TAC: Civil War Begins When the Constitutional Order Breaks Down

Speaking of the Boogaloo, 2 out of 3 Americans believe our politics has become so tense and deeply polarized that we are on the verge of Civil War 2.


“A Georgetown Institute poll finds that two-thirds of us believe we are “on the edge of a civil war.” Yet Americans cannot properly analyze this “gathering storm.” We lack a framework, a lexicon, and the historical data (from other civil wars) to see clearly what is happening to us.

Here is a quick template for how we might more usefully decipher how this nation gets to another civil war. It is arranged as a short series of questions: 1) What is civil war? 2) Why do political-constitutional orders sometimes breakdown, rather than simply transform in response to change? 3) How is violence essential to constitutional and political resolution? 4) How close is the U.S. to such a break down, and its consequences?

What is civil war? 

Civil war is, at root, a contest over legitimacy. Legitimacy—literally the right to make law — is shorthand for the consent of the citizens and political parties to abide by the authority of a constitutional order. Civil war begins when this larger political compact breaks down. 

Civil War means that there is a functional split within the source of legitimacy between two parties, each of which was formerly part of the old constitutional order. Thus each can claim that it represents the source of new legitimacy, and the right to define a new or reworked constitutional order. 

Hence civil war becomes a struggle in which one party must successfully assert a successor legitimate order, and to which the opposing party must eventually submit. This is above all a contest over constitutional authority. Inasmuch as civil war happens after constitutional breakdown, it means that resolution must be reached not only outside of a now-former legal framework, but also unrestrained even by longstanding political customs and norms. Extra-constitutional force is now the deciding factor, which is why these struggles are called civil wars. …”

The South lost Civil War 1.

I think we stand a much better chance against the soy boys who want to abolish the gender binary and take away our guns and cheeseburgers in Civil War 2. How many people are willing to fight for xenophobia and to restore Christian heteronormative patriarchy?

Note: We have deep roots in this land.

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    • November,

      Interesting. My family has a contingency plan if massive civil unrest hits the USA. We are already trying to sell our acreage in Oregon and California. Most of my family will go to Sonora or Durango where we have family and other property.

      My father and one of my older brothers will stay in the USA along with myself. We have considered for several years about various possibilities of the States of the Union. Naturally, we will take no sides and will not go against the lawful US authorities if they continue to exist.

  1. The Civil War never really ended. It just moves to different spheres.

    I will fight for the right of MY race to exist, and flourish.

    I will fight for a righteous WHITE Patriarchy

    Dagda is the Father of the Celts, and my Gods are infinitely better than the grotesque, insanity inducing. Hebe Volcano Demon.

    • Has the Constitution ever really been followed? The US legalized lynchings of loyalists directly after the founding of the nation. When the articles of the confederation wasn’t getting the results (inter state commerce) they lied to the people, said they were tweaking the articles and came up with our current constitution which no one wanted except for big business

      America has always broken it’s own rules for the sake of business. It’s not the breaking of norms/laws it’s the fact the country hates each other.

    • What annoys me about the Christians, madam, is how un-Christian they act whenever you challenge any part of their complicated, confusing, inconsistent and self-contradicting philosophy. I doubt they even know what they believe!

      • Try us, Spawn. You never have. You merely make insults and then stand back waiting for the inevitable rancorous posts.

        I am beginning to see how you operate. I had a friend like that, once.

        He presumed on my naive White Christian 20-year old self, to gain the answers he wanted, but insulted me- and my faith- and acted as devil’s advocate, so I wouldn’t see it was HE who was trying to find HIS OWN answers to life’s questions. If he had only been honest, I could have helped him, but instead he treated me like dirt, and I invested over a decade and a half on him, in the misguided belief I could be friends with him. He was half-Jew, btw. I should have known better…..

  2. We wouldn’t be fighting the soy boys. We’d be fighting the Chinese and Mexican mercenaries that they bring in. FWIW I think a military dictatorship would arise at the first whiff of civil war. And if the latter were to occur – God forbid! – we must not be the ones to start it. Such events tend to be finished by people other than those who started them.

  3. Look at how in the dark even local governments can be about what is going on in their communities. Here is a story about New York City with the full knowledge of Mayor de Blasio exporting their homeless population to cities across the United States. Looks like this has been going on since 2017 and the mayor’s in these cities that are being sent the homeless are not even notified. The whole fabric of social cohesion just continues to breakdown!


    • When I was in elementary school, we sang; “Texas Our Texas,” “The Eyes of Texas,” and ‘Kill That Yankee Soldier.”

      We only had Texas flags in our classrooms and when we said the POA, we said;

      “Honor the Texas Flag of 1836; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible.”

      The only hope that we have, after the collapse of the Federal Government, is that our state governments survive intact.

