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  1. Mussolini’s fascism It the big businesses deciding “fuck this, monopoly isn’t good enough. We’re going to outright take power and codify it.” It would be like Halliburton not just lobbying the Government but actually getting a seat in the Government.

    Nazism is more just a racialist dictatorship. They’re not the same. But Nazis still aren’t socialists.

    • Ah Mussolini was a former member of the socialists party, but he didn’t become a capitalist. The futurists who were key to Mussolini’s rise were either still socialists or favored socialists over capitalists.

      Mussolini’s famous quote about corporatism is purposely misunderstood. Corporatism in Italy was referring to the city states that existed in Italy before the centralized state in the 1890’s

      Italy was only unified for several decades when Mussolini first took power and many reactionaries wanted to go back to city states.

      Seeing how a world war just happened Mussolini knew decentralizing Italy would be a disaster and would immediately get put under the thumb of the French, English or Russian control.

      His quote was saying the corporate (city states) and the state are one body, different parts but all working together.

      He was reassuring right wing reactionaries he would not destroy local customs and regional cultures.

      He wasn’t talking about business corporations, and even in English we still refer to cities as corporations when a small town is either “incorporated” recognized city by the state with a local government or “unincorporated” which is a small community that’s either too small or too new to have been incorporated yet. They have to rely on first responders from other towns, they can not have a government and they can’t raise taxes.

      Literally nothing to do with your example. He did, in my opinion, go too soft on capitalists when he first took power. However it was tough, the church was against him and in favor of Jewish big banks and goy big business.

      He basically made peace with captains of industry who were on board with his agenda but he greatly expanded unions. The Duce came up in the labor movement and his black shirts mostly union workers, and many of the early party were union organizers. Mussolini nationalized many private businesses.

      Hitler was even more socialistic than Mussolini. He nationalized a LOT and fast. They banned factory farms. They banned animal experiments. They banned all pesticides, the state had huge oversight in agriculture. They had some nationalized farms as well as private farms. The Nazis moved more swiftly on environmentalism than on the Jews.

      Environmentalism was even trickery than the JQ because he was going to be forcing a lot of germans to change their practices, and causing a lot internal friction but Hitler was horrified by capitalists exploitation of the land. All of the big and bold environmental laws were passed his first years in office, 33, 35 etc. Hitler said he had preferred green, black and white for the colors but red was better for marketing. To call Hitler simply a racial dictator is historical illiterate. The Nazis environmentalism (no, it wasn’t conservationism. They were looking into renewable energies) was very important to them and is often played down by both American “Nazis, natsocs or third posistionists” and the establishment. The establishment obviously doesn’t want to humanize Hitler in anyway and show him as a deep and dynamic leader that he was. The establishment also has a vested interest in keeping racial politics partisan.

      Hitler bucked powerful Germans to get his environmental agenda through. Retarded american “natsocs” or “third posistionists” (looking at you Eric Faker, Abba(h) and Mike footnotes Enoch) have had their soul destroyed from
      American Protestantism that gives spiritual & moral freedom to use and abuse our beautiful planet. TRS, DS, Nick Fuentes and the irony bro’s are all terrible on the environment. I get DS, Fuentes and irony bro’s, they’re all GOP Sheldon aldeson and Koch shills. Besides wanting to be edgy and being gay ass WASPs I can’t understand why TRS would take such a terrible position on our planet. Ironically Enoch hates upper class Anglo’s but denying your environmental footprint is as bougie & Anglo as you can get. They’ve been trying to avoid responsibility for environmental damage for centuries.

      Hitler has a quote attributed to him saying I wish we didnt take the name socialists. While it is true Hitler at the time saw communists as a bigger threat than liberal capitalists. So its hard to know exactly what he was trying to express. Was he saying it purely for propaganda to keep Germans cold toward Russians? This quote I believe was before the war, maybe he was saying it to dispell doubts the British had. Hitler wasn’t an imperialists and wasn’t going to stop England from engaging in colonial capitalism, a position he later reversed.

