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    • Scarlett – I have a flu this weekend. I commented a lot yesterday because I basically didn’t get out of bed. I’d sleep, I’d wake. I’d read news stories online. I’d comment on the posts here-in.

      I didn’t get into the funding – but viewing the pics alone of dem Direka’s n sheeyit – you KNOW they are not the source of the funding. You KNOW the Rubins are behind this.

  1. Ha!
    I just realized something:
    The plutocracy has decided that humans no longer need a credible education.
    Robots will handle the details formerly known as “intellect”.
    From here on out, human education will only be social justice bs designed to massage the human brain into a soporific stupor.
    Yep….this is the beginning of a new tyrannical conquest by this filth.

  2. In that particular news program episode (11/10/19) Tucker Carlson also raises the issue about kamala harris who wants to bring to state & federal education, the 10 hour school !

    In this segment Tucker interviews a former teacher from California, a Rebecca Friedrichs, where she lays out the plan WHY the teacher’s unions are pushing this 10 hour schooling which is also promoted by kamala harris and it all has to do with BUILDING A COMMUNAL STATE RAN INDOCTRINATION CAMP !
    Where the child will be away from his/her family for MOST OF THE DAY.

    So while mom & dad will be working the state will be indoctrinating and raising their child!

    This former teacher goes on to claim that the initial program of free school breakfast was intended for POOR kids at school now it has spread nation wide it incorporates breakfast & lunch and it includes everybody.
    Why this expansion of the free food program ???


    • Fr. John,

      That’s a great article. I knew that the two atomic bombs the USA dropped on Japan were originally intended for Germany, but German surrendered before the weapons were ready.

      Effing jews. Every. Single. Time.

  3. In Pennsylvania, Jews have taken over the Executive branch. Governor Wolf is Jewish. Lt. Governor Fetterman is Jewish. AG Josh Shapiro is Jewish.

    The state liquor stores used to be closed on Sunday. Guess what happened when Jews took over? Go figure.

    I’m sure Evan McLaren knows a lot more about how they’ve subverted PA.

    One other example: Jewish governor Wolf ordered all counties to change their voting system because he claimed Russians hacked the PA voting syatem.

    No, Russians didn’t hack the PA voting system. Pennsylvanians decided to elect Trump and won even with the massive Democrat voter fraud from big liberal city Illadelphia.

    But, Jews can’t accept the gentile peasants going against their narrative. Which is why our country has had to endure their mass psychotic TDS breakdown for the last three years.

    Deep Equity is just one example of Jewish revenge against White America for electing Trump. There are countless examples.

    In PA, you now fill out a paper ballot in front of everyone in a room and hand it to a poll worker who looks at who you voted for. Jews like Gov. Wolf hopes this dissuades Trump voters from showing up. Last week also saw election day chaos with people going home and not voting. Liberal PA Jews are doing everything they can to ensure that Trump doesn’t win PA again.

    Whether you support Trump or not we should all stand against this subversive Jewish criminality.

    It’s time to permanently end Jewish Supremacist rule over America.

    • Apparently there were loads of “issues” with the ballots. I’ll be2t most Pennsys have no idea about the kosher nature of the Executive Branch.

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