairy about OTHER PEOPLE causing senseless division.

          If you didn’t have double standards, Christcuck, you wouldn’t have any standards at all

          Now, go grovel before Rabbi Yeshua, in the hopes he won’t send you to “hell.”

      • “Gast”, you are so far renovated from the subject of Christianity and the issue of this article.

        You are looking at the Christian Faith as nothing more then an expressed idea.
        Which is like looking at the USA as nothing more then a place of ideas.

        Either hit the books and contemplate what Christianity is, or just AVOID the subject!!

        • No, I will write about subjects as I want to. I know you hope that I avoid the subject of Christianity because you can’t defend this obvious jewish slave religion and you still cling to it because of the intense brainwashing as a child.

          How more obvious can it get? The jews state in their Talmud that all the riches of the world belong to them, and in the religion they gave to us it is written that a rich man has zero chance to go to heaven which is the ultimate aim in that religion. The jews hate Whites with a passion. And to avoid problems with that attitude while they rule over us, they write in the religion that they have given us, that Christians must lover their enemies.

          I agree with you that Christianity in the West has a much richer history than that of a silly slave religion. But this is only the case because most people couldn’t read and the priests largely ignored the bad advice written down in the “holy” texts (which often led to other problems: Could you be more greedy as the Catholic Church despite the fact that their “faith” extolled poverty).

          But now everybody can read and the New Testament is widespread. And the priests lost their instinct to further the culture and are now slaves, cucks and perverts as the jews always have hoped. How can anybody in a movement that wants to break free from jewish enslavement want to restore this slave religion in this situation? That is mind boggling stupidity.

      • “You can’t deny that Christianity is a offspring of Judaism”… yes, but your kind TWISTING that factoid ALWAYS denies the reality that, after AD 70, what once was OT Judaism, had become the Christianity of the OIKUMENE- the ‘inhabited world’ of Europe….

        And Judaism as we know it today? It became a severed trunk, a husk of legalism, Babylonian mystery religion, and racism that was forever disenfranchised by YHWH, because the [sic] ‘Jews’ would not take Christ as their Messiah. IN SHORT, THEY WERE DAMNED.

        And it is the Khazarian/Edomite/Talmudic BASTARDS (literally, they are the seed of Satan) today that are called “Jews” – and THOSE people have NO relation to the O.T. that birthed its fulfillment, the supercession of Judaism of Moses, as Orthodox Christianity.

        And it’s because of that WILFUL BLINDNESS, that fools like you serve the modern ‘Jew’ in disparaging the one FINAL SOLUTION to their lies and machinations.

        • 70 AD? Hardly, It was barely noticed until 300 AD or so. None of the miracles of Jesus were written about while he was alive other than in the Bible, and to the best of my knowledge, NO original manuscript of the gospels have ever been found.

          To watch assumable grown adults recite a clearly fictitious religious text like it was settled historical fact is indeed, nauseating and kind of pitiful. I feel sorry for you.

          This is your cue to threaten with “hell,” I suppose.

        • Honestly, and I don’t want to offend you, I found your comment to be largely gibberish (rule of thumb: if Edomites get a mention the madness begins), so I can’t comment much on it. If you wanted to say that Christianity has developed some kind of it’s own life while it was the official religion of the West, I will agree. But it has run its course. And now we are left with bad advice from “holy texts” written by jews. And priests that are clearly our enemies. So, I see no reason to cling to it.

      • You can’t deny that Christianity is a offspring of Judaism (Jesus is some kind of messiah, portrayed as a rabbi, who is descended from David, and he even once says that his mission is only for “israel” (Mt 15,24).

        Apparently they can. Pretty sure that Jesus says he has come to fulfill Jewish law, not abolish it. The law in the Old Testament, which was written in Hebrew. He even told his mostly Jewish disciples to NOT preach to the gentiles. But later, he told Jewish Saul of Tarsus that it was OK to do so. Because the Jews rejected it, so the Christian gentiles was supposed to be the new chosen people i.e. spiritual Jews

        Somehow, White Nationalist Christians think this is a WHITE religion. I have no idea
        how they can square that circle. Perhaps they are able to do so with the help of copious amounts of alcohol. I don’t know.

