Sohrab Ahmari Has Been Posting Cringe

I’m not a Catholic.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to me as a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Southerner aka a Real American who rejects liberalism to observe this fight which is brewing between Sohrab Ahmari and the Nicker Nation over the future of Northern Catholicism.

Very revealing.

Sohrab Ahmari is siding with Michael Edison Hayden of the SPLC in their hit piece today on Stephen Miller and VDARE. He says that VDARE is “loathsome.”

He just wrote a warm tribute to Norm Podhoretz who was one of the Founding Fathers of neoconservatism who he called “a great American.”

Then he attacked the American Founders and Thomas Jefferson in particular. He even has a problem with William Faulkner.

He is defending censorship and “Judeo-Christianity” now:

He is attacking the Nicker Nation here too:

Look at him backing Jewish neocon puppet Marco Rubio who is trying to style himself now as a Trad Cath American Nationalist:

I’m glad that he has done this.

It has erased in one morning any interest whatsoever the Dissident Right had in this guy and has exposed him as just another conservative shill. No one had ever heard of this guy until he attacked David French. We have been attacking David French for years now.

I only want to know one thing.

Are you are for or against the Jews who run America?

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  1. A lot of these “anti-liberals” like Ahmari just want a more openly authoritarian version of what we currently have in the USA. Political correctness delivered openly with hard power rather than soft power.

  2. Thinking that a guy named “Sohrab Ahmari” could, in any way, have the interests of European people & countries in mind is the first mistake…any non European in North America is pretty much a communist, they are the result of communist schemes, their very existence here is communist in nature…most of them don’t even know that subconsciously, and perhaps intuitively, they are here to take what our Forefathers built, they are the battering ram of the Bolshevik jew..and Stephen Miller has done a great job at keeping real nationalists out, a close look at Miller shows that is his plan after all.

    • Its beyond theater with that heeb Stephen Miller, he was trending on twitter the other day cause leaked emails showed he had white nationalist ideals No he obviously doesn’t hes kushners friend the media just trots him out when they want a boogeyman but its funny you have all these jew bluemarks on twitter calling him a nazi, its unbelievable its just too much

  3. Sohrab Ahmari is that Turkish or something?… Oh its Iranian shame most Iranians are pretty based especially the shias but this Sohrab is a massive ziocon fag shill, just looked up his Wikipedia page

    Some interesting informations here his latest book ‘From fire by water’ his conversion to Catholicism is published by Ignatius Press it is a Jesuit Catholic publishing company. Huh really makes you think…

    • Another foreigner that the cuck right loves is duel citizen ” Christian ” Dinesh D’Souza who has no effect on bringing other south Asians like himself to the GOP kibbutz or Christianity. On an aside, I still cannot believe that Ann Coulter burned coal with both D’Souza, and if that was awful enough negro Jimmy J.J. Walker aka “Kid Dyn-O-Mite.”

      Since this Protestants vs Catholics thing shows no signs of going away, I would be remiss, if I didn’t point out the Queen Ann is a Presbyterian.

      But to your main point, none of us should jump on the bandwagon of anyone name Sohrab Ahmari without an intense and through vetting.

      • D’souza is cringe and is a deceptive pos, No not going away at all especially when obvious shills and hacks like Sohrab are promoted by f**king jesuits ffs november don’t be so crass I hate phony prots just as much but the power structure is mostly Catholic that can’t be more obvious which is why I think fuentes is a tard despite having a against the system persona

        I don’t care if queen bitch tits is a prot she might be right on immigration but shes hardly the type to go to church I bet, didn’t even know she dated d’sousa hardly surprising tho I’m actually more disgusted she screwed the street shitter then getting blacked by jimmie walker from good times queen ann is obviously attracted to black guys I saw her twitter feed one day last year and she was displaying all these darkies she was photo’d with

  4. So sick of seeing other Catholics defending these Jews who murdered Our Lord and have destroyed Christendom. Ugh. St John Chrysostom is rolling over in his grave to see Catholics defend these Jews who St Paul called the enemies of all mankind.

  5. I don’t know if this creep is an Ay-rab or a Persian, but like Namrata Randhawa he is a middle eastern gentile who works as a shill for the Zionist mafia.

  6. “Revealed definitively at Sinai”

    About that…

    It turns out that the “Jews” were the exiled Hyksos, and that the Achaemenid Magi rewrote Hyksos religion to separate them culturally from Egypt. The ignorant Macabees enshrined that hoax as holy writ and the rest is history.

