Elizabeth Warren Vows To Overturn Military Transgender Ban On Day 1

The U.S. military doesn’t want the tough guys with Confederate flag tattoos anymore who fought in World War II. It is only taking women, illegal aliens and trannies now.

I’m already looking beyond the current controversies of women in combat roles, gays in the military and transgender troops to the future of how non-binary gender nonconforming people are going to fit into our armed forces. How will the Pentagon accommodate the thousands of recently discovered genders under the Elizabeth Warren administration?

Will they all be expected to receive the same basic training and be held to the same standards? What is going to be the punishment for deadnaming a subordinate or using the wrong pronoun to refer to your commanding officer in the heat of combat?


“Elizabeth Warren Tuesday released a detailed plan to tackle the needs of the military and veterans that pledges to roll back Trump administration policies that bar transgender troops and to not deport non-citizens who have served in uniform, or their families.

The Massachusetts senator who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination maintains her first step as president would be to overturn President Donald Trump’s decision to prohibit transgender troops in the military.

“I’ll reverse it on the first day of my presidency,” she says in the plan, insisting “the only thing that should matter when it comes to allowing military personnel to serve is whether or not they can handle the job.”

That also means “providing all medically necessary care related to the health of transgender people” such as transition-related surgery, according her “Keeping Our Promises to Our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families,” which is being released ahead of Veterans Day. …”

The notorious TERF Meghan Murphy has a new article in the Spectator in which she predicts that Blompf will be reelected in 2020 because of the gender insanity.


“Donald Trump will probably be reelected in 2020 – not because he is a good president, smart, or has good policies. He will win, I believe, because the Democrats are awful.

The party that is meant to be ‘for the people’ has completely lost touch with the people. Rather than address real issues, the Democrats have resorted to virtue signaling. Take, for instance, the recent LGBTQ Democratic presidential town hall hosted by CNN. Candidate after candidate stood up and repeated the words ‘transwomen of color’ as many times as they could manage, hoping that this would win over voters. Have they learned nothing from the last election? Empty words aimed at pleasing the young, woke and very privileged may score well on Twitter, but voters don’t want fakery. They don’t want to hear about a tiny minority of people who have invented a problem that doesn’t exist. While I have sympathy for people struggling with body dysmorphia and other forms of mental illness, pronouns are not an important election issue. People who exist outside college campuses know this. …”

There has been a change since the Democratic debates began.

I was supporting the Yang Gang from March through June. I was so disaffected that I was ready to elect a moderate Democrat in order to be finished with the Blompf era. I’ve since shifted from lean Dem to back on the fence because the Democrats have radicalized. I’m still not supporting Blompf in 2020, but I am more annoyed by the Democrats right now.

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  1. I could give a shit, I vote my pocket book, against big corporations and against military spending.

    All this gay marriage, abortion (in theory i’m pro life but it will never stop), gun control except if they actually round up an snatch guns, is irrelevant to me.

  2. Good. I hope the (((new evil empire)))
    fields a military filled with transsexuals, LGBQTwhatevers, illegal aliens, POC, and feminists. But not normal white men.

  3. Will Franken (no relation to Al) has fun with the silly idea of transgender soldiers:


    Making our military the least butch, least fearsome outfit in the world can only be effective in the field if the thought is that our enemies will laugh themselves to death at the sight of us.

  4. This is good, if she wins the nomination I am definitely voting Dem in 2020. The US govt. and it’s military is our enemy. What is bad for the military is bad for our enemy and is good for us. Simple as that.

  5. If that hateful old bag becomes president maybe some of the majority red Southern and Great Plains states will protest by seceding from the Union?

    Warren for President in 2020!

    • Spahn,

      You’ll get ‘high yella ‘ camel toe Harris thrown into the mix of a warren administration as USAG. No theme park will have a roller coaster like the next 8 years.

  6. Hunter – this is a Good Thing. Think about it. Perhaps foolishly patriotic Southrons will STOP destroying foreign populations, abandoning their own families, and get killed and maimed on behalf of Israel.