      Once the war had started he was still more optimistic on England than Russia but saw more of a problem in British society than he saw before, both for anti-imperialist reasons and geopolitical. Hitler started pumping out on the radio a massive amount of anti-imperialists content all over Africa and the middle East.

      Both Hitler and Mussolini saw communism as a bigger threat, they saw capitalists as too lazy and limp to challenge them, they both were afraid of a revolution in their own countries from a Soviet inspired and funded socialists take over.

      Mussolini was a former socialists and would’ve persude his revolution with them, but left because of the cultural destruction done by communist intersocs (international socialists).

      While they don’t meet the textbook of definition of socialists, neither does any socialist countries. Same with capitalists countries. Unless you have world domination your system will always be a mixed economy.

      A communist country needs to trade with capitalist country’s and have away to take foreign investments.

      Every capitalist country interferes in the markets to a varying degree. Post offices, fireman, police, army, judicial system, land management, etc etc

      How many regulations do you have to have before you can effectively say this company is ran by the government. How much trading from a capitalists country before it’s no longer socialist?

      Both 19th century definitions are outdated. For me I judge if a country is socialists or capitalist if money runs society. Is wealth sovereign? Or is the state?

      You can have authoritarian capitalism like Chile under Pinochet which is cut and dry capitalism. Even though he had an attitude of a cartoon dictator who would kill people for extremely petty/egotistical reasons. Ultimately capital was still sovereign, he didn’t control the banks, he didn’t control anything other than the military. Besides death there was no way to control capital. If a rich guy wanted to buy up a third of Chile’s infrastructure they could.

      Nationalizing your bank is an extremely important distinction between socialists mixed economys and capitalist mixed economy.

      After losing our identity I see a need for much more materialism in the short run. Socialism is a needed stepping stone for us. Intersoc is doomed to fail, while I give materialism (which is not the same as consumerism) more credit than other people on the “right,” I’m fully aware materialism completely breaks down when it comes to the need for families. Or multi Continents of people all dropping their culture in some sort of global truce simply isn’t happening. People need communities and tribes. Even if you take them away new ones will form.

      Because of this I do not see intersocs ever winning out long-term. I do see whites taking the collectivist roles of socialism much more seriously than others. Socialism doesn’t do welfare, you are required to work and the value your labor produces goes to you either directly via profit sharing or the state will give you a check for the value of your labor.

      The theory is others can’t profit from your labor. Well in a mixed race intersoc society non-whites will be profiting from white labor. Even though technically welfare is apart of capitalism and not socialism. We will undoubtedly still be forced to pay for welfare as a sizeable amount of them just won’t work.

      Whites seeing themselves as apart of even a multiracial collective, that has the right to assert their interests would be extremely positive. Part of the problem is that whites don’t see themselves as even having a right to their own labor (neighborhood, state or nation). If you don’t think you have a right to tell others how you want the neighborhood to be you’ll never get around to asking why are blacks living on your block.

      Why would you say anything if your company hires a non-white? if you know you have no power in the relationship. It feels foolish and stupid, you have no say over your own labor, let alone anybody else’s.
      Anything you say will be a meaningless opinion, or worse an opinion that can actually hurt you.

      Woke capitalists have done studies that co-op and profit sharing aka socialism in a market economy. Increases workplace discrimination. (they’re probably exaggerating because of their anti profit sharing agenda, but from my personal experience I believe it. Also no one has come out with counter studies)

      That is also very interesting because any co-op or company that profit shares will be mostly leftists. In many co-ops the workers have a say over how many new employees the store can hire, and while they generally don’t do group interviews the employees can vote to fire their co-workers… and would you want to guess who they’re voting to fire??? Obviously POC

      We are too atomized, to go from globo homo capitalism to fascism or third posistionism. In the 20th century people had an identity, you could say you’re a German, an Italian, a French men and everyone knew what you meant by that. Now say you’re an American? Are from the Mayflower? Are you white? Are you an immigrant? Are you an indigenous ameri-indian? Are you Germanic farmer? Are you a professional black athlete? Are you a Jew on wall street?

