Irish Academic Argues The Term Anglo-Saxon Should Be Cancelled

Imagine on one great and glorious day after the overthrow of True Conservatism that someone stands up to these people and finally tells them … NO.

Daily Mail:

“The term Anglo-Saxon is ‘bound up with white supremacy’ and should be replaced with ‘early English’, academics have argued.

Anglo-Saxon traditionally refers to groups from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands who settled in Britain at the end of Roman rule.

However, early medieval England specialist Mary Rambaran-Olm, an independent scholar and author, claimed the term is used by white supremacists to refer to white British people and should be banned. 

The academic – raised in Canada and now based in Ireland – says previous objections to the term Dark Ages sets a precedent.

She told The Times: ‘Generally, white supremacists use the term to make some sort of connection to their heritage (which is inaccurate) or to make associations with ‘whiteness’ but they also habitually misuse it to try and connect themselves to a warrior past.’ …

Earlier this year the International Society of Anglo Saxonists took a poll of its 600 members, and 60 per cent of the group agreed to remove the reference to ‘Anglo-Saxon’ from its name.”

After telling them NO for the first time in decades, we push back so hard against them that we topple the whole rotting edifice of progressive liberalism.

But … you’re a white supremacist!


But … you’re a racist!


But … you’re a xenophobe!


But … you’re a nativist!


But … you’re an authoritarian!


But … you support the patriarchy!


But … you want to destroy our liberal democracy!


I don’t give a shit about any of your -isms and -phobias.

They have nothing to do with morality anyway. It is all a facade of Jewish bullshit.

I’m a White Anglo-Saxon Southern Protestant. I’m not sorry that my people conquered and settled this part of North America. I’m sick and tired of our culture being dominated by these people. No one is going to convince me that I should be ashamed of my identity either.

Note: I’m not ashamed of my Irish heritage either. I have some of that too.

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    • Except for the eyes, that thing does not look Irish. “Rambaran” is not Irish. Her passport may be EU/Ireland but that face has traces of dot. Probably a half breed of some sort.

      If she can be called Irish, I should be called Native American.

      • Snow – if you are White – you ARE a Native American. I loathe that deceptive Jew term. WHITE People, ENGLISH People, founded America. WHITE People ARE Native Americans. The Land Bridge Asian mongrels are NOT native Americans. They are the left over detritus.

        • I meant that (((their))) trickery with words is always one sided.

          Yes, we are Native Americans because we created America and therefore we are America.

      • Yep, I see Indian sub-continent in there. A fine example of how we lost ourselves. We allowed too much alien DNA into our race and forgot who we were.

  1. I had an encounter with an off-the-boat Irishwoman and – My God! – was she brainwashed. Loved the Third World invasion and said that with all the Irish that emigrated, we should welcome those that come here no matter where they are from. I wanted to take a swing at her and knock a few teeth out. But, damn it, she was an Amazonian and I knew the odds of winning a fist fight were not too good. However, one thing’s for sure, if I was going down, she’d be left standing but bloodied and black and blue. At least from the waist on down. Besides, the Irish predominantly went to the United States, Canada, and Australia with Europe and Latin America to a lesser extent. Those are the only people that the Irish owe a debt of gratitude. And, that doesn’t mean Ireland should be invaded by those people either.

    This altruism disease with whites will end up being more fatal to us than the Spanish Flu.

    • There are others ways to win a physical fight with a larger person. And I don’t mean with weapons. You have to understand the points of attack. And you have to mean it. You can’t be half hearted in a fight.

        • Snow – I don’t know had old you are – but unless you are in your 90’sand very frail – it’s about knowing physiology. If you understand key points in the Human body – you can defend yourself VERY easily.

  2. The Jew plan is to destroy through racial and religious agitation. There is no good reason for the Irish to hate the innocent Muslim and yet they do, with passion, why? On the TV, on the radio, it is always an Irish expressing hatred for Muslims. Pete King, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly etc etc etc. Why? The Irish have whored themselves out to attack the enemy of the Jew in open defiance of the teachings of Christ. They are going to hell and I for one am not going to follow them there.

