Charlie Kirk Was Humbled By Groypers Tonight At The University of Florida

UPDATE: I think “humbled” is the best word to describe what happened to Charlie Kirk tonight at the University of Florida. Cuck made the strategic decision to give the Groypers their own Q&A line, answered a lot of questions and backtracked on a lot of controversial positions. He bent on immigration restriction, but he didn’t break on White identitarianism.

There was a Based Jew Groyper (don’t ask life is full of surprises lol) who snuck up on Charlie and asked him a devastating question about Christianity:

The Mossad Agent who stalks Nick Fuentes fans at all of these events approached the Based Jew Groyper at one point tonight:

There was one guy who asked a question about Blompf being owned by Jewish donors who Nick Fuentes called a cringenat because he lost the room. I’m told he seemed nervous when asking the question. I haven’t seen a cut of the clip yet though.

Here is the full event:

UPDATE: While we are waiting on Charlie Cuck at UF, Conservatism, Inc. is hauling out its big guns at Washington Examiner like Brad Polumbo. These people suck and no one understands why they are supposed to represented by homosexuals. Actually, it would be more accurate to say we do but the average conservative doesn’t understand what is going on.

Charlie Kirk is bringing his Culture War tour to the South.

Kirk will be in Gainesville tonight at the University of Florida at 7:00 PM ET. This highly anticipated event will be held at the University Auditorium which I believe is the same building that hosted Richard Spencer’s college campus tour back in October 2017. I’m confident that Charlie Cuck will receive a warm reception in the Swamp.

If you plan on going to this event, you can get tickets on Eventbrite. I’m not going to be there, but I will be monitoring the situation and doubtlessly laughing as the Groypers show up to ask their questions. How many Groypers with questions are there in Florida and Georgia? There were so many Groypers in Los Angeles that Charlie Kirk was booed off the stage this weekend and it became national news. North Florida is probably friendlier territory.

Here is what I personally recommend:

  • You want to come across as completely normal and not as some kind of autistic internet weirdo. Dress like you want to be taken seriously. Blend in with the crowd. The single most important thing you can do is not become a distraction.
  • If there is a Q&A session, let the Groypers ask the prepared questions and just watch. If it is a funny question, applaud like everyone else in the crowd.
  • If there isn’t a Q&A session and the crowd starts booing Charlie Cuck or chanting Q&A, join in with the boos and chants to make them as deafening as possible.
  • If there is a Gator chomp, that would be a nice touch!

The narrative we want is that Cuck and the Center Right were humiliated once again and that their stale donor class message was rejected by the populist grassroots.

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  1. Its amazing to me that anyone thinks showing up at these events makes any impact or does anything positive for our people.
    Truly astonishing that anyone could think this..

    • So we’re supposed to meekly sit down, shut up, and let their narrative go unchallenged, instead of trying to unmask and discredit these wretches in front of the normie audience, making them show their true colors so that some more fruitful political movement can emerge?

      Or maybe you’re a wignat who thinks that goose-stepping around with a pack of black-clad fatbeards in plastic stahlhelms and confederate uniforms does something?

      Or just do absolutely nothing, lie still, and think of the Empire?

        • HW;

          You’re missing the most important question that has not been asked so I will ask it: What is wrong with this cuck’s head? It looks to be about three sizes too big for him.

          Is it a birth defect? Did his mother drop him when he was a baby? Is there some drug or maybe an operation he can get that will fix it? Perhaps gene therapy or exercises will help, I don’t know but he needs to do something to get his head in shape before he goes out in public again, he is a mess.

          Maybe he is so stuffed full of shit it caused his head to grow the way it did, I don’t know. Just trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

        • So now you’re in favor of cuckservatism inc. and DON’T want it brought down?

          Your position is confused to say the least.

          • Sure.

            You people say you’re against the cuckservatives and the repukes.

            Now, the groyper thing is working to discredit both of these groups with their normie-but-right-leaning-and/or-Christian supporters, and you say that doing this has no use.

            So which is it?

            You’re against the cucks and repukes, in which case the groyper stuff is a major positive for what you want to happen?

            Or you think that the groyper stuff is a major negative, in which case you must be in favor of the cucks and repukes going unchallenged?

        • It’s safe to say it’s just a Fed … and just doing what it’s paid 30 silver shekels to do … shit-posting, They teach a class on it at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, along with “How to Entrap Incels with Fake GFs on Facebook”, Basic and Advanced.

