Goy Talk Responds To The MIGA Challenge!

Mr. President, this is by far the best video!

Don’t discriminate against us because we are White!

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  1. I’ll vote for Bernie the Bolshevik or High Yellow Harris before I ever vote for that lyin-ass orange nigger again.

    • On FTN, someone made the comment that, when divided by special interests (((Special Interests))) most of the Jewish money has gone to…. “Cabala Ha-aretz,” as she was called. Brilliant.

      Spawn, do you really want to be a Shabbas Goy the rest of your life? Just sayin’…

      • The reason Spahn is suggesting voting for Kamelto or Bernie the Jew is due to political accelerationism. Sheesh. The reason most of WILL NOT vote for the Orange Nigger and his ilk is BECAUSE we are sick of being used by the JewOP, every 4 years, and then being thrown into the dumpster the SECOND the White HATING Jew OP gets into office.

        Have you read ANY of Hunter’s commentary on this subject? ANY of it? TRY to keep up.

  2. Great stuff from goytalk accurately describes trumps achievements an presidency and the current state of America ,Goy should win a grammy

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