    I think a Tranny Orc Army is a wonderful thing! Stop being a hater.

  7. What if Warren really hates US unilateralism and is doing this on purpose to discredit it, while knowing that it will also play well with a section of the Democratic Party base? Also maybe she’ll cut back on military spending to balance the budget while still having a bunch of welfare programs.

    I do think Warren is genuinely opposed to world police antics and she chose her words better than Sanders to express opposition to Trump’s zig zagging without supporting a long term presence in Syria (even though I do believe Sanders has the same position, against staying in Syria forever while Biden doesn’t, but he didn’t as carefully express it as warren).

    • Their primary focus will be using them in acts of perversion. All the exposure to soft and fluid elements will render them useless. We win.

  8. I say the tranny army is a brilliant strategy! Tactical drone strikes by the Air Force small souled bugman “pilots.” Then, brutal lectures about the correct usage of gender pronouns by the Troon Occupation Force.

    The name is General Cockpussy, and it’s clearly Ma’am!

  9. Perhaps she secretly wants to eradicate them. Then her next act could be starting a war. And, that’s a war we could all get behind.

  10. If this phyco-bitch Warren gets to be our new mommy and boss, God help us all.

    Can you imagine having a commander in battle with a politically correct alphabet title? Do you laugh, scream or frag?

  11. There is a huge contradiction between the U.S. Government’s policy of confronting China and destroying the military by filling it with freaks. If Pocahontas gets elected she will certainly carry out this threat and open up the military to these freaks. There will be a rapid exodus of junior officers and senior non-commissioned ranks leaving the military in even worse shape than it’s in now. The military’s combat effectiveness will rapidly decline making it a hollow force unable to realistically confront China.

    Anyone who has been in the military especially combat arms knows what I mean. The loss of senior, experienced non-comms is the most serious loss, they are the ones who run the military on a daily basis. The junior officers get experience and training, eventually rising in rank to command level. The exodus of these two groups will be devastating, worse than the trannies, illegals and orcs filling the ranks. The boot lickers who endorse this perverted agenda will do fine though, they will get the promotions. President Pocahontas better hope she never has to call on her transvestite military for anything more than gay pride day parades.

  12. “I’ve since shifted from lean Dem to back on the fence because the Democrats have radicalized. I’m still not supporting Blompf in 2020, but I am more annoyed by the Democrats right now.”

    Going back and forth between the two major parties will never get you the results you want. Is it ignorance, confusion, weakness, surrender or all four? We all bend to it but when does it end? Of course, electing anything they offer up to us has the same results. It’s all rigged and I think you already know this. What controls us is unseen. The Managers are simply the tools of the Administrators who are simply the tools of the Owners. But the job pays extremely well and so the charade goes on.

    Our whole way of thinking has been programmed in us from cradle to grave. And, our reality is the reinforcement. Would you even entertain the thought that the whole election process has been implanted to control us knowing our first reaction would be warm acceptance and our last reaction would be difficulty in separating from it despite all its failings? They always sell it as benevolent because that is the key for a successful sale. Our world would be very, very different without the control mechanism. How many have warned us and were ignored only to be proven right? You will not be a part of the futuristic future without the proper branding. You are either already branded or the cattle iron is being heated up just for you. It’s coming and there is no way out of it. Thank your fellow humans who refused to see it and ignored the “May Day” calls when something could have been done. The 7 deadly sins are considered deadly for a reason.

    Enjoy the parts you do like. It’s not all bad.

  13. Warren and all of the other freaks, and their potential constituents, are gonna be real upset when Biden gets the nomination and runs as the Democratic anti-Trump.

    Among the hard Left weirdos and Jews there’s talk of not voting at all, if Biden runs.

    For us, we haf to worry about folks in those six Yankee states flipping back the other way and voting for Biden and his plan to bring back extinct union jobs and subsidise corn and soybeans, vs Trump’s similar plan.

    It’s 1980 all over again.

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