PSA: Trump 2020 Still Sucks

I spent an hour this morning watching Ben Shapiro lecture the Dissident Right about how we are identical to the Far Left because of “identity politics.”

Conservative liberals have no real principled objection to identity politics though. They only object to White identity politics because they are losers who are conserving multiculturalism and political correctness after losing those battles in the culture war. Rob Smith appeared on stage with Charlie Kirk at Ohio State because he is a black homosexual grifter. The only reason we are controversial is because we insist that White identity is also legitimate.

Conservative liberalism is a farce. Imagine insisting that “gay Christians” like Rob Smith and Scott “The Persistence” Presler and drag queens like Lady MAGA are respectable and legitimate and should accepted within mainstream conservatism, but we should be denounced and marginalized for identifying as cisgendered heterosexual White Christian men!

Take us seriously, LOL!

All this shit is “mainstream.”

We are “extremists” though. We’re the fringe!

Look at the ridiculous black guy in that hat who Blompf is amplifying on his Twitter account. See also “Black Voices for Trump.” More lectures about identity politics, please!

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  1. Lady MAGA is going to be a guest on an upcoming episode of JF’s show. I wonder if it’s going to be in full drag. Blompf/kushner probably wish that Lady MAGA was a negro or Latino.

  2. Will there be enough conservative transsexuals, based niggras, flamboyant e-celebs and other assorted curiosities to guarantee Trump another victory in 2020? Let’s hope not!

  3. So somebody named Guy Benson believes a woman minister can marry 2 men together? It is possible that Sodom and Gomorrah would blush at modern USA. I have no words to describe this society.

    But I will spend most of Christmas in Mexico and I have printed out much information on how sick the US society is. Any one willing to die for the current USA deserves their fate.

  4. Trump HAS to do SOME politicking. Give a little slack. Since we didn’t get off OUR butts and create The Confederate Party, and A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY … we HAVE TO vote for Trump, just to keep it from getting worse WHILE we massage our ethno state into existence. Meanwhile, all is not bad :

    • While I wholeheartedly endorse the establishment of a regional Confederate States Party the only thing Blormp deserves is a good, swift kick in the ass.

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