        • “White Nationalist Christians think this is a WHITE religion.”

          I pretty much agree with everything you said in this thread. But one has to concede that Christianity was the official religion of White people while they developed their High Culture in a Spenglerian sense. This is a fact, and if you ignore this fact, your enemies will rub it in. So in a sense Christianity was (and is) a “White religion” despite its jewish origin. Christianity wasn’t as harmful as the jews intended because the priest were themselves White man with healthy instincts, so they were patrons of White art and had some concerns for the well being of the nations they lived in. And I have no problem as a non-Christian to enjoy works like Beethoven’s “Missa solemnis”.

          Accepting this fact does not imply one has to be Christian as a White man, of course. I personally believe that Whites would have developed a similar High Culture with another religion and it is somehow unfortunate that we had that jewish slave religion around our neck while we developed our High Culture. But this is always a matter of speculation and you would have to write voluminous tomes to ponder all the intricacies of such an assumption.

          But now our High Culture has largely stopped developing and it is beginning to crumble. Priest have lost their healthy instincts and are now open enemies of White culture and even the perseverance of the White race. And they have discovered that their “holy texts” are the ideal tools to destroy the remnants of the White culture and the White race. In such a situation it would be madness for White men who want to survive, to be overwhelmed by a nostalgia for Christianity as “White religion” although this might be true in a certain sense.

  16. HW, what I find problematic is your clinging to the concept of the “Alt-right”. At this point it should be clear that the “Alt right” was always a phony jewish movement which should serve their schizophrenic (one might as well say “dialectic”) move to get with Trump a president who is on the one hand their ideal president but on the other hand should play a pivotal role in their narrative of the “evil White male” who will get what he deserves if he is further disenfranchised and finally exterminated.

    Since it was a jewish movement, the “Alt-right” was a distasteful association of jews, homosexuals, jewesses with a pornographic appeal and dupes. After Trump got elected this movement largely self-destructed although some of its former members might still be of some uses for ZOG.

    Why would any self respecting White male still identify as “Alt right” and even say he would built on the “Alt-right” in the future?

  17. No, eastern religions are not going to take over the West. They have had thousands of years to do it, and their influence has never been great. And no, St Paul did not get influenced by Buddhism. Greek Philosophy and Jewish religion were his education were his influences. And Christianity isn’t going away either. There have been several eras when you could have said Christianity was finished. It adapted to the new conditions, and moved on. I wouldn’t count them out, anymore than China’s Great Leap Forward effect had on Buddhism, and the other Asian beliefs. It didn’t . They still matter to millions. So does Christianity.

  18. Good take on Jones that needs to be made in light of his rising as an alt-right figure, alt right in that he’s not a white hater and is openly adverse to the Jews.

    He’s got some good historical insights and if he can persuade white guys to foresake porno, then God speed. But anyone who denies the existence of the white race and things race doesn’t exist is no leader of mine.

    Also I don’t like the way he trashed David Duke in one of his videos. David Duke has led the way for decades. Jones has just now come along and summoned the courage to say things about Jewish rule that Duke discovered and talked about for almost half a century.

    David Duke led the way and Jones is someone who finally summoned some courage to do the right thing. Glad that he’s finally open on this issue…but why did it take him so long?

    We owe a great historic debt to Catholic Church, but that was then and this is now. The Catholic Church is a politically correct modern day nemeses of Whites and decent, traditional culture. It’s overwhelmingly globalist and anti-White, as well as pro-Homo. I’m sick of his pro-Catholic BS too. The USA was founded as a Protestant country, the only Protestant country in the western hemisphere which was dominated by Catholic countries such as Mexico, Brazil, etc. How interesting that the Protestant USA is among the most successful countries in history and all of the Catholic countries are failed states. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams discussed the dismal failures of Latin America, their chaos and lack of stability in correspondence between them in the early 1800’s. They attributed the failure of those states to the then powerful influence of the Catholic Church, which was a monarchy that was anti-Republican.

