The Atlantic: How America Ends

The Groyper War is an amusing sideshow.

As long as Charlie Cuck and Conservatism, Inc. are being attacked, we should support it. In the long run though, it is important not to lose sight of our goals. We need to be looking beyond the present moment in time because the Blompf era could be over soon.

The Atlantic:

“Democracy depends on the consent of the losers. For most of the 20th century, parties and candidates in the United States have competed in elections with the understanding that electoral defeats are neither permanent nor intolerable. The losers could accept the result, adjust their ideas and coalitions, and move on to fight in the next election. Ideas and policies would be contested, sometimes viciously, but however heated the rhetoric got, defeat was not generally equated with political annihilation. The stakes could feel high, but rarely existential. In recent years, however, beginning before the election of Donald Trump and accelerating since, that has changed. …

Whether the American political system today can endure without fracturing further, Daniel Ziblatt’s research suggests, may depend on the choices the center-right now makes. If the center-right decides to accept some electoral defeats and then seeks to gain adherents via argumentation and attraction—and, crucially, eschews making racial heritage its organizing principle—then the GOP can remain vibrant. Its fissures will heal and its prospects will improve, as did those of the Democratic Party in the 1920s, after Wilson. Democracy will be maintained. But if the center-right, surveying demographic upheaval and finding the prospect of electoral losses intolerable, casts its lot with Trumpism and a far right rooted in ethno-nationalism, then it is doomed to an ever smaller proportion of voters, and risks revisiting the ugliest chapters of our history. …

When Trump’s presidency comes to its end, the Republican Party will confront the same choice it faced before his rise, only even more urgently. In 2013, the party’s leaders saw the path that lay before them clearly, and urged Republicans to reach out to voters of diverse backgrounds whose own values matched the “ideals, philosophy and principles” of the GOP. Trumpism deprioritizes conservative ideas and principles in favor of ethno-nationalism. …

If America’s white Christian majority is gone, then some new majority is already emerging to take its place—some new, more capacious way of understanding what it is to belong to the American mainstream. …

The stakes in this battle on the right are much higher than the next election. If Republican voters can’t be convinced that democratic elections will continue to offer them a viable path to victory, that they can thrive within a diversifying nation, and that even in defeat their basic rights will be protected, then Trumpism will extend long after Trump leaves office—and our democracy will suffer for it.”

Understandably, Yoni Appelbaum and the Center Left are very concerned about the long term viability of their traditional dancing partner in American politics, the Center Right and its institutional expression as Conservatism, Inc. and its governing ideology of conservative liberalism. The Center Left needs the Center Right to stay legitimate.

The Center Right is crumbling all over the Western world. It is losing ground to the nationalist and populist Right in France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Italy. It is outright ascendant in Hungary and Poland. Trump’s victory in the United States in 2016 was one manifestation of the phenomenon although his presidency was subverted by the institutional strength of the Center Right in Congress. Even Canada now has a minority liberal government.

The way that our system works is that the Center Left and its ideology of progressive liberalism extend the scope of liberalism in our society. The function of the Center Right is to conserve liberalism and to absorb each new social revolution into mainstream conservatism. Some examples of this include the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, political correctness and the LGTBQ social revolution which were all assimilated into True Conservatism. Currently, the goal of the Center Right is to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism while maintaining the social stigma on any expression of White identity.

It goes without saying that both the Center Right and Center Left are controlled by a tiny cabal of wealthy Jewish donors. The “mainstream” is the points on which the Jewish elites agree like the need to “fight anti-Semitism,” uphold the liberal world order and extend “liberal democracy” and to suppress White identity. The result of every election in our system is that the Jewish elite always wins and liberalism always wins too because either the Center Left wins and extends social liberalism or the Center Right wins and extends economic liberalism.

The systemic problem in the current regime is that the Center Right depends on maintaining its legitimacy with its White Christian base and thwarting us while the Center Left depends for its legitimacy on the loyalty of the swelling Brown Tide. The nature our system, however, is steadily eroding that base which is fueling the growth of populist and nationalist resentment. As the Yoni Appelbaum essay alludes to, the logic of the system will eventually lead to the destruction of Christianity and the submergence of people of European descent underneath a majority of Third World immigrants in both Europe and North America. The survival of “democracy” in the United States and the West depends on the losers of this demographic shift accepting that arrangement. It depends on the survival of the Center Right and the plausibility of people like David French and Charlie Kirk as conservative leaders who define America as an abstract idea.

