Chaos At Popeyes!

I loved the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

I’m a loyal Chick-fil-A customer though. We ate breakfast there this morning after dropping our son off at school. If I may echo Richard Spencer, the Chick-fil-A dine in experience is like the last stand of implicit White Southern evangelical Protestant identity.

New York Times:

“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The videos of mind-numbing first bites and long lines, the celebratory memes and fawning reviews: The return of the Popeyes chicken sandwich on Sunday has met with the same social-media frenzy that first greeted it last summer.

But embedded in many of the catchy memes and witty messages is not just an affection for spicy seasoning and crisp breading. There’s also a sentiment that Popeyes has struck a special chord for African-Americans and anybody who grew up eating black soul food — specifically, that its celebrated sandwich tastes like something that could have come from a black home kitchen.

One Twitter user, @RocBoy_Mel, wrote Sunday that he did not know whose “grandma” made the sandwiches, “but I finally got my hands on one today and I was very impressed.”

Reactions like that are no accident: Popeyes has aggressively marketed itself to African-Americans, and many of its restaurants are in black communities. …”

As for the Popeyes dine in experience, it has struck a special chord in the African-American community. In spite of what you have heard about race, no one will ever confuse Popeyes with Chick-fil-A. We pretend not to know the truth about these things in public but we do.

Note: Reviewbrah compares the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to four competitors: Wendy’s, Culver’s, Chick-fil-A and Burger King.

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  1. Be that as it may but I must inquire about the ethnicity of Chick-fil-A workers? I bet they are as black as the rest of the fast food workers in the south.

  2. I’ve never seen employees that rude and heated at a customer before. I would like to know what that white woman who was bodyslammed even did?

    Did she ask for extra mayo? I couldn’t understand a damn word from the managers and ook a ook employees incomprehensible mumbling and rants All I heard was “you best be getting outta here cracker” Did she ironically say the nword or something?

  3. Why do people with speech impediments, presume that they are (or should be) YT speakers? [

    Reviewbrah] is a child- my God, people actually watch these adolescents for information? What ever happened to people who worked hard to have a voice that was both authoritative, resonant, and bespoke the voice of America? People like Walter Cronkite, Charleton Heston, or even Brits like Olivier, Branagh, etc. I guess the decline started with Tom Brokaw, whose ‘Phiwwy’ accent made people used to mispronounced ‘l’s.’ And it’s all gone downhill from there…..

  4. I was in Durham, NC on Guess Rd. I-85 Thursday for a hot dog at Jimmy’s hot dogs. There’s a Popeye’s almost right across the skreet. You should have seen the niggras all lined up in deh fine ass cars in the drive up window lane. I aksd the white cashier lady at Jimmy’s if they had caught any stray bullets lately. She got a kick out of that.

  5. Popeyes chiggen aint fo dem white folks, deys got Chick Filay. Popeyes (and Whitecastle too!) stric’ly fo us colored folks.

    Mayne, all dis talk bout chiggen an shit be makin me hongry!

    • So, tell me; What’s a muddafugga supposed to do if I be hungry fo dat Popeye’s? My fambly want some too, yo. You know, dat fambly in dem cuck pictures and sheet wid de white folks, de wife, wife’s dark boyfriends and sambos runnin round? Dat’s a lot of Popeye’s, at least 10 Lbs.

  6. Maybe they should rename “Popeyes” to “Blutos” or “Brutus”. Maybe replace their killer (literally) chicken sandwich with spinach quiche. Or maybe just do what our wise ancestors did — segregate.

  7. We hired Mexicans to repair one of our homes roof because of hail damage. The owner was an anglo. He said his Mexican workers refuse to go anywhere there are a lot of blacks like New Orleans etc.

    If I am out and about with friends/family and I see a lot of blacks anywhere we are gone. No way will we risk being among those people. They hang by a thread at all times. I do not find negroes entertaining in the slightest.

  8. lay off the junk food HW, remember the optics you fat slob southners exposed at UTR? I can’t believe you’re writing about n-word food and it’s obvious consequence.

  9. I went to Popeyes in Ottawa, Canada today to see what all the fuss was about these chicken sandwiches, between the staff and customers I was the only White person there…I told the cashier I wanted to try these chicken sandwiches that was causing ppl to kill and beat each other America..she laughed in a Pakistani accent..I gotta admit, I felt an increased propensity for violence after eating a Popeyes chicken sandwich

    • It was the Cajuns, deported from Canada by the British to French Louisiana, that transcended today’s incarnation of Popeyes!

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