    Protestant England and Protestant Germany were the scientific and economic powers of Europe, not the Southern Catholic countries which have always lagged behind.

    Jones has done some good scholarly and historic work and offers some good insight. Apart from that, he’s an opportunist who waited until the end of his career and his life when he had very little left to lose before blowing the whistle on the Jews. Where was he half a century ago when David Duke and others were speaking out?

    Again, I’m glad you wrote this piece. Very useful.

    • Don,

      Did you spend most of your school years in the corner wearing a dunce cap?

      First of all, Germany was historically Catholic, and only after Luther’s reformation movement did Protestantism begin to spread in Deutschland.

      As of nine years ago, the Catholic and Protestant percentages were about equal in the country with the Prots mainly in the north and Catholics in the west and south. Protestantism is declining at at a faster rate than Catholicism in modern Germany where they both stand at about 30%.


      Have you ever heard of the Renaissance? Its epicenter was in Italy which for the geographically impaired is in Southern Europe. From art, music, SCIENCE, architecture, and literature, Italy was number tops.

      According to national average IQ in Europe, Italy is number one at 102.

      By the way, I am part German and have known probably more Germans (Protestant, Catholic, and other) foreign and domestic than the amount of times you’ve fapped to Japanese anime.

    • “Protestant England and Protestant Germany were the scientific and economic powers of Europe, not the Southern Catholic countries which have always lagged behind.”
      From a place without history like US maybe it’s natural to think that it was two centuries ago that man was created.
      And just an example, Catholic Southern Germany is wealthier than the Protestant North.

  19. HW, I see no advantage in persuading Groypers to become Papists. That religion does nothing to promote white racial supremacy. And most priests are either boy-touchers or closeted Marxists and atheists.

    Ugh, Tonto say Roman Catholicism bad medicine for white man.

  20. We don’t need another Alt. Right.

    We need a Third Great Awakening, where a genuine spirit sweeps through millions and we all return to the generic Christianity prevalent in the 1800’s. The Alt. Right failed because it’s nothing more than intellectual ego-stroking among a few would-be ideologues who can’t produce coherent philosophy anyway (nor would they subject themselves to peer-review). Basically, it’s a cult-like rationalist phenomenon with no heart – which is why it blew away like a dandelion at the first signs of trouble.

    There are a few die-hards who are devoted to their systematics, but few people love their intellects enough to die for a dogma.

    …it’s other people we tend to die for…

  21. 1. Ethiopian Christianity is very similar to Catholicism, and yet Ethiopia is very different from Europe.


    2. The population of the United States is becoming more Catholic because of immigration from Latin America, not because old-stock Americans are suddenly converting from their ancestral Protestantism to Catholicism. Indeed, Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants have converted to American-style Evangelical Christianity to a far greater extent, and a large minority of Latin American immigrants are already Evangelical before they move here. Even in the rare instances when an old-stock American converts to a non-Protestant form of Christianity, they are more likely to convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity than to Catholicism.

    Why is Evangelical Christianity more attractive to Latin Americans and Euro-Catholic immigrants, than Catholicism is to old-stock (aka REAL) Americans?

    3. The 13 colonies were, by and large, founded and developed (1607-1774) by the most Protestant Protestants in Europe – English puritans (especially in New England, but really in every English colony, including Maryland where the Puritans wrested control from the Catholics after a mini-civil war, and outnumbered Catholics 10:1, and South Carolina, where the first governor was a Puritan and the most important lord-proprietor was Sir Anthony Ashley-Cooper [hence the names of Charleston’s two rivers], founder and leader of the crypto-Puritan Whig Party) and Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, leaving England and Ireland behind because the latter were controlled by high-church episcopalians who were too similar to Catholics; the Dutch, the purest Protestants, the people of the Synod of Dort, in NY and east NJ; the Swedish holy warriors of Gustavus Adolphus in Delaware; the earnest Quakers in Pennsylvania; and refugees from the bloody persecutions of the European counter-reformation – French Huguenots, Salzburgers, Palatines, Moravians, Amish, Waldensians etc, from Georgia to Maine.

