Integrity: The Mark of a Real Man

I strongly agree.

Integrity is one of the values that I hold in high esteem. It is easy to follow the crowd and go with the flow. It is much more difficult to have the integrity to say what you know to be true in all situations in life and to be willing to pay the price for doing so.

Note: Jared Taylor and Dr. Kevin MacDonald are men of great integrity.

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  1. Terrible Tom Metzger is another man of integrity, as are HW and Dr. Hill. Unfortunately, all the prominent members of the pro-white movement who are worth a damn can be counted on a couple of fingers.

  2. some time ago, in an era where white men held a code of public and personal behaviour based on the Classical Era of Men, i.e. 7 Virtues against the 7 deadly Sins!

    The following sayings are thousand years old:
    “White knight in shining armor”
    “your word is your bond”

    In case some one jumps the gun, allow me to make it known that European shared culture manifested its own pre Christian codes of Ethical behaviour – some crude then others and some more socially/ethically in line with Christianity.

    But none the less.
    We the many Races of European descent have evolved to be ahead of the game from almost EVERY SINGLE OTHER human race – (“almost”, I mean to include the Japanese – who are the closest to European code of Ethics then any other human race on Earth as far as I’m concerned).

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