Woke Capitalism: Coca-Cola Runs Commercial Depicting Mothers and Grandmothers Helping Transgender Kids Bind Breasts, Dress In Drag

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is an interesting commercial being run by Coca-Cola in Argentina (the opposite of Don Cherry being cancelled in Canada) that has been brought to my attention:


“A commercial created by The Coca-Cola Company to advertise Sprite depicts a variety of situations in which mothers are helping their transgender teens present as their preferred gender. Among the scenes shown are a mother helping her daughter bind her breasts to appear as a male, a mother helping her son dress as a drag queen, and a mother applying makeup to her son so he can present as a woman. …”

Are you ready to cry big, ugly, soaking wet tears?


“Are you ready to cry big, ugly, soaking wet tears? Sit down and watch this. In a new ad released in time for Buenos Aires Pride, Sprite shows families supporting and helping their queer loved ones get ready for the big parade.

The commercial, which was posted on Sprite Argentina’s Twitter, opens with a mother helping her young adult child put on makeup, I’m already starting to tear up. Soon we see another person helping her sibling put on a chest binder, an abuela helping her grandson get in drag, two young children painting a pride flag for their lesbian sister, and a father driving his queer child and their partner to the Pride celebration. …

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel plays over the whole commercial. “

I’ve always preferred Pepsi.

Do you remember when free-market capitalism used to be associated with family values under the banner of Fusionism? This could be a good question for Charlie Cuck.

Are you willing to fight to defend liberal values? How about free-market capitalism? Please note these values DO NOT APPLY to everyone who is currently cancelled for being a White male, a Christian, a patriot, etc. Maybe the people in this ad should be the ones who fight for these values? It seems like our nations reflect their values now, not ours.

Note: Don’t ever forget at least we aren’t speaking German.

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  1. Time to boycott all this commercial crud. Eat basic foods, eat healthy.

    These processors of poison will never visit you in the hospital or pay your medical bills.

  2. When I was in Beunos Aires last I was a bit surprised about the presence and quantity of pro-LGBQTSA2+… graffiti. I assumed the machismo culture would not allow such proselytizing. I guess this, like the recent Helsinki Hate Hoax, shows these issues are live-worldwide, or at least anwhere you can see CNN.

  3. Can drag queens and trannies make up for the money Woke Coke will now not be getting from the many people sick of corporations promoting the decline of Western civilization?

    • Gillette tanked on their woke “toxic masculinity ” advertising campaign. The pozzed agenda supersedes corporate lost earnings. That in and of itself exemplifies how much (((they))) want to extirpate Western moral values of traditional hetero-normaility with globohomo, pedophilia, and the spread of Weimar conditions and culture onto all the White gentile nations.

      Zumindest sprechen wir kein Deutsch.

      • We’re living in Weimerica, brother. I had read somewhere that some of the founders thought it might be better to make German the national language, and get out of the Anglosphere’s influence. They then probably heard some Hessians gargle out some umlauts and changed their minds.

  4. “Note: Don’t ever forget at least we aren’t speaking German.”

    Perhaps the dumbest phrase to ever come from either side of the aisle, and everyone wants to keep on using it and stay stuck in the twentieth century mindset. Being ruled over by Germans isn’t much better than being ruled over by Kikes. Same goes for being ruled over by any foreign people. Ask the Eastern Euros and their rule under the Soviet Union. There are Russian minorities all over the place.

    It doesn’t matter anyway because Americans in this movement both fail to realize that the corruption came after the Second World War, and that the same thing would have happened to Hitler’s Germany as Franco’s Spain had he succeeded anyway. Would Himmler’s Germany or Goering’s Germany been anymore resistant to Trotskyism? Especially existing in the world as a hostile empire? What kept the USSR and the USA above the rising tide of colour was their public image of being liberator nations during the Cold War.

    What became of the DDR Germans during the Cold War? In attempting to maintain the old traditions in the face of rock music blaring across the Berlin wall, the blue jeans and the mass produced capitalist products being sold to the FDR Germans by the Americans? Even they wanted the wall torn down to consume product.

    And finally here were are, in 2019, referencing a country that was defeated in 1945 during a war, and saying “At least we aren’t speaking German” ironically or unironically.