    The Catholics and high-church episcopalians didn’t leave these true Protestants in peace even after they fled to the new world. At the explicit behest of the Pope and the Jesuits, the Spanish and French monarchs tried their best to exterminate this new people, the Americans, in a series of brutal wars, declared and undeclared, beginning when the Spanish betrayed and massacred the Huguenots at Fort Caroline in 1584 (“We did this not to Frenchmen, but to heretics”), and continuing through a series of merciless raids on the American frontier by Catholic Franco-Indian raiding parties until the 1763 Peace of Paris. Then, during the long reign of George III, the high-church tories took their turn at trying to strangle the infant American people. But we not only survived, we prospered.

    Our prosperity was our downfall, for it attracted immigrants, many of whom never ceased hating us despite our hospitality.

    The Jewish boot is now on the neck of the American people, and Catholics, and other immigrants, helped put it there. (And the more recent the immigrant, the more completely he sides with Jews against Americans)

    There are many Euro-Catholics who’ve sided with the Americans (Buchanan, Sailer, MacDonald, Fuentes etc.), and I’m grateful for their support. And Jones himself has given us some useful insights in his books.

    But frankly his complete lack of gratitude to the Americans for hosting his people, his complete lack of contrition for his people helping to establish Jewish supremacism in America, and his naked ambition to use our current troubles as a tool to foist a Papist-Jesuit boot onto our throats the instant we struggle free from Jewish control – its too much.

    He has to go back.

    • “The Catholics and high-church episcopalians…..”

      Don’t lump Papists and High Churchmen together. High Church Anglicans were great people and they created the civilization of Virginia and the Old South.

      • Episcopalians and Methodists were the first denominations to ordain openly homosexual clergy and preform same sex marriage ceremonies.

    • BTI,

      Ugh! Where to start?

      Both Catholic and Protestant missionaries were both engaged in converting the Stone Age indigenous tribes to Christianity like it was a race for a pot of gold to who coverted the most Indians.

      Anytime you want to wear a powdered wig, knee high stockings, and high collared tunics, be my guest. I believe the jewdictiary of cuck island still wear the prissy powdered wigs.

      Count Casimir Pulaski of Poland, Marquis de Lafayette of France, and General Friedrich von Steuben of Prussia were not only invaluable to the colonies defeating England but instrumental in its outcome.

      Pulaski trained to Continental Calvary how to ride a horse and fight simultaneously of which they had little to no knowledge of.

      Lafayette who was General Washington’s Executive Officer and one his most loyal and trusted men.

      The model company that Baron von Steuben formed drilled out of the a piss poor ragtag militia into a disciplined fighting force was copied throughout the ranks. General von Steuben write the “Blue Book” for the entire Army called “Regulations for Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States. Washington appointed him inspector general of the army with the rank of major general and a field commander in 1780 of a division in Virginia. Von Steuben served as America’s official military guide unti 1812.

      All three of these men were Catholics. Had they not served in the Revolutionary War, the “Redcoats ” would have won, and American would be cuck island west.

    • Oh, God! The old ‘Jesuits infiltrating the world’ cavil? Puh-leez. Non-Whites are ‘converting’ to Protestant-schism because it’s EASY and CHEAP. At least Anglo Prots understood (when they were most Augustinian- i.e., Calvinist) that sanctification took a lifetime to achieve. Modern-day Arminian sects and cults promise a ‘free ride’ while condoning tats, body jewelry, rock bands, mere academicism, and other CRAP, rather than liturgy, fasting, denial of self, and the REAL Christianity that nurtured both Anglican and Lutheran, Roman and Orthodox in better days….. Get a grip.