    • Browning,

      Muslims are FAR from innocent. Were in not for the lunacy of the White Man allowing the Jew to take over – they wouldn’t be a problem Also – they are the same, genetically. Race Traitor micks are no alone in whoring themselves out to Heebs. Haven’t you noticed? The Irish people are actively fighting AGAINST the Dune Coon invasion. Tragically the Anglo Saxons are just fleeing to Spain. And as a Christian, why are you defending Mohammedans? Sand Nigger fever, or wot not?

  3. Give WASP a new meaning and a new lease on life via the creation of a White American Separatist Party.

  4. Us Irish are either virulently conservative, or pathologically liberal. I’m a big fan of Hans Kammler and my sister is a fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    The main problem is, you’ve got an island full of dumb Micks who forget that they’re Celts. Blind loyalty to the Catholic Church was the genesis of all this “turn the other cheek” bullshit. Historically, wars were fought for far less than having your native homeland invaded, your race being genocided, and your culture being erased.

    • Precisely- The Church has clearly stated,”Live in peace with your enemies, but ONLY with your personal enemies, and NOT the enemies of God.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    • Well, the Catholic Church was in on the genocide. Queen Victoria starved our people to death. It was no potato famine. The man that runs the site (Chris Fogarty) was kicked out of Ireland. But, before he left he confronted his local priest and the bastard admitted all of it. The lying and deception is off the charts.

      • The funny thing about that was the Ottoman sultan pledged £10,000 in aid for the starving Irish but Queen Victoria requested him to send no more than £1000 because she herself had sent only £2000. The shiploads of food sent by the Turks was blockaded by Royal Navy.

      • Appreciate the info, I’ve read about these mass graves before, didn’t know it was to this extent though. My people came to the States in 1856 from Athlone, but there is also a considerable amount of Scottish and Welsh too.

        Celtic/Scythian people are impossible to conquer, better foes than this current crop of degenerates have tried, we’re built to fight.

      • Be that as it may, this person clearly has a myopic view, using false history to back up his equally egregious claims, if he can write: “As no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 – 1945″, so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a famine.”

        The “Hollow Cause” never existed, and all I can say about the Irish Potato Famine is, had one set of my great- grandparents not come to the USA, I probably would not have been born- so there are two ways to look at it. The Irish Catholics were naive and stupid enough to trust the RCC in so many things; but that is all past, as is this topic.

        Looking at Ireland now- and the Multiculti crap that is suffocating the Island, they have reverted back to a form of Paganism, that is destroying the island far more effectively than anything Victoria may or could have done.

        But it’s so much easier to defame the dead, as they cannot defend themselves….

    • The Irish hate the English far more than they love God. Don’t blame the Catholic Church for that. I doubt there was an Irishman in history that’d use a lash on himself who wouldn’t rather use it on an Englishman.

      Indeed some of that hatred is seen in modern day Scotland with the SNP.

  5. Who gives a shit what this chick with crazy eyes thinks about anything. She is simply anti-White and trying to make hay in a time of open season on Europeans.

    What’s really sad and pitiful is that 60% of the 600 members of the International Society of Anglo Saxonists voted to remove Anglo Saxon from the group’s name.

  6. Cultural-marxism is a mental illness ,there are plenty of secure units in Ulster for her and her nutty friends in Sinn Fein/Sdlp&alliance party etc etc!

  7. They are draw to us. They are drawn to the light. Christ is the light and they are draw to us because we treat others the way we would like to be treated. Outside of the Irish of course, they aren’t Christian. They are scummy disgusting filthy whores, selling their dirty bottoms for loose change. And the Jews are the only ones that have any use for this wretched disgusting Irish filth.

  8. Scots Irish in the Revolution: contra the arrogant claims of the Anglo-Saxon’s both in Yankeedom and Dixie as sole founders of this formerly great Nation of Albion’s kinfolk… it appears they love usury shlomo more than their own racial kin!!

    I rarely point out the mistakes of others, but, as a descendant of Ulster Scots, I was afraid that many may believe this statement contained in a family file sent to me. It was concerning an enlistment in the Colonial Army during the Revolution:

    “This was a dangerous move , as most of the population of Appalachia were Scots, who were loyal to the British King.”