      No one could tell you and you can’t get people on agree what america is about? Shopping mall? Nation of conquers? Nation of immigrants?

      Because no one knows we can not fall back on nostalgia/identity like every other collectivists right wing party has. Obviously there’ll be *some* nostalgia but not enough to hold together millions of people, on identity & nostalgia alone. Neither will merely hate for the other or lofty rhetoric about Mars or recreating Rome.

      religions can not exist without access to state power. If you’re a church/religion/spirituality can not access state power eg Jerry fallwell or Pat Robinson can get trump or trump jr on the phone fairly easily. If you can’t, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or a pagan, you’re in a cult. Yes there’s degrees to how removed from power you are but based Christian’s are effectively a cult. When will they take away the tax exempt status from churches who are opposed to gay marriage??? Who knows, sooner than later, but the fact that’s even being talked about publicly shows how far removed from power they are. A based Christian Church in 2019 is no different than asatru, neither are accepted or recognize as legitimate.

      We need to go through a material struggle again before we’ll see each other as brothers. Ironically collective material struggles are needed for new spiritual/religious creation/new birth.

      Humans can’t fully rationalize collective action. Most of this stemming from not being able to see the future and making yourself vulnerable in front of a community of people. You feel scared and insecure but weirdly comforted from being connected to a community’s oneness. Everyone else is feeling the same thing and when you achieve victory you feel everyone with sharing in this moment of your people’s collective will.

      While their may be materialists explanations which are interesting but a long sustained act of collective solidarity inevitable leads towards some form of spiritualism that we can’t tap into as atomizer individuals.

      All of that to say socialism is a necessary first step, and in the short run we need to focus on materialism.

      *Materialism as Marx used it is basically empiricism for power dynamics. What are the material conditions creating behaviors, actions and thought. eg a materialist explanation of physical punishment for children, when children could die from common illnesses, infections and animals parents didn’t care what trama was induced by his beating. The health risks was vast and great, it didn’t matter if the child understood. It was more important the child understood why you can’t run out of the log cabin after dark. Now that we have modern medicine beating your child because he went after dark seems like absolute overkill. Maybe at most you could argue giving him a smack would be appropriate but the material reality giving as a justification for beating your kid is disproportional. So what seemed like tough love now seems like a sadistic man flying off the handle. This is not the Jews fault, however they did notice this change taking place with the industrial revolution and exploited this mismatch of morals and reality to push their agenda.

      The answer isn’t wow we should kill all the Jews and stick our heads in the sand repeating yesterday’s mistakes. The answer is to create a moral paradigm that is able to be flexible enough to change with material conditions, while staying strong on what we value.

      Going back to our previous example, the overarching moral we want from punitive 19th century familia beatings was male head of the household being the leader and enforcer of justice. What does that look like in the 21st century is tough to say. A boy leaving his house without his parents permission is less about his physical safety than his disobedience of his fathers authority. I don’t have a hard answer for the specific example but almost everyone would understand a 10 year old kid running into the backyard after he was told to go to bed is bad and wrong but no one would would fear for his life or think he deserves to be badly beaten for his own good.

      We need materialism now more than ever. Sorry, not sorry

      Nat Soc and fascism are two belief systems people say they believe in when really they’d be happier under a Pinochet authoritarian capitalism.

      Especially natsoc, they believed in rehabilitative justice. Unlike the Anglos the Nazis were goal instead of morals oriented. They would go out of there way to uplift people and build them into a better place and a better earth.