    Instead of learning the lessons of the last century, we’re doomed to repeat them it seems. The destruction of all the Fascist states in Europe resulted from their obsession with their past and their refusal to accept the present. The past and our ancestors are wonderful, but we should be inspired by it and not obsessed with it. Mussolini loved the King and wanted to create an Italian empire in Rome’s image. Hitler’s Germany wanted to rebuild the WW1 German Empire in Europe. Franco loved the Catholic Church and had Monarchist sympathies even though neither reciprocated it even with what he did for Spain.

    If there is an ethnostate in the American South if the leadership will go to war with the U.S. successor state to regain control of lost Texas or Georgia land that is under control of non-Whites simply because it existed in a previous incarnation.

    I think this is going to be my last post for awhile. I’m missing the break I took with politics a year ago and I really feel not much has changed from 2018 instead of more open critiques of Capitalism. Maybe I’ll make it big with cryptocurrency gains and I can leave the Anglosphere. Next Bitcoin Halvening is going to be in May, so I suggest anyone reading this to buy some cryptocurrency since everything is probably going to go up in value if past trends are any indicator.

    Some of you piss me off, but I wish everyone in this thing the best.

  5. “Woke Capitalism: Coca-Cola Runs Commercial Depicting Mothers and Grandmothers Helping Transgender Kids Bind Breasts, Dress In Drag”

    Living in a toxic world probably gave granny and her offspring toxic eggs or sperm. Then Coca Cola worsens it with GMO’s and other chemical additives that turned a once somewhat medicinal tonic into a toxic brew. The result is a freak of nature that takes freaky into the stratosphere.

    We live in a time when horror shows are no longer on film. Life should be rated “X” 6 million times.

    • Snowhitey,

      Females are born with all the eggs they’ll have for life, therefore, accumulation of toxins organic and inorganic will inevitably buildup with possible negative mutations and outcomes.

      A male’s body is constantly make new sperm. From beginning to finish, the process averages about 74 days. As men age, their testosterone levels decline and so there a fewer sperm cells per ml of semen.

      Most of the potential damage occurs inutero, as far as putting the developing fetus at risk due to a myriad of factors like alcohol, certain OTC and illegal drugs, dermatological and respiratory absorption of chemicals.

  6. Don’t put the greatest system, ( capitalism, ) in the same sentence as woke or LGBT. Capitalism is awesome. Predatory capitalism is the problem. Simple but very enforceable rules need to be put in place to, well … “force” the 1 % to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Watch this video and learn. It’s very worth the time :

  7. Here’s a thought. How about they make a commercial where parents take their mentally ill, tranny children to a psychiatrist or to a Pastor for help. Instead of feeding into the sick shit. They can drink a coke to down their medication. That sounds like a happy commercial.

    • I thought Jnco’s and Korn were really cool back in the day. Looking at those pictures, I can have a sensible chuckle. Now, I prefer tailored clothing and Vivaldi. Lesson learned about taste.

      Now, best case scenario with a tranny kid. They straighten out, but go through life with some serious wires crossed. Worst case scenario, they go full send and start hacking away at the plumbing.

      Think that is one of those “would you prefer to get shot higher or lower in the torso?” questions.

  8. When I was a child, I dreamed of the way things might be and the things we might have in these times. Turned out all I got was an insane, unbelievable nightmare.

  9. Hey Hunter,
    I think we may finally coming to the point that the *government chartered* corporations are as big a source of degeneracy and censorship to Trad White folk as the government that chartered them. Reminds me of what I said in the 10th chapter of *Rethinking The Propositions* back in September 2018. Unrestrained capitalism, particularly when owned by (((the Tribe))), is almost as bad as communism.

  10. Coca-Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton as a cure for “Old Soldiers Disease” otherwise known as morphine addiction. Pemberton suffered from the condition due to an injury that he had sustained fighting for the Confederacy.

    In France, there was a remedy that was being touted called Coca-Vin (Cocaine and Wine). Because of an alcohol prohibition in Atlanta, Pemberton used the Kola Nut instead. So, Coca-Cola had Cocaine as an active ingredient until 1914. There are still minute traces of inert Cocaine contained in the beverage. The decision to remove the active component was not disclosed publicly. It has been mused that the Country unwittingly kicked the Cocaine habit overnight, and that sales actually increased afterwards.

    I have an issue of National Geographic from World War II that contains an advertisement for Coca-Cola featuring General Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, equating him with the Dough Boys of WWI and the men serving in, what was then, a current conflict. My, My, how times have changed.

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