    This is tragic misinformation. The following are exerpts from lectures and books at Clemson University:

    “The Scots-Irish settlers made superb frontiersmen in early Colonial America. Their experiences over the previous few centuries, first in the Scottish Borders and then fighting the Irish Catholics in the north of Ireland had created a race of hardy unyielding people who were ideally suited to clearing the forests to build farms and pushing the borders further and further west.
    Their experience of religious discrimination in Ulster by their Episcopal English landlords meant the Scots-Irish had no hesitation in taking the side of the rebels in the War of Independence. In the words of Professor James G. Leyburn “They provided some of the best fighters in the American army. Indeed there were those who held the Scots-Irish responsible for the war itself”.

    No less a figure than George Washington once said “If defeated everywhere else I will make my last stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia”.
    The Scots-Irish provided 25 Generals, many, Colonel’s, Captain’s, and about a third of the revolutionary army. The Pennsylvania Line was made up entirely of Ulster-Scots emigrants and their sons. The Battle of Kings Mountain was a Scots-Irish battle where a militia of mainly Scots-Irish Presbyterians defeated an English army twice its size and was decisive in win in the battle for Albion-American sovereignty.
    President Theodore Roosevelt said of the Scots-Irish “in the Revolutionary war, the fiercest and most ardent Americans of all were the Presbyterian Irish settlers and their descendants”

    The Declaration of Independence was printed by an Ulster-Scot, John Dunlop, read in public by a first generation Scots-Irish American Colonel John Nixon and the first signature came from another Scots-Irish Presbyterian, John Hancock.

    “One of the highest concentrations of Scots-Irish were in the Carolinas and many, after fulfilling indentured service contracts, had been forced to migrate over the Southern Appalachians for new land. In 1772, it was Scots-Irish settlers who formed the first independent government in America at Watauga in what would become the state of Tennessee. They continued to settle in the Appalachian valleys beyond colonial rule and, although their loyalty was questioned by their adoptive country, the settlers proved themselves vital in the American Revolution’s victories at Cowpens and Kings Mountain. In addition, they numbered many in the Regular Colonial Army. When the war was going badly for the American colonies, then-General George Washington expressed uncompromising confidence in the Scots-Irish ranks of the American militias.
    “If defeated everywhere else,” said Washington, “I will make my stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia.”
    In fact, following the Revolution, a British Major-General testified before a committee at the British House of Commons that “half the Continental Army were from Ireland – Scots-Irish.”

    No Irishman, nor Scot, ever loved an English King. They were sent here, or fled here, because of English persecution.

    • i wouldnt disagree with what you said here bout my kinfolk,even through out the history of what we call the troubles in northern ireland we ve found ourselves fighting crown forces during the sunningdale agreement and anglo-irish agreement protests !even now with our opposition to boris johnstons crap brexit deal our future hangs again in the balance as the forces of cultural marxism gang up against our folk !we are a truly independent folk and should forge our own destiny and stop being used as a political football by the british and irish goverments!

  9. She looks like one of those partially white people one occasionally encounters in the remote parts of Uzbekistan. She’s no “Mary O’Brien”, that’s for sure.

    Just close all the goddamn colleges and universities. They no longer serve any useful or productive purpose. Except for the engineering and medical schools, which are important and difficult to bolshevize.

  10. That’s one of the best arguments against a single jewish cause. irish, italians, outsiders etc. and city whites do a lot of the things that “moderate” Jews do. I’ll grant that radical zionist Jews are very different from white gentiles, but they have Christian Allies.

    • Daryl,

      People like you make me have little to no sympathy for the plight of your arrogant and treasonous limey bastards.

      Enjoy going from an empire where the sun never sets to a nation where Mohammed is the number one baby boy name in the uk and the capital is now referred to as “Londonistan.”

      Blame everyone but yourselves. Well, you can still have a spot of tea, some bread pudding, but don’t offend trannies, otherwise you’ll end up in jail.

  11. I am a mick through and through and trust me that is a Jew.

    She is the least Irish looking person I have ever seen. Also her name is completely insane.

  12. “Irish” I don’t think so. Maybe Paki. How dumb are these people? This word should be banned and history should be changed because “it’s bound up in white supremacy.” Imagine if a European immigrated to Shitistan where this “scholar” is from and started demanding they change their language. She must be a member of the tribe if she has that much gall or she’s married to one or getting money from these rats.

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