Capitol TV: Drag Superfan AOC Meets Sasha Velour

Good evening, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is Drag Queen Story Time with AOC and Sasha Velour in our Capitol:


“Anyone who knows U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — or at least, any queer AOC supporter — knows that while she may spend her days advocating for the working class and eviscerating Marc Zuckerberg, she spends her nights watching Drag Race. In the past, she’s been a vocal supporter of both Valentina and Nina West, and even appeared in a video message during the Season 11 reunion as the show’s official “queen from Queens.”

But West and Valentina aren’t the only queens AOC stans. On Monday, Ocasio-Cortez attended the Washington, D.C. performance of Sasha Velour’s theater show Smoke & Mirrors and the two had the chance to meet backstage. They shot a quick video together in which the representative gushed about the show, invoking ARTPOP denier Lady Gaga in her effusive review. 

“I thought it was amazing, it was incredible, it was fabulous,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I’m like that Lady Gaga moment where she’s like, ‘stunning, amazing, impeccable, genius.’” A queen who knows her herstory — we will never unstan! …”

We have paid a heavy price on the Dissident Right.

As unabashed cisgendered heterosexual White males who refuse to confront our whiteness and check our privilege, we will never be as mainstream as these people.

Life is good.

All is well in Clown World.

I’m confident the Center Right has the situation under control.

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  1. As I’ve said before we are going to need another Stalin to clean this mess up. They just better hope that it’s not me.

  2. I am telling you the Jews push this freak stuff because the Jew messiah, the Moshiach, the one the Jews rejected Christ for is a transsexual who loves taking it in the behind. Sick, yes. Sad, yes, but true.

  3. So much for Hispanics having natural conservative values and they go to church too and plop out kids!! This communist got in because hordes of brown people voted for her despite an Irish cuck sucking up to non whites. When the district went majority non white, the Irish cuck Crowley had to go. Good riddance to lukewarm cowardly whites.

    Notice this communist bartender says nothing about Islam despite her woke approach? Yes, whites,she hates us so much that she and most non White democrats want to see Islam thrive.

    As Cortez, Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton prove, all you have to be is aggressive with a big mouth to go far in diverse Merica. None of them could prosper without white people to bottom feed off of.

    Yet I have to give credit where credit is due. When Cortez and Bernie pushed a bill to limit credit card companies to charge no more than 15 percent, Republitards right away mumbled about ” muh free market” thus allowing millions of people to receive 25 to 35 percent credit card usury. Gee, Republicans, for a party that mentions the Bible when needed, you sure defend usury which is condemned in that same Bible. Maybe you were sleeping or taking payoffs when that verse is mentioned, eh? Republicans, your slaughter post Trump is coming if immigration is not radically changed. I get the feeling the freaks Cortez is with in the above pics are not Republicans. If anything they are future Democrat senators!

  4. Weimar republic anyone????

    Are we there yet ???

    LIVE: ‘Self-described Yellow Vests supporters march on anniversary of Kristallnacht in Berlin

  5. AOC is all smiles and virtue signals now. But just you wait until some Puerto Rican tranny takes your job.

    Not only that, it will have much better bipartisan cooperation – on account of doing gross stuff with Lindsey Graham.

  6. There is a war on reality: biology, race, intelligence, you name it. The point seems to be to force people to accept anything, no matter how crazy it seems. That way, you’ll think living in a minipod in a concrete tower is better than having your own house, grubs are superior to steak, Congolese and Syrians can become constitutionalists just by stepping on American soil, White skin is intrinsically evil, and all other races have built civilizations equal or superior to ours.

    Evidence and common sense must be crushed by globalist ideology. Our betters have decided that we must be one world, so we White peasants must be brought low in the name of egalitarianism. Whites need to pay for their historical crimes: resource exploitation, colonization, slavery, etc. The Bad Whites must pay, that is. Elite whites are Good Whites who are exempt from the pain inflicted in the past by other elites, I mean, Whites. We’re all responsible, except for the saintly ones virtuous enough to make the rest of us suffer. The chaos and dysfunction they’re bringing about now, well, it’s really our just desserts…that shouldn’t be inflicted on them, of course; they’re making the world aright, after all.

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