Matt Walsh: The Dissident Right Is Running Interference For The Left


Conservative liberalism is under siege on college campuses.

These people like Matt Walsh and Dan Crenshaw are being bombarded by Groypers who are showing up to ask them questions at every single one of their events.

“If I was the conspiratorial sort, I might be convinced that the alt-right trolls crashing conservative speeches were actually paid Democrat operatives. They are doing such an enormous favor for the Left — confirming every negative stereotype of the Right while distracting from the important message conservatives are bringing to campuses across the country — that you’d almost think they were on the DNC’s payroll. But the DNC isn’t that smart, and neither are the trolls. …

Someone else delivered a mini-speech about his belief that America should retain its European (read: white) character. After I countered that our unifying principle in America is not race or ethnicity but the doctrine of human rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, the questioner pressed me repeatedly to call him a bigot. He wanted me to call him a bigot so that he could take the clip of me saying those words and accuse me of cowardly shouting him down rather than engaging. I didn’t take the bait, but that didn’t stop him from following me out of the room as I left, shouting about how I’d called him a bigot. These guys are going to get the response they want — and if they don’t, they’ll just lie and pretend they did. …

So, why is the alt-right running interference for the very people they pretend to oppose? There probably isn’t one simple answer to that. Some of it is garden variety stupidity. Some of it is straightforward racism and anti-Semitism. But I think there’s also a very heavy element of nihilism and moral relativism at work here. The one defining feature of the alt-right, and the most striking thing about it, has always been its amoral, ends-justify-the-means, mentality. They don’t care that they’re undermining important work and vindicating the Left. They don’t really care about anything. They’re bored, and looking for purpose and identity wherever they can find it. They found both, as it happens, in their own version of identity politics. And in that way they aren’t so different from the Left at all. Same motivation, similar ideology, nearly identical tactics.

They still don’t understand what they up against.

The Pepes have evolved into Groypers. A radical fringe of the Alt-Right went down the road of violent accelerationism. This is fizzling out due to the state crackdown. The street rallies have fizzled out because this tactic wasn’t producing the desired impact of eroding the taboos and was too easily countered by Antifa and their media allies. The idea that Conservatism, Inc. can be infiltrated and reformed from within has also been discredited.

The new strategy is critique or destructive criticism. It is amazingly simple and effective. It is nothing more than a relentless critique and mockery of mainstream conservatism. The goal is to generate a swelling tide of online criticism that undermines and destroys the legitimacy of Conservatism, Inc. The primary way that the Groypers are doing this right now is by showing up and asking conservative liberals like Matt Walsh or Charlie Cuck penetrating questions that are designed to pry them apart from their social base of White Christians.

Matt Walsh was asked a question by a Groyper about changing racial demographics to force an issue that conservatives would rather not talk about and he responded by answering that what conservative liberalism is conserving is human rights. In other words, these people don’t believe that America has any racial, cultural, ethnic or religious basis and they aren’t even trying to conserve such a thing. Instead, what they are doing is conserving liberalism while publicly ceding to the Groypers the ground of defending the White Christian social order, which is the thing that their base really cares about and what powers their whole project. The questions about changing demographics, Israel and cultural degeneracy highlight their true priorities.

Dan Chenshaw is just here to conserve Israel:

We should be embracing “bigotry.”

I’m laughing while writing this and know that quote will be taken out of context, but we should be crystal clear that what this is about is conserving the White Christian social order. We don’t want to conserve the norms of multiculturalism and political correctness much less mass immigration or Jewish control over our culture and politics. It’s true what the progressives say about how we want to conserve white privilege, inequality, truth, order, beauty, masculinity and femininity, settler colonialism, heteronormativity, patriarchy, the gender binary, etc.

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  1. ” A radical fringe of the Alt-Right went down the road of violent accelerationism.”


    • Precisely. A couple of random people losing it doesn’t make even a “fringe movement.” A mental breakdown by one or two individuals isn’t radicalism, it’s one or two individuals snapping under stress.

      But I guess it makes Wallace feel virtuous that he didn’t join this imaginary “fringe” of his. Like the dictionary definition of a “straw man.”

  2. There’s a “doctrine of human rights” in the Declaration of Independence?

    And the guy who said that accuses Groypers of being “stupid”?

    Haha, I raff out roud.

  3. I thought I would never read a more stupid take on the Alt-Right from normiecons than what one said back in 2016, that “Richard Spencer hijacked the Alt-Right.”

    Until now.

    Note: Thomas Jefferson used the word “savages” in the Declaration of Independence to describe Indians. Who wants to tell Matt Walsh?

  4. Not getting any coverage outside of the alt-right echo chamber, and leading where exactly? To the final realization that there is no one to vote for in 2020?

  5. “I countered that our unifying principle in America is not race or ethnicity but the doctrine of human rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.”

    So, feel free to take a casual walking tour of Baltimore, Cleveland, LA, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, etc. Do you get the impression that we are all “unified?” Do you get the impression that Somalis in Minneapolis, Blacks in Baltimore, Mexicans in LA and Phoenix are “unified” around the US Constitution? Or does the urban US resemble the Balkans; with various ethnic and religious groups at war with each other and white Europeans being the prime enemy and target for resentment?

    I used to live in Mexican areas of Phoenix and Somali areas of Minneapolis: my company employed them both.
    At no point did I get the impression that Mexicans or Somalis wanted to be “American.” They wish only to recreate their home nations on American soil, without sharing any of our “unifying” American values.

  6. One thing is becoming clear, Conservative, Inc. are little more than “Paper Worshippers”. Worship of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence are completely boomer-tiered. Conservative, Inc. has little to offer “The Kids”–Kirk and Walsh are a laughing stock. Their (((controllers))) have no respect for them, and neither do “The Kids”.

  7. Matt Walsh and Charlie Kirk are Shapiro’s cuck bitches. It is a pleasure to watch the cucks and kikes of Conservatism Inc. squirm under the hostile interrogation of the groyper army.

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