      • i suggest building your body, your mind, strengthening your family , your survival skills and building up your immediate community and not partaking in the rigged system.
        You people are all delusional on this site if you think voting matters or if you think “shutting down” people like CK matters.
        ZOG just finds another idiot to replace them.
        Both sides of the political spectrum are rotten to the core and are the enemy.
        I guess if this is some sort of strategy to further push succession movements , then i would say sure.
        But most people are too busy working and with life to waste their time even reading about this pointless Q&A.
        I see many on this site still have faith in the anitwhite system.
        I guess i am just too black pilled to think any of what was said or retweeted on this subject matters.
        I get attacked nonstop on this site for my opinions…
        Makes no difference to me…i thought we weren’t niggers but i see a lot of comments on here about how Irish, Italians and other whites aren’t really whites because someone doesn’t like a ZOG stooge with the same nationality.
        Seems pretty kosher to me.
        In the end, i respect anyone’s opinion and we are all on the same side here.
        I don’t find much in the way of politics to be interesting anymore…i guess if you consider stuff like this “edgy” it may seem interesting.
        And what exactly has these Q&A sessions accomplished?
        That is a serious Q.

        • Irate – the Q&A sessions are attracting a LOT of attention. The Q&A are just…..bubbling ….up, on the TalmudVision – the sole Artbiter of Everything to most older Normies – and it’s all over the Twittersphere/ What will it accomplish in the short term? Dunno.

          Benny Shapiro changed his ENTIRE speech, at his last venue, to Address the Situation. He never mentioned the Groypers or Fuentes by name – but he was kvelling about THEM. . This makes it absolutely starkly clear that ZOG understands that Future Generations don’t give a FLYING FUCK about pandering to them, or worshipping the Holy Hoax. The time us up, for that. No matter what side of the political spectrum the kids reside in.

          What that means I cannot say.

  2. West coast boys have brought the best game so far. If anybody can beat em it’s the south.

    If you don’t have the numbers/room is too big DO NOT YELL. If you’re 5/100 you’ll look weak yelling, you want your voices to fill the room if you go the chanting route. The last thing you want is to be yelling but the room is so big that you sound like someone yelling from the hallway. If you’re around 10 deep and it’s more like a 50 person room you can CRUSH him and completely humiliate him.



    implying he’s as bad as CNN is brutal. Might be considered too mean depending on the crowd feel it out and end with a chorus of CHARLIE KIRK SUCKS

    is really good, mass deportations are still extremely popular and an area trump has really abandoned. Harvard Harris poll found almost 2/3 of americans WANT mass deportations. If for whatever reason chanting won’t work in the venue but can ask him a question ask him aggressively

    “so we have 2.5 million illegal aliens with their final orders of deportations, most of these people have had their deportation orders sense the Obama administration, they gotta be some pretty bad dudes for Obama to deport them. Why should I continue to support a president who can’t even deport the illegals that have been ordered out under the obama administration?”

  3. “There were so many Groypers in Los Angeles that Charlie Kirk was booed off the stage this weekend and it became national news. North Florida is probably friendlier territory.”

    Let’s unpack that statement. Why would liberal LA be less friendly to cuckservatism than North Florida? The South is still suffering from a residual support for cuckservatism. White Southerners on some level view cuckservatism as a proxy ethnic strategy for themselves, a kind of Stockholm syndrome style, help the hostage taker in hope you will be spared mentality. That’s what’s behind Southern Zionism, SEC teams starting zero whites etc. White conservatives outside of the South are less afflicted with this, so they have less instinct to go easy on the cucks.

      • Xtianity is jewish mind poison.
        Patholigical altruism has not only fueled cuckservatism and civnat ideology that is majorly flawed but its the driving force behind this idea that the west has some sort of magic soil that dindus , mestizos and mohammedans can magically become “just like whites” when they touchdown.
        The truth is that we have pathological altruism to thank for our meek and pacified race of cucks and druggies that outnumber those of us who are willing to fight and preserve our people and heritage.
        Not to mention that all Abrahamic religions are eclectic beliefs that all stem from vedism…after all, the juden are Asians genetically speaking, right?
        But you already knew that.