  4. “I think we stand a much better chance against the soy boys who want to abolish the gender binary and take away our guns and cheeseburgers in Civil War 2. How many people are willing to fight for xenophobia and to restore Christian heteronormative patriarchy?”

    The real question is how the battle shapes up the day EBT quits working.

    • Why on earth would I fight for a jew led patriarchy which is exactly what christianity is, over my kinfolk?!!

  5. An American Civil War 2 would resemble the Spanish Civil War moreso than the first. People from all over the world will want to get involved to support one side or the other aligned with their ideological beliefs. Governments will indirectly or directly support one side of the other.

    It would be a Global Civil War packed into a single country.

        • A coalition of what we would call “the good guys” won Spain’s civil war, although after the death of Franco it’s been nothing but commies and neoliberals in a revolving door in government ever since. The point is, there is a fair amount to be learned from the Guerra Civil’s example in terms of how to make a coalition between “normal middle-class conservatives,” working-class socialist/populist types, pious religious people, members of the military loyal to the historic nation, aristocrats, plain old authoritarian strongmen enthusiasts, industrialists, etc. work together to defeat a Marxist/liberal alliance.

          • My namesake is still loved by the people of Slovakia–much as Franco is in Spain. After all these years, and (((propaganda))) these men still mean something to their people. The Spanish Civil War is the only example of losers writing the history.

        • Fr. John, according to you I am “damned ” for being a “heretic,” but you’re damned with ignorance to not recognize that Spanish originally was ONLY a European language. The reason spics speak Spanish is because it’s the language their Spanish conquerors made them adapt hundreds of years ago.

          Asians, blacks, and non-white hispanics speak English. Is English now to be considered a gook, nigga, arab, or spic language?

          I know you were making a weak attempt of racial virtue signaling, but you failed.

          Now I have to sharpen my Atheme.

  6. Flaxen has a great point. Lets see how things shape up once EBT is cut-off. I believe they did a test run in NOLA a couple years back and there were big chimpouts at the wal-marts in the city.

    I do like this one fact: Americans own millions of self-defense weapons and billions of bullets.

  7. You’re not going to be fighting left-wing soyboys. You’re going to be fighting tattooed, hardcore white mercenaries who honed their skills in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. You’ll be fighting unseen Predator drones circling overhead and satellite photography that can almost read the serial number off your rifle while you’re out behind the barn shooting it. You’ll be fighting the government triangulating you for using wireless devices. And your back-up, if you have any, is going to be an overweight slob with a half-box of .270 shells left over from deer season.

    There ain’t gonna be any Civil War II — at least not in the sense where YOUR unit engages THEIR unit. What you really have to worry about, though, is the whole government Ponzi scheme collapsing, money becoming worthless, and hordes of feral Negroes roaming loose in some kind of Max Max-style post-apocalyptic anarchy.

    • The Leftists will be quickly slaughtered by their coloured Askaris, or starve to death in their walled, gated enclaves, and then the whole thing will settle down to a series of regional race wars and local and state power struggles.

    • I’d like to poke a small hole in an otherwise cogent argument. The beating heart of military science isn’t tactics, strategy, nor people. It is LOGISTICS. This is particularly important insofar as technology is concerned. When that fails, the system fails. Additionally, the US military isn’t in a very good place as far as their, for lack of a better phrase, ‘tech support’ goes. The beast is flawed, hollow, and diseased.

    • Sounds like you’re all hopped up on that popeyes chicken.

      There will be a civil war and it will be GLORIOUS. And no, there won’t be tattoed white mercanaries slaughtering us.

  8. We need our own homelands for our race to survive. Fighting for anything other than that is useless.

  9. It is highly likely that many many people would die and suffer badly in CivWar2. But I am of the opinion that anything of the kind is better than the world we have now and offers the possibility of a better world for those that do make it through the other side.

    I believe that God will vindicate us in whatever struggle we have coming, and He has already shown our people’s forefathers were right. Besides, death is not so bad for the believer. As Saint Paul himself wrote –

    2 Corinthians Ch. 5:6-8 ”
    6Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: 7(For we walk by faith, not by sight:) 8We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”

  10. The groypers tho. They are doing some important stuff by making it clear that the grifters of conservatism inc. are grifters, and we need that because clearly nobody understands that they haven’t conserved anything.

    Someone should write a book, or a blog or even a book that is a compilation of blog posts discussing how far the groypers have pushed the overton window by asking obvious questions they won’t answer.

    Civil war? Massive civil unrest and hordes of colored orcish hordes looting the country side, none of that seems important by comparison.

    The new religion of the fringe right should be esoteric groyperism. Only then can we stand a chance of rising from the ashes as an alternative for whitey to this hellscape about to happen.

  11. HW, you need to get some culture. Good singers are NOT what you consistently show in your columns.

    Here- try a real American SINGER.

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