Joker Is Now The Most Profitable Comic Book Movie Of All Time

The anti-Joker takes have fared very poorly.

Cinema Blend:

“For a while, it seemed like Avengers: Endgame and the MCU were poised to completely dominate the cinematic landscape this year — at least as far as comic franchises were concerned. That changed this October, when Joaquin Phoenix’s Clown Prince of Crime danced down those now-iconic stairs, and demanded a place in box office history. Now, Joker isn’t just one of the most successful films of the year — it’s the most profitable comic book film of all time.

It was previously reported that Joker was on track to match Avengers: Infinity War’s overall profit. And Forbes confirmed that as of Friday, November 8, Joker will have grossed more than a $304.2 million in North America, and a staggering $957 million worldwide. Against a $62.5 million budget, that gives the Batman villain’s origin story an edge over films like The MaskVenomAquaman, and even the Joker’s nemesis Batman. And the film hasn’t even finished its theatrical run.

Joker has been racking up records since its debut, posting the biggest opening weekend for a film in October, and quickly surpassing Deadpool to become the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. They’re staggering accomplishments for any film, but especially one with subject matter that doesn’t necessarily have family-friendly appeal. Before it hit theaters, Joker stirred controversy and debate due to its dark tone and unflinching violence. It’s divided critics and audiences, who either view it as an unnecessarily dark contribution to the DC canon, or an important film that elevates the entire comic book genre. …”

In hindsight, the effect of Joker was even worse than the critics of the movie feared. It didn’t inspire a mass shooting. It struck a chord and changed the culture though.

It was a huge shot of energy into the Dissident Right which had been in a funk since Charlottesville. Things haven’t been the same for Charlie Cuck and Conservatism, Inc. since the movie. The Joker Effect has emboldened their critics like never before.

It’s like a critical mass of people started to realize in October that they don’t care anymore. They don’t want to go on living like this anymore in Clown World.

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  1. The levels of Self Actualization should not be possible… What have you done Ari… It’s spring time for Joker. The populist American Psycho.

  2. As much as I enjoyed this film I don’t think I would want my impressions of it to be altered by the release of a sequel. It’s strong enough to stand alone, no further development of the story or character is necessary.

  3. Darkly flamboyant, antisocial, sociopathic, strangely comical….. If I were a leader in the pro-white movement I think my style would be similar to that of Joker’s.

    I just watched the David Lynch film Mulholland Drive the other day for the first time in a while. Would anyone care to explain the ending to me?

    • Spahn,

      Why? Why did you have to ignite my recollection over that film that was a dark and disturbing brown acid trip.

      May I suggest a movie that probably caused a surge in SSRI sales? Try “Synecdoche New York.” It’s a good idea to have a fifth of bonded corn whiskey nearby. Old Granddad is my personal favorite.

    • Haven’t seen mulholand drive in years I honestly can’t remember the ending, the story was abunch of mind controlled actress’s right? but its a lynch film its endings are usually confusing and ends on a cliff hanger

  4. Last time populism threatened the (((1%))), Bloomburg started up the Occupy Wall Street in New York, and protected it from the people and the police. It was successful. The (( (1%))) became their own opposition. Sweet, if you have the money and own the media and the Judges.

    I see in the news now Bloomburg is filing to run for President. Chief Warren’s wealth tax proposal is too much for him.

    Yes, I think the response to this movie got their attention. Bloomburg has a plan. He is one of the top Vipers of all.

    Vipers, hypocrites (actors), lovers of money, children of the devil, adversaries to all men, the Synagogue of Satan, the Whore of Babyon, murderers of the very Christ of God, who will save us from these clever fiends???

  5. The groypers are harrassing Charlie Kirk at public Q&A’s and all of a sudden the dissident right is ready to take on the (((1%)))?

    Because of a Jewish cultural commentary movie? Starring a Jew, directed by a Jew, financed by Jews…

    Am I the only one that sees this groyper thing as aweful spontaneous to be organic?

    This whole thing feels fake and gay.

      • Fuentes like to disavow a lot of people and flings ridicule around, but he still stands by wigger “Baked Alaska ” who was groveling to the ‘deradicalization’ crowd recently, Faith Goldy who used the JDL in Toronto as security, zionist shill extradinaire Alex Jones, and he and his groypers still support Blompf/kushner 2020.

        If TPTB are using 21 year old young adult as some judas goat to serve the ends of international Jewry, well this op was what’s called a “long con job.” It would be a sign of desperation from ZOG-USA , or we are have become so paranoid in this upside down clown world that we don’t trust anybody or anything anymore.

        • Weevglin is desperate to inherit some part of Nick’s fan base by totally aligning his site with all the AF groyper bullshit and appropriating their memes and lingo. I honestly don’t think it will matter and the stormer is probably going to die after this because the writing sucks so bad now, and the whole attempt comes across as desperate and smarmy. I am sure some of Nick’s younger fans are going to stumble on there and weevglin will come off as a creepy uncle trying to be young and fit in with the kids. At this point I am just waiting for Fuentes to disavow weevglin. It’ll be a good laugh.

