Two Americas

This is a great illustration of why I am not sold on American Nationalism. We’re now more divided than at any point since 1865 and the other side of America is awful. I look at this shit and realize that I have virtually nothing in common with these people.

San Francisco is getting a new Greta Thunberg mural:

Donald Trump in Washington, DC at the Washington Nationals game:

Donald Trump visiting Alabama this afternoon.

I rest my case.

It is always risky to try to peer into the future, but I was already thinking in 2016 about what a post-MAGA world would look like. What becomes of Trump’s blackpilled supporters? How hard do you think President Elizabeth Warren would be booed here in Alabama?

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  1. Re: Weirdo Greta – I haven’t wanted to punch a teenaged girl n the face since I was a teenaged girl – but….

    The little metabolic freak is being exploited by very evil people.. Alas millions of mental defectives swallow every syllable the little retard drools. That America needs to GO.

    • Greta is an odd choice for a spokesgirl madam, for she is neither pretty nor charismatic. If anything she intensifies my dislike of the globalists’ fake and gay “climate change” movement.

      • Apparently, the Globalists advertised for a Spokes Child, and Creepy Greta is the only one that showed up for this gig. She’s an actress – and very, very well connected. Never mind her actor father and opera singer mother – she’s got all kinds of familial connections in Big Globalism. She’s a perfect choice for the NWO machers – she 16, so she’s old enough to take instruction – but she looks like she’s 12. She’s not very good actress though; her speeches recall the worst of florid, 19th century theatrical scenery chewing.

        There is some type metabolic defect. Most human faces are not symmetrical, but slightly imbalanced from one side to biological. A truly symmetrical face looks weird. It’s all about brain development. I don’t know if you’ve ever read pediatric medical journals, but there a traditional “saying” – “the face indicated the brain” in pediatric medicine. Meaning a severe facial deformity in an infant can indicate brain development gone badly awry. Thunberg’s facial tics and facial structure are….odd. There hooey about her being autisitic – but she doesn’t sound or behave like an autistic person at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Look at her eye placement, if you are bored, sometime. She’s just on the verge of looking Mongoloid, or…something.

        This is why I state I think she’s being abused by her handlers. Should she be able to maintain a public profile by the time she attain adult majority – I predict she will go seriously off the rails. The melt down will be epic. I don’t actually wish her harm…..but she still inspires a visceral urge, when I see her speaking, to punch her face in. I would not EVER attempt to do such a thing – but I find my fist balling up when I see her.

      • We not only have 2 Americas … we have 2 ‘rights.’ Now’s the time for Duke Hill Spencer et. al, to stand up and present a manifesto.

  2. The one-man Monty Python, Will Franken (nothing to do with Al), skewers climate change, the ugly little autistic monster, and the puppetmasters behind it all:

  3. There’s a lot of evidence that the urban rural divide is getting much wider. Since the reunification of the union, Republicans have been the rural party and Democrats the Urban party, however the degree to which that is the case has expanded. A rural area may go 80% republican when before it was 55%. The reverse is true in a big city.

    If you look at Canada or Russia, the parties aren’t nearly as divided. People don’t get angry when the conservatives or liberals win. The communist party and putin have a decent relationship.

    I used to think the main flaw of American politics was that both parties were the same. But with Trump and Sanders breaking free of the big donors, now we see major differences.

    • “Trump breaking free of the big donors.” Have you been living in a cave or are you mentally retarded?

      Trump is a Hoover vacuum cleaner on steroids sucking in financial donations from wealthy zionist jew ogliarchs.

  4. I recognized that autistic face immediately, but I wonder how many other people are trying to figure out why that towering mural of a dysfunctional child is fuglying up their neighborhood, and Who the Hell she is? It looks like a hideous advertisement for the Special Olympics. Anyone who is concerned about the environment, should be worried about the optical pollution that eyesore is creating.

    • Cowtown Rebel,

      In sanfagsicko, where human feces and hypodermic needles litter the landscape this mural of special ed of Greta will fit in like a glove there.

      • November,

        Yes, now that you mention it, there are probably a whole gaggle of Lezbos that view that monstrosity in the same light as I once looked upon the swimsuit poster of Farrah Fawcett.

  5. The stark Soviet “realism” of this mural portraying Greta as a soulless climate commissar with ice in her veins conveys the hidden totalitarian praxis encapsulated within climate ideology. She’s also depicted as cross-eyed or with a dead left eye, tipping off those in the know that her mind’s not her own.

  6. On a second look, it has a Maoist propaganda aura about it. It reminds me of the omnipresent images of a Communist party leader found in China and Vietnam in the 1960’s and 70’s, and in North Korea still today.

  7. Was greta created in a test tube using an egg from Merkel’s polluted ovaries and Tony Blair’s effete sperm?

    It’s not surprising that the poster child for the NWO would come out of Sweden.

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