Angela Merkel: Liberal Democracy Is Not Self-Evident

Believe it or not, but Europe wasn’t “founded” on liberal democracy. It had existed for centuries before 1945. The postwar era is a blip in the larger story of German history.


“German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against taking democracy for granted, at a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall.

“No wall that keeps people out and restricts freedom is so high… that it cannot be broken down,” she added.

The wall had separated Soviet-controlled East Berlin and capitalist West Berlin during the Cold War.

Its fall in 1989 was seen as a victory for liberal democracy, and led to Germany’s reunification a year later.

However, Mrs Merkel warned on Saturday that “the values on which Europe is founded – freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, human rights – they are anything but self-evident and they have to be revitalised and defended time and time again”.

“We stand stripped of any excuses and are required to do our part of freedom and democracy,” she added in a ceremony at the Berlin Wall memorial. …

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not at the ceremony, but visited Berlin earlier this week.

During a speech on Friday, he warned that “freedom is never guaranteed”.

He criticised the human rights records of the Russian and Chinese governments, and said: “Today, authoritarianism is once again rising.”

The Third Reich was an even smaller blip.

The future of Germany is moving on beyond both into the 21st century.

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  1. It may turn out that the “Nazi” period of German history will eventually be regarded as little more than a blip or an aberration. Perhaps the Hohenzollerns can be restored to the Prussian throne in some capacity?

    • The Reich won’t be regarded as an aberration. The Reich will be regarded as an early attempt of Humans to throw off the jew parasites. Adolf Hitler was a German Romantic, and an amazing, inspiring leader – but a terrible General. He should have stayed put in Germany, after invading Poland, and freeing the captive Germans there-in. I think he under-estimated Jewmerica’s capacity for self-delusion and mayhem, and the general cluelessness of the Murkin public. Invading Russia is wot done him in, though.

      Did you watch the video snips of the Groypers and the Lefties both screaming at the despicable grifter Crenshaw, at A&M? Various demographics are noticing the same (((pattern))). ..all kinds of folks are rejecting the kike illusions….

      • H threw away a winning hand in 1940/41 by not properly supporting the Italians in North Africa. If the Germans had overrun Egypt and taken the Suez Canal and then supported the Arab uprisings against the British that occurred, that would have strangled the British Empire and forced them to accept peace terms with Germany.

        • As long as he stayed out of Russia, that would have worked. Some say that Stalin was getting ready to invade Western Europe and had to be pre-empted. I wish I knew if that were true.

          • I’m disinclined to believe it. The source is an opportunistic Russian intelligence operative who made this claim after the end of the USSR. Also it is out of keeping with Stalin’s character – he was hyper-vigilant to the point of paranoia but not reckless, unlike Hitler who had a messianic belief in his destiny.

    • this just in, Spahn:

      Prussia – once the beating heart and soul of Germany –

      is no more. It’s land occupied by slavs, its people

      massacred and scattered. This “thing” called Germany today

      has no demographic connection to the Great Germany that once was.

      and it isn’t coming back.

  2. I have encountered dead fish on the beach that were more interesting than Shmerkel. And better looking! I know German politicians have to go out of their way to be as un-charismatic as possible but come on. At least former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was an accomplished classical musician.

  3. The citizens weren’t asked if they wanted the turd world barbarians in the first place; it was dictated from above. They also weren’t free to reject the rapes and murders the savages inflicted upon them, and the elites didn’t ask the peons to approve of the preferential treatment given to those feral savages. But only Whites seem to go along with and participate in the attempted genocide of their own kind.

  4. Merkel said that Europe was founded on equality, freedom, and democracy? She is either extremely stupid or a bad liar. The most common form of government in European history is monarchy and equality was not a basis for some governments in European history even as a pretense until the French Revolution with perhaps here and there exceptions.

    Even the Athenians had slaves. Spartans believed in relative equality for citizens but had subjects with inferior rights and they owned helot slaves. Need we bring up the Romans?

    As for freedom? What is meant by the modern concept of freedom was non existent or condemned as pure evil such as homosexual marriages, abortion etc.

    Human rights? Individuality? Modern concepts for the most part. And they morally and legally would generally not include sexual license and all the rest. Individualism is considered a sin by my religion. Laws are made for the common good/society as a whole and are not based on individual rights. I believe the ancient philosophers/societies also believed that laws are for the common good.