      • I can accept that there are enough shitlords out there to stuff a Q&A session anyplace Kirk goes and that they would be smart enough to figure out the questions to ask for good effect without sieg heiling into the microphone.

        What gets my spidey sense tingling is the speed with which this groyper thing has become a meme, championed and being taken credit for by the Dailystormer and Anglin specifically.

        Anglin is acting like hes running it. He did that in the run up to Charlottesville too. Lead with a keyboard. Encouraging all of the bad optics the day of, then celebrated the death of Heather Heyer and made all of us look like monsters. Its becone clear in hindsight, all of bad optics from him were to make us look bad at a critical moment. We know this about him.

        This Charlie Kirk public Q&A crashing thing, isn’t bad, or fake. The effect is real and good. But I worry for these guys essentially drawing targets on their backs for the ADL.

        The part that is fake and gay, is the groyper thing, which is being coopted by the same malefactors that have poisoned everything done by the dissident right so far.

        More needs to be done to put daylight between dissident right people and the Daily Stormer.

    • Sock – I haven’t seen the movie – but it has resonated with the Zeitgeist. I am most impressed wirg Devon Stack aka “Black Pilled”s assessment:

      This “take” cheesed a lot of people off.

      Oh well.

      The film is not pro-White, from what I understand.

      It’s just that so many people feel hopeless and despondent and freaked out by the utter dissolution of a once thriving society.

      The Heebs are acutely aware of the general malaise, and the reactions of the Goyim. They’ve gotten the boot so many times before, after all. They’ve developed a keen racial sense of the winds beginning to shift. So why not make a movie that may inspire the lower IQ down trodden to do something stupid, which they can use as an excuse to oppress Americans even more?

      Hunter posted an article about zhids whining about how they are beginning to feel “afraid”. They, of course, create their own problems. THEY inspire the loathing of the Host they are bleeding dry. This pattern has occurred for centuries…….the naïve, tolerant Americans are finally beginning to notice

      The Groypers are handling this just the right way – but you know the Heebs are going to chimp out.

  6. It always comes down to money! To effectively have power and force change. And we dissent whites don’t have the (((((((money)))))))

    The joke about the Joker is Money! it’s in your face who has the money to (((will to power))) and if you want? Drive, Fly or Ride to NYC at night, and look at those lights on the skyline of Manhattan and you will see who has the (((will to power)))

      • Has madam been to LA or Vegas recently? Those places are crawling with North Korean agents! What are they up to?

        • Spahn,

          Perhaps they are there to collect the strain of typhus that has been spreading in the homeless encampments to weaponize.

        • I have not been to either cesspit in years, and I’m not sorry I haven’t. I’m intrigued, now though…must be just like the Arabs that control Hollywood Oh those North Koreans!

    • Pius – it doesn’t matter if Heebs are making money on this movie. It’s one of the few films are successful, these days. Everything is unraveling. They are great at subversion and destruction – but apres le deluge? What then?”

      As a vampire needs Human blood, Jews need functioning Humans as a resource. They’ve DESTROYED the best Host they EVER had. We’re at the beginning of the beginning of everything falling apart. They are horrible at running a wholesome healthy society – they’ve never done it.

      I made this comment elsewhere this night – but the film that fascinates me is the cinema verite of Groypers and Lefties shouting the loathsome Race Traitor scum Crenshaw at A&M. I could be wrong – but this is the Telling Moment. A Harbinger of Things to Come. The Kikenvermin Overlords are going to try to do everything they can to squelch this trend – but it’s not going to work. Not anymore.

    • Technically its not really a comic book movie Faust because this Joker is not based on the DC comic Joker. Arthur Fleck is inspired from the comic Joker but its a reimagining where Batman is greedy, evil and Joker is a occupy wall street anti hero villian

      The thing that really irks me is the lazy copy and paste storyline from two previous Robert De Niro films Taxi Driver and the king of comedy but hey thats just me I admit that I like the normal Dc comic book timeline of Batman and Joker more then this retelling

  7. Jeremiah Johnson was on tonight and I ended up watching it for at least the tenth time. Seems like the antithesis of what Joker is.

    A man who spends his time all alone in the wilderness, in mortal peril constantly. Yet, he becomes a formidable and almost elemental force in and of himself. It was one of the last movies that had an implicit message of – “man the fuck up and go hang out in the wilderness!”

    Joker seems like pure cinematic despondency. Keep your Jew nihilism porn Todd.

  8. It is a Masterpiece – (I changed my mind on this movie as soon as I sat down to watch it).

    Why a Masterpiece??
    As far as I’m concerned because it “speaks” to people’s feelings – it highlights many issues that we – the American/European men – go through in “our” so called “sovereign” Nations.

