Review: The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

I’m not even joking.

I’m having a crisis of faith in the Lord’s Chicken.

Yesterday afternoon, I made my own version of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich according to the recipe. Just to be completely objective, I had my wife bring me home the sandwich from our local Popeyes. We both ate the sandwich and came to the same conclusion.

The Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich is better than Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I can’t believe that I am saying that right now, but it is true. You should try this.

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  1. Popeyes used to be a LOT better before it was bought out by KFC. They use different recipes but source the same ingredients.

    I’ll still very occasionally eat at Popeyes but it sounds like a stretch to say it’s actually good.

    KFC, Pizza hut and kfc are all owned by Pepsi and their fast food is particularly worse than other fast food. Taco Bell was started by Pepsi as a means to sell more pop, when they first came out they were selling their burritos under cost to eliminate all the other regional fast food Mexican restaurants. Which is why TB has such a huge dollar menu but a small pop at taco bell is a $1.79.

    All of the Pepsi owned fast food have even worse quality than their competitors, and are pumping the Pepsi more than anything.

    • Taco Casa is way better than the Mexican Phone Company. It has a simple menu, but it’s native Texican food.

  2. I came to the same conclusion Hunter but thats based on the homemade popeyes NOt the restaurant bought popeyes sandwich. Homemade usually wins out on almost anything store made. Now i’m tempted to do a homemade chick fil a

  3. I used to go to Popeye’s when they had mudbugs. I’d get two orders and split em with my cat.

    My wife and I like Golden Chick better than Popeye’s. As far as chicken sandwiches go, homemade is better. I like fried chicken, stripped off of the bone, between two pieces of bread, with mayonnaise. Gotta have Duke’s mayonnaise to make it taste right.

  4. Krispy Krunchy Chicken (yes, gas station chicken) is the best fried chicken I ever had other than the chicken my granny cooked for us on Saturday afternoons when we would come in for “dinner.” Nobody is getting killed over KKC, that’s for sure.

  5. Fried chicken from deli counter at Krogers or Albertsons is better than Popeyes. My mom’s fried chicken a million times better – a simple Southern recipe that every American gal knew how to make back then. Before Americans became a bunch of Yelp reviewers who can’t even boil an egg.

  6. I got some niggra contacts who went day before yesterday and spent 30 minutes in drive through line at Popeyes for six sanviches to go. Deh told me deh wasn’t worf a shit, let alone dyin’ for’.

  7. As a northern guy who didn’t eat at either restaurant until well into adulthood, both food is similar. The clientele and aesthetic is different

  8. The reason it taste so good it’s probably made from aborted fetus. That’s what most soda products are made from. NOT a conspiracy theory

    • BTW I don’t feel sorry for people who eat garbage and in junk food restaurants like Popeyes, know wonder you’re so fucking fat! Fat fucking lazy Amerikans know wonder you’re so disliked, a supposed right wing southern blog writing about junk food that nig nogs love. Get a grip!

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