  22. Cool insights from a race-blind boomer. I’ll pass. For the record, I understand the initial appeal of Catholicism. I went back to mass too when I first got red-pilled. The novelty of it wore off quickly and I realized I was just an edgy autist from the internet larping as a trad catholic and can’t dumb myself down to actually believe any of that crazy shit in the bible. Yeah, I see the appeal of the music, gathering in a nice church on Sunday in formal clothes, being edgy and against degenerates. but all the crazy bullshit is still there. The Jewish origin of the faith is still there. All the homo-priests and race-mixed couples in the pews are still there.

    Eventually you have to confront these things if you are honest with yourself, and that’s what these zoomers/groypers/nickers will confront once they get off the internet and actually go to a church. I am not worried about some supposed “religious revival” among the right. This is just a phase for a handful of autistic nerds and like any phase it will pass.

    In the meantime, I will live for my family and my people. If whatever God is up there doesn’t like it, so fuckin be it. That will be the “pagan” revival, btw. Not a bunch of losers in body-paint dancing around a bush. Normal people, that don’t want their race to go extinct.

  23. I am a traditional Catholic and I have no use for Michael Jones. What can he tell me I did not already know when I was 10 years old? He would be considered a liberal 50 years ago.

    So he is anti Jewish. Does he ever address the racial aspect of the Jews? He attends a novus ordo mass or so I have been told., Has he condemned Francis for his heresy and apostasy? He actually thinks Africa would look like Europe after a 1000 years? This man is deranged. Negroes in the new world have been Catholic for 500 years and they are still negroes.

    Indians in Mexico have been Catholics for 500 years and they are still part pagan. Some anglo saxons like Jones are as deranged as the dark ones.

    Jones is just a liberal who is anti Jewish.

    • You are a genuine Catholic, Senorita Alvarez. “Doctor” Doofus is just a bow-tied old fool who deserves a knee to the groin.

      • spahnranch1969,

        Thank you. I go by all the defined dogmas as my official beliefs as far as I am aware. Francis, Pelosi, and Biden etc. do not even pretend to be Catholics.

        One should not have to wait even 1 year for a person or a race to become decent much less 1000 years. Being baptized should work. Since rape and murder are actions denoting free will then any black or anyone else committing a crime like that takes full responsibility.

        The facts are that I am safer among white protestants than Brazilian Catholic negroes and probably American Catholic blacks as well.

        Actually, I am hesitant to say this but I am probably safer in a WASP neighborhood than the typical Mexican/Mexican American neighborhood. But mums the word.

        See, I can say nice things about the WASP.

          • November,

            Yes I am. Thanking you for asking. Actually being agitated and concentrating on a couple of articles kind of powered me forward for awhile. Being in class today was torture but I expect to be normal soon.

          • November,

            I wish that white nationalists would quit giving Jones so much publicity just because he is anti Jewish. Big deal. Moslems are anti Jewish as well. Are they the allies of WN?

            On the questions in the article I completely agreed with a Prot. and thought that Jones is a fool in some important ways.

            Maybe I should have my own youtube show. I make more sense than E. Michael Jones. And I must be one quarter his age and I am not a Doctor and no one need pay me. I have all I need.

            Why do you people support people that despise you? I mean many of you did and will continue to crawl to Trump.

            Obviously, this is not an attack on November just his people.

          • Cristina,

            It’s as close to being a death wish. Some people are so desperate to feel vindicated (I can be guilty of this too) that they’ll be drawn to something or somebody that doesn’t have their own well or their people’s well being at heart.

            I suppose there is a certain mentality of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend ” at play as well. That is how and why such different groups can come together to battle a common foe.

            The best exchange I am aware of between E. Michael Jones and pro-White advocates was on the “Strike and Mike Show.” I believe that it’s on bitchute. I’ll send you a link, if I can find it again.

            WNs returning to the Trump camp is confounding but not shockingly so. It’s the devil you know versus the devil you fear will be even worse. It’s an awful place to find oneself in.

            Trump and his jewish handlers are counting on frightening people, so they see him as the lesser of the two evils. If you read the comments, the underlying concerns are about a neo-liberal cultural marxist ripping up the Bill of Rights, especially the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and thus depriving us of our freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, right to bear arms, and to have privacy in our homes, persons, and papers.