    Joker, speaks to many MANY MANY people who feel, who know that there is something REALLY wrong in our societies.

    Joker, is our modern day, “Mein Kampf” !
    I stand by that claim.

  9. Conspiracies and pointing out Jewish involvement, comical. I wonder how many of you have stared into the abyss for so long that the abyss has stared back at you and you have become monsters yourselves.

    Not everything is some manufactured ploy or plot. A lot of times things happen by themselves and end up out of the control of the people at the top. Especially Jews. St. Paul was a Jew and perhaps was one of history’s largest figures in making people aware of the evil of the Jews. We’ve all seen Jewish psy-ops and how they work. We’ve all seen organic grassroots and meme culture and how it works.

    People being able to relate to the movie and having its success encourage people to go out and mobilize against people who are against their interest is completely organic. For some of you more paranoid out there, compare this with the adoption of Pepe in Hong Kong, something obviously psy-oped.

    If you’ve been around long enough that you can’t tell the difference between an organic symbol and a astro-turfed one you shouldn’t be commenting on articles, you should be reading about current events, history or sociology. Joker symbolism in 2019 works against the system not for it. Nothing from Joker that people quote or rally around is pro-establishment. In fact it is all critical of the establishment and works as an icon for people to mobilize politically against the forces in society that are keeping us down.

    I’m sure I’ll get called a Jew shill for this but sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar.

    Anyways, good film, good memes, I like the fact that it has nothing to do with cringe Ledger’s Joker that wannabe anarchists idolized after Dark Knight. I didn’t realize until I went to the theater how much they push black and brown women in movies. I felt the 4 black women in Joker was too much, but then I remembered how everyone in all the trailers before the movie were black or other brown peoples. It’s a classic complaint, but I think it’s kind of unbelievable to see all these black doctors, computer specialists, police chiefs hackers, wizkids, action heroes, etc.

    I think Hollywood are really going over the top to push this shit and it’s just putting everyone off. No White man wants to go to the theater to watch some mulatto girl fight a gang of drug dealers, terrorists or goofy super villains for no important reason. Especially when she’s a White presenting mulatto girl who acts like an AWFL.

      • I wish this site had an optional age option for people to put beside their name. I know some people will lie and probably no one will put the exact year of their birth, but sometimes I wish I could see if anyone born before 1980 shares some of the more paranoid or crazy posts on here.

        It’s this exact attitude that put me off Stormfront and made me follow random people here and there before enjoying the Alt-Right years where things were not only truthful but light hearted and actual, evidential conspiracies were presented and dumb shit like “Every movie made after John Wayne died is a Jew psy op” was ignored and rightfully mocked.

        Yet the same people who decry something with a Jewish hand in it would redirect me to something shitty like some dumb old banjo song or techno or something even worse. Imagine liking something that touches into the cultural zeitgeist and find out a Jew was a camera man or something. I liked 300, but that was spammed as Jewish propaganda for a war in Iran by some people.

        Not that Zoomer leadership appears much better though to be fair. Nick Fuentes in a recent stream called Murdoch Murdoch “Cringe”. Maybe that’s just Nick though.

        I get though that the OD commentator’s section represents a wide swathe of people, but some of the people need to get a grip. It’s not like Joker is Django Unchained. A future in an ethnostate with some of you sounds like it would be nothing but hitting the gym, fishing, dancing around the Celtic cross to Gaelic music then coming home to watch spaghetti westerns.

        Kind of my idea of hell.

        • Outlander,

          Mürdoch Mürdoch mocked Fuentes in their latest video. He wasn’t the only one they went after. That’s probably why Nick called them “cringe.” But then again, Nick counter signals all the time, so…

        • Quite the tangential screed, now you’ve got me thinking about John Wayne movies. James Caan pretending to be a Chinaman never fails to get a laugh out of me.

        • Why do you think heath ledgers joker is so cringe but Phoenix’s Joker isn’t? I admittedly haven’t seen the film yet but Phoenixs Joker performance rubs me the wrong way I don’t think hes a good joker from what I seen

  10. Perhaps the Jews made joker to gauge how angry the goyim are and go from there. Yep. Looks like we’re pretty angry!

  11. It is as if I am watching a person trying to fight themselves out of a linen bag, fighting with what he perceives to be others shortcomings. And DEMANDING pothers to change but NOT himself!!!!!!!!

    I do not think most of you understand the rule of perpetual motion… you still are concerned about the authenticity and sincerity of others of the guy next to you, RATHER THEN BEING CONCERNED OF YOUR OWN AUTHENTICITY AND SINCERITY.


    It is what YOU say and do that has the ability to INFLUENCE OTHERS and so on and so forth in a to a snowball metaphor – can you not see that ????????

    I am speaking to some in here.

    Some people speak as if they are them selves the yard stick the arbiters of what it means to be patriots and nationalists..

    Go and read some Ezra Pound, an American who has influenced Nationalist movements all across European nations.

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