    So-called individualists believe in benefiting from the collective efforts of society while still saying they are individualists. Well then they should not have insurance policies, call a policeman, go to a hospital, drive on roads they did not build etc. They can build their own homes as well, grow their own food.

    In short humans have a collective existence with the mutual rights and obligations they entail. If a person is under the protection of a govt. then they own that government taxes .military service etc. Render unto Caesar etc.

    As recently as 1659 the French revolt of the Fronde was a revolt for traditional communal privileges not individual rights. In 16th century Germany in order to have peace it was determined that the religion of the Prince in each territory decided the official religion of the local kingdom. If the people did not like that they moved to a different part of Germany.

    I could write on but why bother.

    • While Hitler endorsed Luther’s indictments of the jews, he also was critical of the reformation because it caused a division in German unity. Hitler’s evaluation of Luther wasn’t based on Luther’s interpretation of the bible or his doctrine of justification by faith alone, but based solely on the political consequences of his break with the Catholic Church.

      • November,

        Thank you for the Hitler information. Hitler was after all a Catholic. In our belief we are spiritually united through the mystical Body of Christ will all Catholics,

        Yes, I am aware that he was not near as supportive of the Church as Franco but there is the 1933 Concordant with the Church. Nothing like that could legitimately occur with a Protestant, Molsem, communist country etc. Pope Pius XII stood by the concord after the war even.

          • Cristina,

            It’s not a video but a podcast. I’ve seen Mr. Weber speak at two IHR Confrences where in the Q & A there was at least one question about religion in the Third Reich.

            I am a Social Nationalist Indentitarian, but NS Germany was the only ideology worth fighting for since the invasion by the Moors and Ottomans.

            You are correct. A people must be unified in purpose.

          • November,

            I will check it out. He treated Christianity better by far than the modern western world. And of course I am not a National Socialist.

            I do believe a society should be united in Faith and Blood as much as possible. If no union in Faith possible then at least united in purpose.

          • November,

            I accept that National Socialist Germany was a government that could work with the Church. The NS’s of the 1930’s are head and shoulders above the modern NS’s as far as I can determine.

            Either way many of your enemies are mine as well. The internationalists do not respect national borders anywhere on earth.

            Some of my beliefs if I was Queen Cristina in control of the USA

            1. Destruction of the UN building and the UN disbands
            2 All US troops back home to USA
            3 Military budget way down and help for the people way up like helping the old people with more Soc.Security etc
            4 No legal and illegal immigration with very rare exceptions
            5 Death for murder and rape
            6 Friendship with Russia and China
            7 No wars except as a last resort and only if it seriously involves the USA
            8 Promotion of good nutrition and exercise in the USA
            9 Banning of abortion and homosexual marriage–as a general rule sex kept privately is a private affair
            10 All movies/TV shoes subject to my censors

            I have other causes but this is way better than any USA politician believes in or publicly advocates for.

          • Cristina,

            Without a doubt, the original National Socialists were better that the current crop. The simple fact that jews that control Hollywood, msm, academia still slander, lie, and outright falsify history because of their fear that it would catch fire.

            NS Germany had everything that makes it enticing to people facing a dystopian future.

            With Vatican Eww and the liberalization of Protestant churches, jews might mock and despise Christianity, but they don’t fear a backlash coming from that direction.

            Your decrees as Queen Christina are pretty good, except you didn’t deal with the JQ. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily be friendly with The People’s Republic of China, but honest and fair relations. I’d also pullout of all mutual defense obligations with the exception of coming to the aid of White countries under siege from non-white aggression.

            If you listened to Mark Weber’s podcast, he pointed out how Hitler’s relationship with Christians has been manipulated and the truth wrung out of it.

          • November,

            I have Mark Weber’s podcast on my list.

            You mentioned the Jewish Question was not mentioned in my 10 goals. as hypothetical ruler of the USA.

            The usual traditional Catholic remedies—-no citizenship, no influence in propaganda (books/films etc).

            As recently as 1931 Pope Pius XI approved Mussolini’s anti semitic law against even the children of Catholic converts in being involved in radio and books and their influence. The law was obviously racial since we are speaking of Catholics and their children. Very mild by historical standards.

            I am bound by the Church to try and convert them while being careful of deceit. In short I am bound by what I can and cannot do.