            Beginning with President Bush II, our constitutional rights have been diminishing under the Orwellian named Patriot Act that was made law after the Zog false flag attack on 9/11. Under Trump’s presidency, the erosion of freedom of speech, assembly, gun rights, and domestic spying and repression of dissidents has accelerated.

            Personally, I will not cast a vote for POTUS one year from now. The state that I live in hasn’t gone to the republican candidate for president since 1992.

            You should make a ledger of the pros and cons of having a YouTube channel. You’re wise beyond your years, so I believe that you’ll arrive at the correct conclusion.

            If you do start you own channel, and it interferes with your family, school, and friends obligations, you could always delete it or put your channel in stasis.

            If you do launch a channel, I would be a subscriber for sure. Though I wouldn’t watch the shows where you teach women how to walk and act like women, but I would be curious to read the comment section.

            I am getting disgruntled being drawn into this Catholic vs Protestant nonsense. From my posts, people are probably under the assumption that I favor the Catholics, but what I am is just pointing out the truth that they fail to consider due to spite and short sidedness.

            My family is comprised of Protestants, Catholics, agnostics, and pagans. I was raised episcopalian and even sang in the choir up until 8th grade. We sang hymnals and other religious songs in both English and Latin. The congregation was primarily WASPs with a few AmerIndians.

            We use to play Protestants vs Catholics football and baseball games and mixed teams too. There was no animus between us a white Christians. We were all friends. No one was made to feel like the “other.”

            Some of my best friends were Anglo Saxons that were my schoolmates and fellow Cub and Boy Scouts, but they changed and took on a different attitude in high school. Their parents sent them to pricey private schools that had large amount of jewish students and faculty to the point that their schools acknowledged jewish holidays and not Christian ones. My once good Anglo Saxon friends began to pickup jewish traits and behaviors. Looking back on it now, it was obvious that their parents had already sold out to the alien jewish ideology of chasing shekels and forgoing their own customs, values, and heritage.

            I hope that answers your questions.


            I found no offense in your analysis of WNs.

          • November,

            I had to search hard to find a reply button. Thank you for that detailed response down below. I will take my time in analyzing it.

            I actually do understand to an extent the continuing attraction to Donald Trump when the Democrats are so horrible they must be trying to throw the election.

            As for E. Jones? Should he not go by scripture which is quite clear on the origins of race/ethnicity as well as that whites have been considered white by both non-whites and whites for thousands of years.

            The policy of the Church has traditionally been that if the State forbids interracial marriages then the Church abides by the State and will not perform them. If race did not exist that would make a mockery of the Church which he says he is loyal to.

            I know you do not need convincing. I am just saying that no one rather Catholic or not should consider Jones an inspiration/guide.

  24. Lets see… God spoke through a “burning bush” to Moses and etched the 10 Commandments onto two stone slabs. Not buying that story.

    Wouldn’t it have been a more effective way to lay down your laws planet wide by etching them into mountains, trees, hills, or anywhere where mankind could all learn “God’s laws” simultaneously?

    Father and son are human concepts with human word origins. The idea that a fatherly god would sent himself (son) down to earth to be executed in one of the most heinous and painful ways imaginable to “wash away the sins of the world” is one of the worst excuses to watch and justify a “snuff film” ever.

    If god is omnipotent and omnipresent, why didn’t he see that future scientific discoveries would revolutionize the way we understand our place in the cosmos?

    Instead god sent his son to act as a sacrificial lamb in a time of widespread illiteracy, fear of non-existent supernatural forces, among other Bronze Age intellectually limiting factors.

    God/Christ should have shown up in a time period when it could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the he is indeed what he claims to be (e.g., do those “miracles” in front of an audience of leading scientist from any and every field).

    This whole argument about White identity and religion are a waste of time and brain power.

    At the end of the day, neither Christianity nor paganism will turn the tide against our collective adversaries. Providing a unifying philosophy of higher idealism that will cause us to leap out of bed each day to serve White well being is something that we all need and are waiting for.

