Conservatism, Inc. Shill and Kassy Dillon Orbiter William Z. Nardi Celebrates Nick Fuentes Deplatforming

UPDATE: The Lulz Machine hasn’t stopped.

William Z. Nardi has been orbiting Kassy Dillon and taking shots at Nick Fuentes out of obvious jealousy for years. This little piece of shit True Conservative grifter even had a hit piece on Fuentes published at VICE of all places in early 2018:


“I thought I was a hotshot young conservative when I went off to college. I had already completed a mayoral internship as a high school junior and was moving on to intern for the governor of Massachusetts. That was where I met Kassy Dillon—my political rival, mentor, and friend. Having graduated the previous year from the same high school, she was always one step ahead of me, challenging me to keep up, guiding me through the sometimes very small world of conservative politics. She was a right-wing firebrand, bringing me along as her partner to conferences and campaigns. Activism became our culture, and that was how we met Nick Fuentes.

He first entered the scene with a bang in the fall of 2016, when he appeared in a raucous debate against a leftist at Boston University. I didn’t go, but Kassy called me the next day to tell me she had seen the next rising star in the Republican Party. Around that time, we were planning a Christmas party for the Western Mass Republicans, and she invited him to come.

Nick and I didn’t talk much then. He came off as incredibly bright and confident in his support of Trump and his Bannon-esque followers. I didn’t know how alt-right those beliefs were—”alt right” wasn’t a term many people were familiar with anyway. Nick called himself a conservative and so did we. Because political commentators used these blanket terms, I didn’t realize the extreme variations between worldviews and political theories that that word could contain.

My own conservatism is not tied to any ethnic or cultural background. Being biethnic—Italian and Middle Eastern—I never felt I quite fit into any group. I learned Chinese in college and enjoyed experiencing my step-mother’s Hispanic culture. I believed in individualism, and was taught at a young age not to judge people for what they look like or where they came from but the content of their character. My political ideology lies within what’s called “classical liberalism,” but it took years of studying while shuffling around various conservative groups to even know how to describe myself. Meanwhile, I was enabled by seasoned political activists to fight for their cause. …”

Will Nardi was published in The Bulwark too. LMAO.

The Bulwark:

“Here’s the thing: In many cases, those groups respond to that stigma not by engaging with critics, but by trying to drown them out. They’ll bring a high-profile speaker to campus, spending a ton of money to guarantee outrage from their ideological foes while wrapping themselves in the banner of free speech.

But I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have that cover. As National Review columnist David French points out, there was a time when free speech codes and restrictions sprang up to silence conservatives on campus, but now there are networks of lawyers ready to defend free speech on campus. …”

I remember reading that at the time.

I thought to myself … yeah, that’s a True Conservative for you. A real hotshot!

If memory serves, Kassy Dillon played an instrumental role in Nick Fuentes getting kicked out of the synagogue of Conservatism, Inc. in 2017. I never really followed Fuentes, but I remember when that happened because I had watched a few of his shows on Right Side Broadcasting Network and then suddenly he was forced out around the time of Charlottesville.

Look how bad Will Nardi wants Kassy Dillion … LMAO. This is the closest he ever got to making physical contact:

She corrects a commentator and says “haha we’re only friends.” Totally friend zoned!

The virgin William Nerdi vs. the Chad Kurd Mo:

Bro, Kassy Dillon only dates Jews, pro-Israel Democrats and Kurds like Mohammad! The secret tattoo she has is also most likely a huge Star of David on her ass.

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  1. I don’t know who any of these characters are. I quit paying attention to Cuckservative Inc® in 1993.

    I just lump them in with the other enemies of Texas and Dixie, and let it go at that.

  2. Pussy Galore Dillion drops her panties for any Zionist jew or Kurd terrorist but keeps thirsty street-shitter Will Nerdi permanently locked out in Teh FrenZone.

    Prease excuse, must raff six mirrion time, haha!

  3. Still don’t see how Fuentes deserves the hype. Still think he is part of a psyop which will burn quite a few soon.

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