      Natsocs in America only has three problems solving abilities,

      1) punishing, maybe if I tramatized you some more you’ll stop doing drugs Also hilarious because there’s not a single natsoc in America that has the authority to punish anyone, but that’s there go to

      2) yelling and bullying. Yelling when you have no power is punk shit, acting tough is for herbs. You demonstrate power, you can’t slam your head into it. Bullying is always weak, nobody respects it and a bullied group or population is extremely easy to exploit, not smart!

      3) ignoring reality/peoples concerns (not about drama but their material reality) American natsocs will misinterpret Americans current confusion and need for direction as a call to an absolutist dictator. When really there’s a sliding scale on authoritarianism and Americans do desire more, but American natsocs are like the guy who guys on the date with a girl who’s been giving him ooglly eyes and so he whips his dick out 2 mins after picking her up, and then when she gets creeped out saying I know you want it! Just totally clueless, and kinda retarded

    • National Socialism isn’t like Democratic Socialism, bub. It guarantees that every citizen’s basic needs are met but does not advocate the creation of a conventional bureaucratic welfare state. Every citizen is expected to work, not lounge about collecting unemployment checks.
      He must contribute everything he can towards the advancement of his Nation, his People and his Race.

      • Yeah, when did I say natsocs don’t value work over welfare?

        I was speaking of rehabilitative justice over punitive justice. Now it’s not the same as what people mean today by rehabilitative Justice and it looked different but compared to Anglos who were still using medieval dungeons as prisons at the time the Germans were very progressive. Rehabilitative justice works and creates a healthier society.

        Sweden in the 70’s was a natsoc government. Back then they had closed borders, really only open to other artic countries.

        At that time swedes had extremely low recidivism rate and England was experiencing a crime wave that eventually ended with a prison riot.

        In the 70’s England had more immigration than Sweden but still very small population and English prisons were 90+% white.

        Punitive justice is grug af and doesn’t really work. Punitive punishment works better on political dissidents than criminals because political dissidents ARE NOT criminals.

        Whether the criminal has emotional issues that prevents him getting a job or is a peanut brain, it don’t matter. He’s already written off jobs as a possiblity and is doing whatever little crimes he do.

        As opposed to a political dissident who doesn’t have a hang up about working a job and literally the only thing he needs to do to make his life better is stop their political activities. This is totally different from petty criminals.

        This also mostly only applies to whites. Obviously Muslims are making a mockery of Sweden’s rehabilitative justice. As they’re not trying/capable of changing and all it is, is a shorter jail sentence.

        As for welfare, sure Germany encouraged work over welfare but Germany didn’t reach 100% employment until the 40’s, still extremely rapid growth coming from weirmar to 100% employment that quickly. But yes, there was welfare in Nazi Germany. Even into the 40’s their 100% employment which is better than we ever had still had some people under employed, working part-time. They got welfare. Some people were counted as employed because they were the son of a farmer and whether or not the son did work on the farm the german government counted them as employed, even tho a decent amount of their sons weren’t on the farm and were in berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. Some of the farmer kids weren’t actually needed on the farm if it was a small farm.

        Artists were given grants to live on that was basically welfare. Nazis valued their artists and artist could make as much artwork as they needed. This also wasn’t only for famous national artists. I forget how one qualified but the German state funded A LOT of artists. While there may have been some cynicism because when a society loses its vitality and becomes uninspiring for artist, artist in their country they start looking else where for inspiration and art has always been important to social mode. Although the cynical reasons may have played apart. Hitler being an artists loved sponsoring artist.

        One of the biggest misconceptions that Hollywood and Americans “natsocs” play up is the notion that nazi Germany was a completely Marshalled society. To Hollywood and Hollywood Nazis EVERYONE was in the military and when they walked to the grocery store they joined the random battalion marching by and they just slid into line with their uniform on, goose-stepped three blocks down went grocery shopping and then joined another battalion and goose-stepped back.