What if we don’t accept these terms though?

What happens if people like David French and Charlie Cuck cease to be plausible and legitimate in the eyes of their White Christian base? What if their White Christian base decides like the Poles or the Hungarians that what should be conserved is not liberalism, but Europeans and Christianity? What happens if we triumph over the Center Right and reject all of the Jewish bullshit like the laundry list of -isms and -phobias which have weighed us down?

Whose America would come to an end?

It only would be Yoni Appelbaum’s America which has existed only since the mid-20th century. If we reasserted and revitalized White identity and Christianity and rolled back the scope of democracy and simply got rid of all the -isms and -phobias and this absurd culture of dancing on eggshells, would that be the end of America or would it simply go back to what it used to be like at the beginning of the Republic? Would it be the end of Europe or its survival? Shouldn’t conservatives want Europe and America to survive in some recognizable form in the 21st century? If that is the case, then why should conservatives be opposed to us?

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  1. Limited Franchise Democracy is a reasonable way for a tribe to determine what is best for the tribe in a time of peace.

    It cannot be a way to mediate between tribes.

    The Atlantic is way out ahead of many movement figureheads who still dream of Taking Back America via inanities like the Slow Cleanse. We cant even hold the government now, much less for 50 years!

    America is dead.

  2. What happened to Sparta is happening to America, you don’t make the Helots citizens. And you certainly don’t allow hostile foreigners to settle in your country. At most you conduct business with them outside the gates, then send scouts to see where they’re going afterwards.

    The Founder’s children and grandchildren became too weak to carry the standard. They weren’t fit to inherit what was built, Abolitionists were the first Antifa.

  3. Reading that article, the center right is treated like a pet, petted, scolded to obey, till the date we are taken to the lefts shelter to be put down while they whisper sweet bye byes in our ears….sorry, We are not going to just go away and be quiet. There’s also this strange assumption that red states are going to just let the left have power over them forever, whoever wrote this article never read history and lives in a bubble.

  4. I take some consolation in the fact that the kikes will never really be able to enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten wealth and power, because they live in constant fear of a gentile uprising. We must do everything possible to justify those fears.

      • China and other East Asians are noticing that the jews are pivoting their talumidic venom in their direction.

        I take solace in the fact that the jews and their ways are so well known that East Asians will not hesitate to unleash genetically engineered pathogens that will bond specifically the ashkenazi genome alongside an army of nanotechnology and cyberattacks that will bring (((their))) infrastructure crashing down like Tower 7.

  5. As an argument for open borders, this whole “America is an idea” thing has always struck me as incoherent and ill thought out. Ideas can be thought anywhere, so why does say a Mexican have to enter the geographical area called the United States to be an American? Borders do not limit ideas. From this argument, just think the right thoughts and hold the right ideas, then he can be a good American without ever leaving his home village. No need to come here and burden our taxpayers. Of course those who spread this ” America is an idea” garbage are arguing in bad faith and know it to be a nonsense.

    • Unfortunately the American Union was not founded on explicitly pro-White principles, it was just generally assumed that White men would always be in charge. Ideas like “civil rights”, ” gender equality” and “universal suffrage” in the 18th century must have been regarded as almost farcical.

      • Exactly, if the Founders believed any of that egalitarian and universalist gobblygook, they would have granted women and negros voting rights from the start.

        • November,

          Except that some of the founding Fathers did believe in that nonsense. I believe I read on here that Benjamin Franklin around 1780 ? argued for the sake of interracial marriages in Pennsylvania. Alexander Hamilton twice got the New York State Assembly to shoot down laws forbidding interracial marriages.

          So, yes some of them actually believed it. Who you believe in mating with determines what you really think about race.

