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  1. I’m always suspicious of people who condemn pornography too enthusiastically – they often have the most to hide. Porn has been around for a very long time, even back in the nonexistent good old days. It, along with prostitution, should be quietly tolerated – except for jew porn, which promotes race-mixing and faggotry.

    • I share your belief regarding those who condemn pornography too enthusiastically. I’d add something else as well. If an organization is against degeneracy (i.e. porn, abortion) and isn’t willing to “Name The Jew”–then they aren’t serious. Our mutual friend at an interesting take on the subject. Ted Bundy was a con man to the end, and had the likes of James Dobson and millions of Trad Cucks convinced that porn made him a serial killer.

    • all porn is Jew-porn: in front of the camera, in back of the camera, and beside the camera:


      s’truth, though:

      if there was porn in ancient Egypt, you can be sure the Jews were doing it.

      it – along with abortion, miscegnation, sexperv, and Judeo-“feminism” –

      is how (((they))) have killed White family formation and birthrate.

      • Its mia khalifa Lebanon born Arabian pornstar tho she hasn’t done porn in years( shes a part time sports commentator now) and said she barely made much money from porno, which is true the only ones really making cash is the directors and distributors the pornstars don’t make much its mostly just infamy

        • Thom,

          Rumor is that a lot of the most popular female porn stars supplement their incomes by working as very highly paid “escorts.” Whether this is true or not, I cannot confirm. But it sounds quite possible.

    • Porn is fake and gay trash. I want prostitution legalized. At least then you get some exp and women are cunt-punted off their pedestals.

      FYI, I’m sure many of you know, the WORST combination for a society is free and easy access to porn while having prostitution heavily criminalized aka what we have now in our wonderful Talmudic Theocracy.

  2. Is that mia khalifa without her makeup and glasses? lol not quite the sexy Arabian whore shes made out to be huh?

  3. I’m not sure, but I think maybe Charles Manson and everyone in The Manson Family was suspicious of anyone who liked porn. I mean Sharon Tate liked porn and we all know what happened to her. I don’t think Sharon Tate who liked nudity and porn was very popular with The Family at the spahn ranch. :

    • Oh right sharon tate and her unborn baby totally deserved to get die and get stabbed 40 times all because she ‘liked’ porn and did a playboy interview with her husband neat morals joe

  4. Third worlders all have access to porn nowadays.

    It’s hard to say what kind of problems it is causing for them.

    It’s probably not good for them, but my guess is that it’s less of a problem in societies that are more “normal”: more close to the human norm, in terms of relations between the sexes, courtship, etc.

    In the West patriarchy and social relations in general were already BADLY damaged BEFORE internet porn became a thing. It’s a pretty recent development and we had most of feminism before internet porn became popular.

    It’s probably way worse for developed neo-liberal societies that have tons and tons of alienated people who are stuck inside looking at the internet all day. It absolutely does warp those people, but it’s not the root cause of their alienation.

  5. Internet pornography has been the single greatest problem in my life, and I’d say countless other millennials feel the same. Avoid it entirely, it isn’t benign.

    There is nothing good about pornography whatsoever.

    P.S. I’ve written about it a great length on my blog, just click my name if you feel inclined to read more.

  6. Porn is popular not just because it is free and everywhere, but the “Real Thing” (that being women) is largely something not worth the time, money, or effort of men to get. You often hear MGTOW Men make the argument that “The Juice isn’t worth the squeeze”, an incredibly accurate statement.

    Until the problem of white women is solved, nothing will change. The only way to save the west, is to take women’s rights away. If you aren’t for that, than you aren’t serious about saving the west.

    • I saw my neighbor being led out of his house in cuffs last night, the house that he pays for entirely. His wife is a fat blonde British “yoga teacher” that he argues with about money constantly. He’s not a dude I want to grab a beer and shoot the shit with, but he’s a young dad who is now in a world of hurt he is entirely undeserving of. Now this dude is going to wear the contrived “domestic violence” mark of shame for trying to reign in a disloyal cunt.

      Between independent women – who appear to be so only in name – and porn, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      • That @Paracelsus is why men are going their own way. Literally, one call ends it all. It pains me to no end to hear men on the “edgy” right sound as clueless as Trad Cons telling men to “Man Up”.

  7. “Internet pornography has been the single greatest problem in my life,”

    Sure, it’s tapping into one of the most primal instincts you have, to reproduce. It takes one of healthiest urges and twists it into a perverse exploitation of your attention.

    Hyper stimulation causes hyper response.

    In a healthy society ( read, exclusively White) you’d have too many normal social interactions to waste time on porn.

    Porn is the adult equivalent of putting out poisoned candy for children.

  8. “if there was porn in ancient Egypt”

    Yep, like the Turin erotic papyrus and many others. Egyptians typically buried erotic material with the dead.

    • If you believe Robert Graves the Turin Papyrus could’ve been part of Tiberius Caesars’ “collection”…
      whatever. The notion of afterlife fapping is interesting though…

  9. “all porn is Jew-porn: in front of the camera, in back of the camera, and beside the camera”


    There use to be some goys producing healthy erotic vids, but the jw mob pushed them out of business.

    There’s plenty of European erotic material, but it’s kept off our market so (they) can make money, on (their) produced material.

  10. I take issue with two things:

    The Red Elephants are cringe level AMNats. That shill Vincent did for the silver Blompf shekel was hardcore MAGAtard crap.

    Psychology Today while they’ll cite some “scholarly sources” is the ‘weekly reader ‘ of behavioral science.

  11. TFM had a good response video:

    Basically, Feminsm / Emancipation of Women doomed the West long before porn became widespread.

    Any society that emancipates women will eventually die off / fail to reproduce. The West is well on its way to dying out. Some other Patriarchal culture will pick up where we left off – be it fundamentalist Mormons, Muslims, or even the Amish. Japan is in the same boat at TFM points out. They will continue to lose population until they either re-establish Patriarchy, bring in more immigrants, or get conquered.

    Enjoy the decline, gents.

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