America First Action SuperPAC: Trump Raises $4 Million Dollars From Orthodox Jews In New York City


Donald Trump addressed the America First Action SuperPac this afternoon. He raised $4 million dollars from Orthodox Jews at a $10,000 per plate dinner.

Not sure about the rest of you.

I don’t trust any politician who sells out to Jews.

Blompf 2020 is putting Israel First, not America First.

Note: Did you think any of these shekels trickled down to Weev?

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  1. Note to Amnat/Civnat faggots: This is what infiltrating and taking over the GOP actually looks like.

  2. Jews have the money. Bottom line. Apparently out west, Mormons have some bucks too. Yes there are poor Jews or many average wage Jews but when looking to raise cash quick, Jews are a well organized block of cash as the Orthodox ones here. I mean does anyone know what these people do for a living? All store owners and landlords? I am sure many are just that along with some nefarious practices too.

    But hey, Trump is hated in his hometown once he went political so the only time he comes home is to either live large in his literally gold filled pad on Madison Avenue in Manhattan or to raise cash from Jews or the decaying handful of wasps in the city. He also hops out to the money filled Hamptons to raise more money from Jews and wasps with a handful of uber wealthy Irish and Italians.

    It sure is not the New York he grew up in or built an empire in any longer. His name has been stripped from many buildings as well by those ” tolerant” leftist democrats.

    Trump is a weird guy. This is why I consider him a wild card if he wins a second term. No more looking for Jewish cash by then so maybe I am nuts but I can see more of alt right push from him. Either way, blow up the Republican party. The Democrats are blowing up the liberal/moderate party in favor of anti white communism so really Republicans, your conservative Inc is so boring and played out. You will see just how much so when Trump leaves

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