Matt Walsh and Dan Crenshaw Are Under Siege By Groypers

I’m frankly surprised that this has continued.

I expected that these cuckservative speakers would have screened out the Groypers by now and rigged the Q&A sessions with softball questions from their own highly vetted plants and shills. Instead, they are allowing this to gain traction and grow on social media.

Are they blind?

Do they not see what is going on?

There are lots of rumors swirling about whether this is organic or to what degree it is being astroturfed. As far as I can tell though, the questions about demographic change, anti-White bias, Christian morality, Jewish power and OUR GREATEST ALLY are all good questions which should be raised. I can’t imagine how airing these issues is helping Conservatism, Inc.

Note: There was more interest in asking this goober a question than the Kentucky governor’s race which the GOP lost tonight.

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    • In all the talk about the Virginia races the Democrats won I did not hear anyone bring up the subject of demographics, the elephant in the room. Northern Virginia is the most populous part of the state and also the most “diverse” part of the state. Northern Virginia is full of Third World types with a strong anti-white animus, that is who won the elections.

      The Republicans don’t care, they just want to run the clock out on the country and get a piece of the loot left over when the country disintegrates like the USSR.

      • I agree completely with most of that assemsment but I guess in your mind its all on Third World types. The Yankees (snow birds, transplants, whatever you want to call them) had nothing to do with it?

        • Of course but N. Virginia attracts grifters from all over the country to feed at the Federal trough including Dixie. The growth of the Third World population over the last 35 years has been decisive in giving the Democrats permanent control over Virginia. Thank the Republicans for not stopping that trend.

          At the same time there are plenty of people in the North who oppose what has happened to the country. Not everyone from the NE or Calif. is Left Wing including those who move South. Blaming Notherners for the Leftward shift of places like Texas ignores the growing Mexican population. California was solidly Republican until overwhelmed by the Third World.

          Pierre Delecto is typical of the white grifter class. He was born and raised in Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah and California (at the same time apparently) judging by how he campaigns. He is one of the rootless cosmopolitans.

          Pocahontas is another one. Born in Oklahoma, college in Texas, law school in NJ, faculty in Texas (again) and at U. Penn and finally pulled her Indian (feather, not dot) scam at Harvard. Now she resides in DC with the rest of the grifters.

          N. Virginia turned Third World while good “conservatives” were in charge such as Reagan (Calif.), Bush (Texas), as well as Dems. like the Clintons (Arkansas), Bush (Texas) again, BHO (Kenya) and now DJT. There is plenty of blame to go around.

  1. I do not see this insurgency into the conservative inc. ranks, this push back by the Dissident Right ever coming to a halt in the immediate future.

    I foresee, this becoming a type of Tea Party movement but for the younger American generations.

    A movement with CLEAR CUT Ideologies, clear cut Identities and knowledgeable in identifying the problems and the enemies who are directly and indirectly RESPONSIBLE for the social, demographic decline of America.

    This movement WILL spawn leaders !!!

    (this movement no matter what it morphs into later MUST be supported)

    amazing – just like in European nations, similar in America. It is the younger White Young Men & Women generations that are rolling their sleeves and are picking up the torch of patriotism of Nationalism.

    White pill !

  2. There was more interest in asking this goober a question than the Ky Governors race, which a Democrat appears to have won, by three tenths of a percent.

    Virginia legislature lost.

    A nigger as attorney general in Ky.

    What else?

    Actual things happening in Southern States.

  3. Question for Shapiro, Kirk, Crenshaw, and Walsh.

    An old Russian proverb states – “The Jew will tell you what happened to him, but not why”

    Now, considering that both Lenin and Trotsy were both Jewish and the Black Guard that committed the Holodomor was mostly Jewish. Then you consider that the progenitor of communism itself – Karl Marx – was Jewish and he was funded heavily by the American Jew Jacob Schiff. But, most of all you can’t forget that the corpses underneath “The Road of Bones” through Siberia are ethnic White Russians and the genocide committed against them were due to the ideals of Communism enacted by Jewish intellectuals.

    Is this the Why that Russians speak of? Or is suffering unique to the Jewish race?

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