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  1. We need to be reminded of the REAL cost from all this liberalism, democracy and open society manifestos.

    Tucker Carlson said best, (paraphrasing) “if the elites that don’t listen to the people and refuse to listen to them, then we need to burn all of it down?

  2. outrage nationalism leads nowhere.

    still no calls on this site to form groups and build resilient exclusive communities. just more stuffing BS is our faces and making everyone feel helpless.


    • In many articles, I’ve left comments on the importance of developing networks among us. About developing parallel communities that can group homeschool, have interconnected home and small businesses, build a large-enough community to influence local and county politics, and so forth. But at a minimum, we’ve got to stop applying these weird purity tests to fellow European-descended people. We’ve got to accept Whites that follow the 14 words. If you’re going to insist I follow a pagan god, or that the Irish are verboten, or some other ridiculous egocentric demand, we’re just continuing to wall ourselves off from most other Whites. This should be obvious to anyone not autistically self-obsessed.

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