        If that’s your vision of national socialism it wasn’t Hitler’s. Which is why I don’t identify with natsoc anymore because weirdos like you want it to be like inglorious bastards only the nazis win

        Nazi Germany civilian life was just that civilian. Sure the civilians did workouts and yes keeping your population fit would make it easier for those in civilian life to slide into military service but again it’s Hollywood taking a Cornel of truth and making it something ugly. The civilians exercises were not military drills, they were to help keep people fit and build communities.

        I don’t know why you don’t want to help white people? Or why the only solution your grug brain can think of to help people is some form of punishment.

        I’m not giving up on white people but I’m giving up on the alt-dissident-Paleo-natsoc-groyper rape- right

        People like you are so confused and backwards it would take a book to explain, but let me make this quick and easy.


        E MICHAEL JONES is antithetical to national socialism, which was a leftists by Anglo/American standards.

        None of the leaders thought Germans could moralize their way into prosperity. Hitler’s answer to Weimar WAS NOT TO SHAME HIS COUNTRY MEN FOR BEING DEGENERATES. HE BOSSED UP AND CRUSHED THE PROPAGATERS OF DEGENERACY AND KINDS AMD COMPASSION TO HIS COUNTRY MEN.


        and tbh idgaf

        HW and I have radically different visions of how to improve whites. Hunter claims his southern identity and many other Southerners is intact which means at starting with a leg up. I’ve never meet Hunter and have no reason to call him a liar however he lays it all out and is a very gifted writer. But he doesn’t try to be what he isn’t and that’s a big reason I respect him. Also LOS was the only pro-white group that was respectable AND ACTUALLY DOES THINGS TO HELP WHITE PEOPLE. Like after the hurricanes hit, that’s huge. It builds real legitimacy with your community.

        If you want to be a racist conservative, that’s fine. I won’t ever try to get close to fools like you but show support from the distance.

        I don’t care about judging whites in a fallen state, unless they’re close me and I need to put trust in them. I’m not here to call people degenerates, coal burners, thots, bugman, soyboys… (Ok on occasion) but all of that is self indulgence counter productive behavior. Am I supposed to care someone believed the lies they were told by authority figures their entire life???

        The amount of our people who are unsalvageable is so much smaller than you think.

        We don’t have legalized child prostitution and beastiality brothels (yet) and Germans wouldn’t tolerate a nation divided. The men of strength not only forced German to be free again but they shouldered a lot of bullshit weaker men would say “this guy he’s a degenerate” “there’s nothing we can do with him”

        I’m sorry but scolding people on social media for naughty behavior is like trying to fill a pasta strainer.

        There are people in the degenerate lifestyle and low-key hate it, but because they’re very social people and the only way they can see getting acceptance from people is degenerate posturing.

        People who are doing that are looking for people to be nice them. And you can be an edgy guy and say “oh they just want upcummies” yes most people want not confrontational validation. Whether that’s on social media or IRL and arguing or getting mad about it like yelling at the sun going down. It’s nature and reality

  2. If you want to understand Fascism then understand it is NOT the merging of big business and government. It is a corporate state but that does not translate into the American meaning of corporations as in Exxon or Wal Mart. By corporation that means a government based on a responsibility towards the responsible and vice-versa just like some people have more votes in a corporation that others depending upon the number of shares they had. Now carry that idea into government. If you want to examine true Fascism look to the Social Republic Mussolini set in Northern Italy which was pure Fascism because the version in Italy prior to the Social Republic was not due to the fact the King could remove Mussolini at any time. Read the Constitution of the Social Republic and notice the limitations on big business and the support for worker or employee owned cooperatives!

    • I get it…agreed. But even the best ideas dependent on a losing military power don’t amount to a hill of beans.

  3. Fascism is dead. Time to move on.
    We need something modern to deal with 21th century problems.
    Dozens of millions of Moslems already inside Europe, environment degradation, overpopulation
    We are already facing a negro apocalypse in Africa In 2100 they will be 4 billion, they will eat everything in the planet, including us.