    As the New York Times so aptly quipped: “What happened to the Canaanites? They are still there”!

  7. I generally don’t care about some-one’s religion. I’m a Pagan – but my Race is my real religion. I am beginning to be alarmed by the Cathokike Resurgence though – because, from what I can see, anecdotally, the only thing Cathokikes care about is Cathokikism.

    The Carthokikes trash Protestards, and vice versa – but Protestards don’t seem to care about much of anything, excepting their dividends. Carthokikes are getting MENTAL about Cathokike-ism – even though their (((Pope))) literally kisses the rings of Rothchilds Jews, and the feet of Mud colored Muslims.

    I don’t know which is worse – but right now – it’s the Carthokikes. This Ahmari may be a Cathokike – but he’s still an Orc.

    Orcs can NEVEE be assimilated, because they ARE NOT WHITE

    Focus on Race, not dogma, and purge ALL the Orcs.

    • Christianity is a white religion, it was spread by the original (non-arab) population of the Greco-Roman middle east into Europe (they describe themselves as ruddy, same race as the Spartans, etc). The OT is the only ancient text (as far as I’m aware) that condemns race mixing. In fact, even the presence of immigrants is considered a punishment.

      As for Catholic vs. Protestant, I like many Protestant ideals but the Catholic biblical canon is better, because the extra books provide important historical background and contain even more good verses against Jews (“Spawn of Canaan, no son of Judah” from Daniel, stuff about Sparta previously mentioned).

      • Christianity is not a white religion, it’s a universalist religion. There are millions upon millions of Arabs, Mestizos, New World Indians, Negroes and Chinamen who are devout Christians. If you deny them as your Christian brothers and sisters then you might as well deny Christ himself.

    • Without the women lime Denise there is no race or ethnos, … the 4 Yahwistic religions are designed diversions to imperial universalism and communism in all its facets

    • Paganism in Northern Europe, worked as a basic fundamental for white survival in the harsh winter climate months, it’s all about building up for a harvest, take advantage of summer, build to survive the winter!

      With Christianity for whites in Europe, they switched away from paganism, most noted is the Irish celts to Roman Catholic!

      They knew by this conversion of Christianity the Irish celts for a example how to survive and master winter just like the Swedes and Slavic Russians. The paganism was only functional for hunting, planting and gathering! And hoping nature or Greta climate change did not Send you To the grave!

      The end times Madam is with the Abrahamic religions not Druid tress in Wales cut down by Roman guards.

  8. He needs to go back.

    Maybe if he preaches Christ in his real homeland, Iran, and gets himself martyred, maybe then he might redeem himself.

    But really, this poisonous hostility towards his benefactors, the American people – well, we know which circle of hell Dante would assign him to.

  9. “I only want to know one thing.

    Are you for or against the Jews who run America?”


    The dude isn’t white. That should be something you want to know and emphasize.

    There are millions of people out there that fit the criteria of being against the Jews that run America. Most of them aren’t White, and hate Whites. Are they our allies because its tactically expedient? So be it.

    I was one of the first to come out loud and clear about the need for understanding the difference between tactics and strategy, and that these kinds of tactically beneficial relationships should be utilized for obvious practical reasons.

    These tactical positions should be predicated on Whiteness however (i.e. The 14 Words), as this is unambiguous, rather than on an essentially negative position of “Against the Jews”. It should never be unclear even in these tactical positions that that is all they are.

    Sohrab Ahmari was never our guy, no matter how much he hates David French.

    A note on anti-semitism, a point which I have also made in the past repeatedly. The JQ, cannot be allowed to be held as a shibboleth of Whiteness. Anti-semitism is a virtue, a worldview and a necessary prism through which we should understand our history as Whites. However, once regarded as fundamental to identity, the result is patholigical neuroticism, not unlike which is characteristic of Jews themselves, who pathologically hate Whites.

    As evidence of my basic point, essentially everyone, even our enemies agree on who is White, and except the still unresolved Irish Question, we know who gets in the ethnostate. Now take that group of Whites (the Alt-right is a perfect example) who basically have everything in common, and all remaining small differences eventually devolve into accusations of being either a Jew or Jew Shill because that is the perceived lowest status in that worldview.

    The JQ becomes essentially counterproductive very quickly when its not kept in perspective.

    White identity, as based on language, culture and biology never becomes counterproductive because it is positive and organic.

    Hopefully this is clear enough without sounding preachy.

    That is all.

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