    Perhaps, we could “cherry pick” a mosaic out of our past history from Ancient Greece to NS Germany to weave together a clarion call that will wake out Folk from its deracinated and nihilistic stupor before all is lost.

    • “This whole argument about White identity and religion are a waste of time and brain power.” DAMN RIGHT! There’s plenty that November wrote above I disagree with, but it doesn’t matter. This is about cooperating on the most important issue there is: saving White people and our civilization. That is the cause we should all be able to come together on.

    • Oh, just effing be damned already! “After the second or third attempt, leave a heretic in his sins.”

      Anathema sit.

      • I’m a so-called heretic about the holohoax as well.

        Who knows when we are sleeping and knows when we’re awake, knows when we’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake?

        Who’s making a list and checking it twice to find out who’s been naughty or nice?

  25. The old church, protestant and catholic, will have to wither and burn before any remnant will be apparent.

    Like it or not, Christianity is what our white ancestors for centuries have lived their lives by. Western civilization is Christianity is The people of European descent. These are inseparable, and have decayed together over the same historical timeline.

    The Orthodox church is largely ethnic, anti western, and is basically non existent in the New World. Its not a realistic or honest alternative for the largely western European population of the dissident right.

    As in all other things, there is no place for white men that does not require you to denounce your racial identity and embrace everyone else’s.

    No religion for white men.

  26. Reading the content of most of these comments really brought out that famous brotherly love among Christians.

    Your at each others throats with more hate and hostility than towards your real enemies. The case that Christianity was a ideological virus launched against gentiles by the jews is making a lot more sense.

      • Rich L,

        Read between the lines.

        My statement meant that Christian Gentiles fighting each other (to the death historically) over who’s the ‘real Christian ‘ would be the type of diabolical plan that the jew would use against what they refer to as goyim. Atheistic jews, reformed jews, and orthodox jews aren’t throwing each other ‘under the bus, ‘ but are united in their jewishness. We should be united in our Whiteness. For those keeping count, like the color red, there are varying shade of red from lightest red to deep red, but they’re all under the umbrella of red.

        Personally, I don’t care if someone considers themselves Christian, pagan, or other, as long as they’re pro-White and willing to work and if necessary fight and die for the 14 Words.

        • We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

          This, above all. Keep it in mind first, foremost and always.

          Everything else is peripheral and ultimately pointless.

          I completely agree with your explanation, especially the last paragraph.

  27. I am a Southern Christian. I’ll also say that the alt right has provided alot of foundational depth and identity for me, along with easily argued social bases for right wing traditional social systems and morality.

    As a white Southerner and heritage American, an identity and understanding of who you and your ancestors are, and why your people and culture are important and where we come from, is extremely important to living a full life and motivating procreation and passing on tradition and pride to your offspring.

    I hate to say it but the alt right has given me alot of this, where modern Christianity gave me racists are evil, everyone is the same, and Spanish language services – along with basic ads prog morality.

    I don’t care if most Hispanics are Christian, I don’t want to live in a majority hispanic area – for a multitude of reasons. Just an example.

    I am still a Christian and recognize the value of historic western Christianity.

    I am also a swpl tier college football tailgate type southerner.

  28. The US population is only 23% Catholic. To purposely alienate all the Protestants, pagans, atheists, and people who just don’t give a shit about religion—and to alienate everyone who realizes the battle is essentially racial and that religion is a secondary issue at best—proves what I’ve been saying about EMJ all along: He’s controlled op whose sole purpose to divide.

    People need to wake the hell up about this.

  29. Lol at the total lack of understanding of “Paganism” not even a real word by Brad and the comment section. I am a man of Native European Faith. Christianity is dying whether we have an argument about it or not. We say good riddance. We celebrate what our ancestors celebrate. We are not atheists at all. Just more Christian slander. Read any of Varg Vikernes books if you want to understand ours and your faith. Heil our folk.

  30. The bottomline is even if in times past Christianity was a vehicle for Nationalism it is now a spent force in the West. It has never been rational, consistent or true though regardless. I reject mass movements, and herd conformist collective mentality. My Confederate ancestors were individualists as were the Revolutionary hero’s as well. A Collectivist worldview fails because it neglects individuals for a “Mass ideology”.

