Jeff Sessions Is Running For U.S. Senate In Alabama


I know which side I am on in this fight.

I was at the Trump rally in Madison, AL with my wife when Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions was the first Republican who I ever liked and voted for when he represented us in the Senate. Over the course of 2017, I became as disillusioned with Blompf and his corrupt Jewish family as Jeff Sessions for undoubtedly all the same reasons.

Donald Trump took Jeff Sessions out of the Senate where he had been our most effective voice for years and destroyed his political career. Then he tried to force “Big Luther” on us and when that didn’t work we got Doug Jones. Now after endorsing every piece of shit Republican from Thom Tillis to Mitt Romney, he wants to stop Sessions from returning to the Senate.

You don’t even have to ask, sir.

You will have have our full and unwavering support in the war against Blompf, Jared Kushner, Seb Gorka, Cernovich, Charlie Kirk and whoever else comes at us.

He is not the man we thought he was in 2016.

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  1. Trump is going to make a total ass of himself working vs. Sessions. Trump endorsed Ben Sasse but he is going to run vs. Sessions? This is the character of this retard in the oval office.

    BTW, long after Sessions left Trump’s disastrous admin the problems got way worse.

  2. Jeff Sessions really hates racists, specifically, he hates Charlottesville attendees and wants them to go to jail, it’s pretty weird to support him.

    I want him and Blumph to lose

  3. Yeah idk fam. I think the zeal with which this boomer persecuted guys after Charlottesville and his history as a foil against the clan is reason enough not to support him at all.

    You can proceed with the memes and such, but put me firmly in the unconvinced column.

  4. Potatus Blompf is the most narcissistic, stupid backstabbing clown in politics. He betrays everyone who ever had his back, appoints his enemies and follows their advice, and screws over the rest of us by not keeping the campaign promises that got him elected. But he makes sure to have the time to cram Big Macs and Haagen-Dazs into his bloated frame, and afterwards tweet about how great he is while on the toilet. I hope Sessions not only wins by double digits, but casts the deciding vote for Bad Orange Man’s impeachment.

  5. Trump is a damn fool, he is temperamentally unfit for office. Everything is a matter of personalities to him apparently. Jeff Sessions could be a great ally for him in the Senate in spite of their personal differences. DJT has picked some great cuck losers.

  6. This is the last straw.

    I don’t care about Donald Trump in the slightest any more.

    I don’t even care if he gets impeached.

    Sure, it would be a win for men who are pure evil such as Nadler and Schiff, but Donald Trump is worse than Nader and Schiff.

    A false friend is always worse than an open enemy, and Donald Trump is a false friend of the American people.

    Conservatism Inc. is is a scam. In 2016, the Trump family execute a successful hostile takeover of Conservatism Inc., succuring for themselves a monopoly on the scam for the foreseeable future, with insincere concern for immigration replacing insincere concern for abortion as the boob bait to keep the FoxNews/Breitbart/Limbaugh crowd in line.

  7. This surprises me. I would have thought it more likely that Sessions would endorse his old boss Rod Rosenstein for that Senate seat. You know, the guy who protected the corrupt bastards in the DoJ, who stymied Congressional oversight, and who ran the department while Sessions gave speeches.

    Don’t want Sessions back. He was a failure. This doesn’t excuse Trump’s disgraceful behavior, however.

    Remember, Sessions just barely won Senate confirmation, yet the “Deep State” crowd gave him a teary-eyed farewell…

  8. Its silly to kneejerk support the guy just because the Potatus is going to oppose him. This is no more intelligent than the Magapedes that support the Potatus because “The Libs” hate him.

    Its caved in head Wojak tier.

    Sessions talked the talk in the Senate. Did anything ever come of it? No.

    When he was in positions of operative power, state and national level, he was an open advocate of the persecution of pro white groups.

    I support the idea of us always being agents of chaos at the national level. Sessions will be forced to actively disavow our support and prove his loyalty to Zog by throwing us under any and every bus he can.

    Potatus will look like a dipshit for opposing him while he undoubtedly runs on everything Trump originally ran on.

    Both will be ruined by it. I call that a win win.

    Don’t kid yourself about it though. Sessions is a race traitor.

  9. It was widely rumored during Sessions tenure with Trump that he was incompetent. As in senile. Apparently Sessions wanted to further pursue the war on Drugs i.e. Marijuana. He made zero efforts to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters want to see him pursue his opponents, not resume the neo-conservative “War on Drugs”.

    • Yeah sessions is very anti pot, like in a extremely serious 1930s boomer kind of way ‘caught with a joint 20 years to life in jail bucko’. If only he hated Zionist warmongering subversive jews as much as he hates pot users.

  10. Y’all are focusing on elections when you should be focused on surviving and networking.

    Voting for anything other than the local mayor, sheriff or council is futile.

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the U.S.S. Titanic at this point is squandering what precious time we have left to prepare for a post USA existence.

  11. I’ll keep on saying it. We need a Southern Nationalist Party, and to get rid of all of our scalawaged and cucked politicians.

  12. You can understand Sessions being hard on racists, but why did he ignore crimes of Antifa and the Cville and VA authorities?

  13. He is as useless as tits on a boar hog. He did nothing to help us as Attorney General. Cowardly leadership!

  14. I just hope that sessions keeps making those delicious cookies that he’s known for. Either that or he can go back to working for Santa.

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