Polish Nationalists Celebrate Polish Independence Day

Based Poles banned Richard Spencer from Poland. They banned Jared Taylor from Poland and the Eurozone. Aside from that, ordinary Poles turned out in force to celebrate Polish Independence Day with a lot of good healthy nationalist themes and a Poland First message.

New York Times:

“WARSAW — Tens of thousands of Poles took part in a far-right march in the capital Warsaw on Monday to mark Polish independence, an annual event that has become a focus of friction between nationalists and liberals.

Some chanted “God, honor, homeland!” and “No to the European Union!” and waved red-and-white Polish flags. Others lit red flares, blanketing sections of the parade with smoke.

“We have to return to our roots. Our world has abandoned God and Christianity,” Robert Bakiewicz, head of a group organizing the march, told participants in central Warsaw. “We will die as the nations of western Europe are dying.”

A small group of hardline Italian far-right group Forza Nuova members also took part, waving flags. …”

As we saw last month, the Law and Justice Party recently increased its parliamentary majority. Liberal democracy was on the ballot and lost.


“Tens of thousands of Polish nationalists took to the streets of Warsaw for an annual far-right march commemorating the country’s independence, with many displaying white power symbols and waving red flares and tiki torches.

Marchers carried Polish flags and chanted “No to the European Union” and “God, honor, homeland!” among other ultra-nationalist slogans. Black-hooded demonstrators held up banners calling for a “Polish Intifada” and denouncing zionism. …

Participants, gathered in central Warsaw, were warned by organizer Robert Bakiewicz that the world has “abandoned God and Christianity” and Poland will die “as the nations of western Europe are dying,” Reuters reported.  …

Anti-immigration was another major theme of the event, with Ziemowit Przebitkowski of the ultra-nationalist All-Polish Youth group telling Poles that it was important to foster “national morals” and stop mass immigration. …”

Nationalism is rising in Europe.

We’ve covered the annual Polish Independence Day march for the past two years. From Warsaw to Thuringia to Umbria to Andalusia to Groypers booing Charlie Cuck off stage in Los Angeles, the tide of nationalism is rising against liberalism.

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  1. NOW is NOT the time to back down from infiltrating and packing the auditoriums where faggot Charlie Kirk, and sissypants one-eye “I’m a vet-run!” are pontificating. MORE HEAT. MORE VOICE. MORE STRUGGLE, until they are run out of town

    DEATH to the Jew World Order!!

  2. “Neonazis verbrennen auf dem Unabhängigkeitsmarsch in #Warschau eine #LGBT- und eine Europa-Fahne. #MarszNiepodleg?o?ci”

    LoL! The Jews are upest that that Poles burned an EU and a Fag Flag.

    I wish we could get this uppity here. We need a repeat of the Confederate Summer of 2015, complete with red torchlight parades at night.

    The Left talk about Red and Blue, because on maps of the WSI, Confederate forces are rendered in Red, and Union forces in Blue.
    Thus connecting true Conservatism with Dixie and the CSA, and Leftism with the Deep North. Which would also give meaning to red torches, and a symbolic connection to Wade Hampton.

    We could wear red button up western shirts, and the ladies wear red ribbons. Or red cotton T-shirts. Call it “Red State” or “Red Shirt Rebellion.”

  3. It is all coming to a head.

    The crossroads that we are soon to face between the Rising momentum in the minds of the majority in European/American conciousness and the obstruction/resistance, refusal by the established system of post modern European/Western governments/elites, will be a clash to remember.

    We soon coming to a point of parity where the power of the rising American/European/White men will EQUAL/MIRROR the ferocity of the establishment.

    When we do reach – and WE WILL – that point then all bets are off !

    (here is one of the sparks that will start everything)
    A Looming “Disaster” for European Muslims?

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