            I believe St. Thomas Aquinas said they should be deprived of everything and made slaves but I have not looked it up. For a time canon law said that Christians should not be the slaves of Jews or moslems but that we should enslave them. And the whole idea of Jews wearing distinctive clothing comes from us Catholics that made them do that for centuries.

            I just have to be careful on the question. Not because this website is monitored but because I have to obey the Church on religious matters and defined dogmas. I know they can not be hurt for being Jews.

            So you see my hands are tied. I suppose they could be restored to their ancestral home.

    • Good post, miss H. You have been better educated than 99.9 percent of American youth. Merkel’s foundation is built on sand.

  5. Stupid bitch. The greatest European leaders expelled invaders with bravery and heroism. You invited them in droves and subjected your own people to murder and rape. That is what you will be remembered for.

    • My husband, who is of German and Wlesh descent, told me that there used to be a German saying, “The Catholic Church got rich on German guilt” or words to that effect. Meaning the Kike-o-lick (((Church))) exploited Germanic honesty, industriousness, and naivete. For centuries. The German / German descended people I know are obsessed with being “good”. They regard hard work as a virtue, to the pint of lunacy sometimes. They are very honest, and as trusting as a child. This is why Jews and other genetic trash are able to abuse them. FYI – whenever kikes got kicked out of everywhere else – they could always flee to Germany. Germans offered safe harbor for centuries. German stupidly, tragically tried to assimilate them. No good deed, huh?

      Germans, like most Aryans, are experiencing a horrific, day in day out lesson in racial reality. As a Celt – seeing my enemies CRUSHED makes me feel good! I’m not worried about “making a scene”, or being polite to my racial enemies. I sincerely pray that enough Whites survive long enough to have the out group Altruism genes burnt out of our DNA sequences for EVER. I pray that Whites stop obsessing aobut being “good” and start focusing on being ALIVE.

        • Part French (Continental Celt, in case you’re interested as are the Spanish) and Part Slav. Though the Germans tended to rumble with both of my ancestral branches, what has happened to them since WWI has infuriated me to no end.

          Not to start any more Protestant versus Catholic wars on this board but I’d like to point out that Catholic countries didn’t drug their poorer citizens, abduct them to their colonies and sell them as indentured servants. There is no such word as “kidnapping” in the lexicon of any Catholic country (except for Ireland which was under English control).

          It was under the leadership of the Holy Roman Church that the Poles, the Lithuanians, the Austrians, the Germans and too many other countries to mention routed the Turks.

          Catholicism, both Roman and Orthodox, were bulwarks against the creeping Judaization of Christianity that the Apostle Paul (former Pharisee) kept warning Christians about pre-Vatican II.

          Am I saying that there is nothing of value that Protestants contributed to people of European descent. No, Their work ethic was unparalleled by anyone else until the Asians started copying it.

          But less time needs to be spent fighting the old Hundred Years’ Wars between Protestants and Catholics and more time seeing what we can salvage of Christianity before it was corrupted into heresy by John Hagee, Pope Francis, and their ilk.

          Denise I respect what an ardent defender you are of the race. I have no idea why Cristina posts on this board, either, but there is a possibility that this Castiza(?) has enough European blood in her to be more in sync with European than Indio culture. Why is that a bad thing?

          With all these brain-washed, virtue-signaling libtard Whites on the left who would rather have their collective behinds set on fire than do anything but work for so-called “people of color,” Muslims, LBTQXYZ, anybody but Europeans and those on the right who would rather defend Jews from “Anti-Semitism” and Israel from whatever consequences of any hostilities they start up with the Arabs after insisting on moving into, as Mark Levin calls the Middle East, “a rough neighborhood,” we don’t have many friends even within our own race.

          Is it wise to alienate a potential ally? Blacktivists are always looking for White allies? Why must we soldier on alone when there might be more sympathizers among Castizos who may prefer to benefit, even in neighboring countries, from the civilizations that White Supremacy made possible rather than live under BRA or as peons to an Asian/Hindu Overlord Class?

          • Clytemnestra – I would like to answer your questions – but I honestly don’t know if my reply would be published.

            I’m actually still on GAB. Where can we talk? I’ve begun to revive my long dormant, neglected blog. Mindweapons is still up, but he posts rarely. He’s a busy fellow. Let me know where we can “meet”.

          • Cly – in case you never reply – how do you know people are who they say they are on the Internet? How to you KNOW?