    • Kevin,

      I am not a betting man, but I’d be willing to wager a months pay that your sophistry hasn’t flipped one person to your ideology on this site.

  31. It’s disgusting how Christians smear part of their own heritage, the pre-Christian, Pagan part. To them, it’s like nothing of value happened until Yeshua and Saul showed up

    Here though, is a contrast and compare of the two worlds. Which one is sophisticated and enlightened, and which one is destructive and stupid?

    “Emperors Hadrian and Charlesmagne compared”


  32. Happy Guy Fawke’s Day.

    This Catholic vs Protestant war has been going on for over 400 years!!!!!!!!

    Good grief.

  33. Jones is excellent on the JQ, and he offers an interesting take on how Jews crucified Christ and thereby rejected Logos. That being said, Jones is borderline retarded when it comes to race. He also has this huge blind spot when it comes to the Catholic Church.

    Jones waxes poetic about Catholic Neighborhoods that were destroyed by blacks, who were the proxy warriors of Jews/WASPs worried about Catholic solidarity/demographics. He fails to mention that the Catholic Clergy was marching with Dr. KANG and the (((Civil Rights Movement))). Jones also fails to mention that in Chicago, Catholic Priests were working with (((Alinksy))) Organizations for (((Social Justice))). The Catholic Church also played footsie with communists in Central/South America during the 70s and 80s.

    The Catholic Church since the 60s never liked the sort of “Rough Trade” type of Conservatism that Jones was a fan of (America First of the 1930s). Speaking of “Rough Trade”, Jones wants to believe that the Catholic Church has cleaned itself out. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I believe Jones knows this on the inside. The Catholic Church has far too many clergy who are Socialists and/or Homosexuals.

    One of my favorite “gotcha” moments was when Jim Goad asked EMJ if his cousin (killed by a group of blacks in Philadelphia when he was visiting from Ireland) had informed the blacks that he was “Irish” and not “White” if the blacks would have still killed him.

    • Father Tiso,
      I can’t argue with a single thing that you wrote.

      Jim Goad has one of the quickest and wittiest minds around.

      • I’d bring up one other point. Jones wants to return to a time when Catholics respected their priests. That’s not even possible anymore when you look at how many are fags/pinkos. Jones seems to believe that if Catholics returned to The Church, the situation would work itself out in 30 years.

      • November,

        I also was thinking that Fr. Tiso’s comment was a telling one. I even told one priest that most modern priests I have heard of seemed to be just communists with sacraments——or the abuse of sacraments.

        • Communists wearing a white circular collar can’t hide their political views, but pedophile clergy have been able to hide in plain sight often with the assistance of deacons, bishops, cardinals, and popes.

          In my area, and I am sure that it wasn’t contained here, archdiocese officials that were aware of clergy sexually abusing children was “swept under the rug” and transferred to other parishes to continue their sexual predation without consequences. Church officials that covered up these crimes should be liable for civil and criminal penalties as co-conspirators before and after the fact.

          As much as many of up despise the msm and Hollywood, The Boston Globe’s exposè of the sexual abuse that’s been going on inside Catholic Archdioceses across America, and the subsequent film “Spotlight” brought these horrible scandalous crimes to a wide audience.

          Leftist/marxist political activism isn’t limited to the RCC. More often than not, Protestant church clergy and their congregations walk in lockstep with radical (or has it become mainstream) Catholics.

          Christina, as far as Catholic priests, deacons, bishops, cardinals, and popes abusing the sacraments, the blowback will have to come from parishioners. Many have already protested with their feet and money (e.g., collection basket). Not to be impolite, but what happens to Christian churches one way or another isn’t a concern of mine.

          • November,

            I agree with your comment including the fact that many Protestants in the USA act as radical as many Catholics.

  34. Cucklics are proven pedophile rapists, just ask your local priest or maybe just ask @Fadda John on this blog.

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