    • We need to quit allowing shitskins into our countries, work on removing or sterilizing the ones who are already here, and remove all forms of government and (((NGO)))assistance to said groups. That’s a real solution to the current problem we face. Anything short of that is just delaying the inevitable.

      • Meanwhile Bill Gates launched the “Chicken Plan” to Africa a couple of years ago.
        His first donation was 100.000 chickens to Africa.
        Cultures that produce such idiots also must be, somehow, genetically re-engineered.
        For what I’m working for if such autistic cretins exist to ruin everything.

      • lol what we need to do is the same thing people said we needed to do 50 years ago….


        Whites are in fact facing legit hardships right now. Simply yelling about n!qqers on the internet is not just not inspiring, it is harmful self indulgence. Everyone who sees that shakes their head like this guy says he’s on my team.

      • This comment is unworthy of your formidable creative and intellectual abilities, comrade. Besides, niggers always eat each other whenever they run out of the food that was donated to them by white humans.

    • Exactly.

      I have ZERO patience for pro-lifers. Over half of the country wants to control third world population but because they use the langue of choice, women empowerment and other gay shit, we reject it! And vote for Republicans who strip birth control and abortion money out of foreign aid.

      The Democrats let it happened because that’s a win-win-win they get good press to their base supplying Africans with birth control. They get a win by it getting stripped out, that’s more people who our government will give grants to NGO’s for their donor freinds or family. Also some of those Africans might be coming here!

      And it’s a win because they can run against Republicans who for some reason think it’s a good idea if Nigerians have 8 kids.

      The only people who love losing with their principles more than conservatives is the alt right.

      Alt-Right Senior Center aka make shift fema trailer prison:

      Sure we had an option on the table to curve African growth but that Democrats girl grad student voice drove me crazy! Fucking up talk! She tried to give the shot and free abortions for the 5th time and kavanaugh block her?!?

      Oh man! Hoes mad!
      All the thots tears on Twitter lmao that was the white race best day.

      I still can’t believe those cucks didn’t shoot the refugee boats. What a bunch of pussies. Not me I voted against giving free abortions/birth control to Africa because that’s murder!

      Look I fantasize about shooting malnutritioned tramatized African adults in rafts.


      You have let them live a full life of misery until they can’t take it anymore and try to move halfway across the world. THEN you shoot them for violating the NAP. Until then I’m making a song called n_____r killer, it’s a robot voice just saying ” kill n_____s ” over and over again. Damn, not only am I a righteous crusader n_____r killer. I’m also really funny,,, the left can’t meme. You remember that one?!

    • This is where you’re wrong, bucko.

      I believe we are re-cycling through the 20th century dialectic. Liberalism -> socialism -> fascism.

      No, it doesn’t look the same and it might have the same ending (a victory for liberal democracy i.e. neoliberalism) but that doesn’t mean the problems inherit to liberalism are being solved. At all. We are having the same issues with liberalism as people did during industrialization.

      Socialism is a necessary prerequisite before we can obtain fascism.

      Socialism will destroy individualism, and socialism will be destroyed by tribal interests (not just Jews).

      America is doomed. But who really cares at this point besides conservatives?

  4. Natural selection will produce a stratification of its own there’s no need to do anything. All you White Nationalists are idiots wasting your time. Besides not all minorities are “Bad” and not all “Whites” are good either. This is why I’m an individualist.

  5. With respect, this article doesn’t include the idea that Jews, acting together against everyone else, formented both WW1 and WW2, and unfortunately won. With Mussolini, then Hitler, being part of the Jewish misinformational push. There’s not much chance of understading ‘fascism’ without seeing who funded and promoted it. (Ditto of course with ‘Communism’_.
    Here’s my admittedly highly incomplete look:

  6. Here is how I define the difference between Fascism and National Socialism – The former believes that the People must work for the glorification of the State; The latter believes the State must work for the glorification of the People.

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