            I have had IRL physical contact with the owner of this blog (albiet one time for dinner) as well as many others. I talk to and have met up with MANY folks IRL. I have very limited time to travel these days, but I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more free time in 2020.

            One way to gauge who you are talking to is to carefully analyze content. What would you make of an alleged “ally” who spends are great deal of time subtlely scolding and critiquing everything about your Volk?

            Christianity is a spent force. You are a very clever lady. You must notice this by now.

            In a completely unrelated note I was fascinated by information from I White Advocate I have known for a VERY long time, and he knows everybody, that Weev, the Jew that runs DS (into the ground) likes to pose as young ladies, and strike up “friendships” online. I still have a GAB account, although I rarely visit the site anymore. I check in now and then to see who is still around, since Torba gave every-one’s info to the Feds. The last time I checked in, about a week ago, I was Followed by a very friendly Knaaazee, who suggested that I follow a “really cool Heathen gal”.

            Who is Weev. FYI. Tres amusing….

      • I believe you are mostly correct about the Germans. I come from them and am surrounded by the same people. And your statement about getting the altruism DNA burned out of us is probably the best thing to hope for at this point. It very well might happen once we are reduced to enclaves surrounded by orcish hordes, if we survive that long. But the race-mixing and genetic destruction going on right now is pretty bad.

  6. Better don’t listen to Merkels shitty speeches. They are always nauseating, both by performance and by content. This woman and her staff caused so much damage to Germany and its reputation than never ever before in history. The consequences of her politics are devastating. Meanwhile the damage has become irreversible and it will seal the end of Germany in the near future. Die Geier kreisen schon über Deutschland.
    Merkel is a criminal who committed the biggest crime ever. In every sane country she would already have been executed or at least put in prison.

  7. I was there yesterday in Berlin for the ceremonies on the day of the “fall” of the wall (i.e. the East German authorities no longer enforcing out-travel restrictions, November 9, 1989). And there was a big disconnect between the bittersweet attitude of many Germans on the ground, and the way the German, American and international media portrayed the bittersweet attitude.

    I’ll blog about it probably tomorrow, no time this evening.

  8. I remember a few years ago, some female academic gushed over Merkel, claiming she was ‘the most powerful politican in the world, more powerful than Trump.’ This is kind of laughable, but it might seem to be so if you consider Germany’s economic status, but economics mean nothing unless you have power to back it up, and Germany now is weak, as is Europe.

    I can’t say anymore about Merkel then the above posts have, only that Germany shows a death wish in re-electing her, but can you say anyone in Europe, save Hungary and perhaps Italy, are little better?

    Dennis Prager said that after WWII, the allies should have taught Germans to learn to fight evil, but instead, they learned not to fight. Okay, but Prager misses this is what the allies WANTED…an impotent Germany under their thumb. Jews tend to speak half truths.

    Also, when you read the history then, not half history, you see how the Germans were despised by Roosevelt and Churchill.

    I recall when I was stationed in Germany in the seventies, they seemed different, a bit more responsible and assertive. And yes, I liked their Chancellors, like Schmidt and Kohl, although I could do without Brandt, who was a kind of hero to the media.

    I remember when the wall came down, it caught people by surprise, and especially the elite. They really didn’t want reunification, but the Germans went for it completely…wasn’t supposed to happen.

    A year later, I was talking to East Germans visiting the U.S.. They were a friendly, happy family, who hoped the best, to have more money and consumer goods, and were satisfied Germany was united. They were good people.

    Then I spoke to a West German couple…the yuppie professional types…and they were guarded. They weren’t sure Germany should be reunited, and were cautious.
    Yes, I should, but coming together is a good thing. Also, maybe in the end you can get Silesia, Pomerania, and East Prussia back.
    With that they stared at me open-eyed, almost afraid, and hurried away.

    As for Germans, i remember a German teacher of mine who said Germans like to be told what to do. Not only in regards to politics, but everything…that’s why they have excellent maps everywhere, guidebooks, etc. They are brilliant, but also don’t buck things. Kind of like Japan, where they say ‘if someone stick out, they should be nailed down.’

    It seemed when Germany reunified, something went wrong…the globalists and Eurocrats went in full steam, and also Jews started coming back. I noted a lot of Russian Jews flooded Berlin shortly after the wall came down.
    And in Germany, the last thing they want is any kind of politician being open and expressive. They prefer dull little bureaucrats who don’t make waves.

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