  4. I watched the stream. The questions were great, but holy crap is Nick Fuentes ever a moron. First he plays rap “music” by the race mixing low IQ ape Kanye West, then calls out someone who asked about Israel and Jewish power “cringe” and a “plant”. Nick is gutless, just like the rest of them, and he is not white. Hopefully the groypers continue what they’re doing, but stop listening to the castizo.

    • Every single question should be about the influence of America Last big donors such as Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer, and the disconnect between what Trump promised in 2015-2016 and what he’s actually done.

      If such questions are “cringe”, so be it.

      Everyone has weak moments – I like this scrappy little Spaniard, stands strong on Christianity, refreshing change from Spencer, Milo, Trump.

    • It has been amusing to watch Fuentes’s groypers embarrass cuckservative, inc and grifter chuck the cuck, but Nick’s head has gotten so big from this trolling of tpusa that it could be a float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

      Fuentes is giddy with ZogBux flowing in via “superchats” and merchandise, but his OpSec { operational security} is pathetic. Nick gives tpusa/cuckservative, inc. his whole plan of attack, and tonight disclosed the first name of one of the guy who was secretly filming the event in Jacksonville. JF was just as bad about where the groyper was covertly streaming from. Do these two goofs believe that their shows are only being watched by ‘friendlies?’ Obviously, neither one of them ever heard the old saying, “Loose lips sink ships.”

      Sure, even if tpusa is dissolved and chuck the cuck gets his ‘walking papers,’ (((conservative, inc))) isn’t going to take its dreidel and go home. They’re going to regroup and launch tpusa 2.0 in 2020.

      After tpusa’s last event at North Carolina State University tonight, the sand will runout on Fuentes and his groypers fifteen minutes of fame.

    • Fuentes is, what? 21 years old? He’s yet to learn a LOT of realities. This is all playground ‘make fun of the retard bully’ stuff to him. Neither the Kikes, nor the Nig-nogs, their cultural (cough) their Music (cough, cough) or their presence (a-hem!) are wanted, needed, or desired in the only real America – WHITE, CHRISTIAN America.

      I mean, if Fuentes is RC (and I believe he is) he knows nothing BUT the Vatican Ewww Mess- oops, sorry, ‘Mass’…. and is therefore dying of cultural starvation, and probably graceless sacraments from a faggot Novus Ordo ‘presbyter’ no more efficacious than a UMC Communion service. Give the kid a break, and pray for him……

  5. Now the married to a White ELITE family, Candace Owens, is coming out to attack Michelle Malkin !!

    Same with the so called “impartial” and balanced internet reporter timy pool.
    He is calling N Fuentes a White supremacist.

    Is it not interesting to see these so called Trump supporters come out in UNISON to attack the ‘groyper” America First movement???

    Would I be crazy to believe that these lackeys were put around the American Patriots/Nationalists so they can subdue any real expression of an American Nationalist movement???

  6. The Jew groyper is a plant. He is selling the lie not all Jews are against you. But all Jews reject Christ and his teachings. All Jews. That is what makes them Jews. And they hate you and your Christ and want you both dead and destroyed.

    • You might be 100% right.

      One thing most people in this modern era have not yet figured out about the Jews, is that they follow the same principle as their father, the Devil.

      The ONLY power they have over the White men, is the power the European/Western Men ALLOWS/GIVES them.

      Something that was understood back in the Byzantine Empire and in the old Vatican.

    • Thank, you, Robert. The Jews senses the Shift in the Wind. They always play all sides of any situation. I truly believe the smarter ones understand that they are killing the Golden Goose; nice, generous, tolerant schmuck Whitey. They are flattering and using China now. It’s been obvious that China is the next Host – but the Chinese will feed them to their tigers in their zoos, for the amusement of their tots, should the Tribe decide to pull the same garbage that’ve pulled on Whitey FOR TWO THOUSAND YEARS.

  7. I think what Cuckservatives and Republicans should realize is even the most brainwashed Trump supporter understands race. The immigration issue gets people thinking about race. We’re not being invaded by Scottish people…instead it’s Mexicans. Obviously Trump only talks about immigration because the base cares about it. However the Republicans will never do anything about it because the donor class likes working those Mexicans for $2 an hour. The Nationalist community don’t care about what a politician says. We want action. The Republicans and Trump supporters should realize that a tax cut won’t stop the Mexicans from taking over our communities. It stops with hardcore White Nationalists in power. Deo Vindice !

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