  6. Hunter, look at how boomer conservatives reacted to this piece:;page=41

    They generally dodge the issue or make vague threats. I had hopes that boomers could wake up and be pro-white. But three years of blump seems to suggest otherwise. Notice that the tougher comments on this thread are all very vague and unserious. These boomers use none of our language, concepts or ideas when talking about race. So you get this incoherent “we real ‘muricans gonna rise up some day if this keeps getting worse, btw I’m 68 years old.”

    I wonder how boomers can read a piece like this and not comment on the very Jewish name of the author. Even if it’s just to bring up how different Israel is in regards to majority ethnocentrism. But boomers will just never notice this stuff. It’s amazing.

    You can tell that boomers are truly cucked to the core by how they talk among themselves in their own anonymous spaces. They really do believe the stuff they say.

    • I’ve noticed that on all the normie blogs I used to read, all the cuckservatives railed on about how the lefties better not try to start a war, because the cucks have the guns. Well, the war is already on, but they impotently bark and never bite. They believe in “law and order,” that patriots follow the laws and shouldn’t have bad thoughts about POC or Joos, etc. In other words, they’ll do nothing but talk tough behind the safety of their keyboards. They see themselves as versions of John Wayne, I guess. They don’t seem to get that Wayne made scripted movies where the happy ending for the hero was never in doubt, and that the violence in fiction is very different from that IRL. Even the vets seem to think that all they have to do is show up with their hunting rifles, and the nerdy noodlearms will run away. The Antifa nerds have the pigs on their side, though. I don’t think normies have a clue as to how things will go down if violence goes widescale. They’re smugly assuming they will have the upper hand, and it won’t be that simple.

      • Those “Muh Cold Dead Hands” cucks will be the first to turn over ALL their weapons to Negro and Mestizo ZOG troops going door to door to confiscate white people’s guns, Mr. Little

        I am counting down the days until your show in Vegas! “I am not a crook!” “Well, There you go again!” It will be non-stop LAFFS.

    • Not just boomers, the so-called “Greatest Generation” and the Silent Generation before them did their part to wreck this country.

  7. Charlie Kirk & David French are the true enemy. Forget Polosi. Forget Warren. Forget Bernie. The Cuckservative Party must be destroyed. GOP delenda est.

    • It’s just someone having a party to reveal whether their kid is a boy or a girl, not anything weird. As you would see if you even bothered to read the first sentence or two of the article.

      The death was caused by an excessively powerful festive firework, in effect.

      There is literally zero poz/clown world in the story. Just an unfortunate combination of proud parents and the literally timeless tendency of humans to accidentally injure or kill themselves when handling things that can burn, explode, fall on them, etc.

      There’s no need to get hysterical about stuff that isn’t what you’re making it out to be, when there’s more than enough bizarre stuff already.

      And really, couldn’t you have read it rather than repeating a flat-out wrong interpretation of something that’s already been talked to death on a number of other right-wing sites?

  8. II have vacillated between advocating bringing the Phoenix Program to America and cutting a deal with liberals for a sovereign wealth fund based UBI, allowing capitalists to operate if they share a larger portion of the profits with employees. I have done so because liberalism and conservatism are both a genetic part of the human condition, representing respectively people who want to give the unknown future a chance or who are comfortable with tradition. Therefore, I believed providing ongoing social security would purchase peace in the culture war.
    No more. I am sold on the notion going forward that there is only one solution, the final solution. KILL ALL LIBERALS. No exceptions. They want to harm those of us who do not always capitulate to their latest whims. I am not going to live my life in hiding what I believe. They refuse to live in harmony, insisting they always win. Nope, no can do.
    There are only 3 methods to fight: the ballot, the wallet, or the bullet. Obviously, after Trump no one can seriously think we live in a democracy, so the ballot is useless. One side cheats, or refuses to allow the other side to exercise power, while the other side always concedes, never fights back. The wallet would work, as the one God everyone worships is the almighty dollar, but conservatives can never cooperate, but always act selfishly,not collectively. Liberals play to win, they cooperate because acting collectively is the basis for their philosophy.
    So only the bullet, that is, force, remains. That is the only choice because the libs will not lleave people alone to live as they choose, because doing so creates examples of resistance that cannot be allowed in utopia. So I have come around to the views of the commenters here. Seek and destroy.

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