Staffanstorp or Malmö: The VDARE-Ahmari Debate

As we chart a new course away from liberalism, it is important to remember that our liberal immigration laws and multiculturalism are why Sohrab Ahmari is here to lecture us in the first place and why Denmark has been forced to close its borders with Sweden. The choice at this fork in the road is like the choice between moving to Staffanstorp or Malmö.


A tiny municipality in southern Sweden has stirred up a hornet’s nest with a new commercial proclaiming that it’s a safe neighborhood, where ordinary Swedes can live and prosper.

Staffanstorp Municipality in Skåne County has incurred the enmity of mainstream media with its new commercial.

The film opens with a black and white scene from a dingy city full of graffiti, where some rowdy youngsters are seen harassing a mother and her daughter. The family then proceeds to move to Staffanstorp, where color returns, and they get a new lease on life. …

“Dreaming of improvement and striving for a better life is nothing but a sign of health”, the narrator says. “There are municipalities where security, elderly care, schools, and businesses really work. Where the inhabitants are proud of their municipality”, the narrator continues, adding “We welcome you with all our heart”.

The ad ends end with a slogan: “Staffanstorp, as the rest of Sweden should be.” “

The VDARE path leads to the Staffanstorp ethnostate.

The Sohrab Ahmari path leads to the Third World ghetto in Malmö.

We’re not fooled by the rebranding of conservatism. There is zero difference between mainstream conservatism as it has existed for the last 70 years and “National Conservatism.” In contrast to mainstream conservatives, we also insist that race and ethnicity do matter. The only way to maintain a Swedish culture is to conserve the Swedes in their natural habitat.

Note: Lutheran Integralism is the only way forward.

In my ideal Sweden, it would be Swedish, Lutheran and absolutist as it was in the days of the Lion of the North, Gustavus Adolphus, and Charles XI.

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  1. That’s what I see as a path forward for us: making America safe from multiculturalism and globalism, one little town at a time.

    • This worked in Poland, Hungary and Eastern Europe. Thanks to White nationalist works in the west , we knew what is coming and pro white people worked from the bottom up, one village and town after another was taken over by pro white people and turned to safe heaven for pro white folk where nobody lost his job because of political activity.

      When one village or small town was taken, then next one. We had also our own Cville style fails but our safe heavens saved our people. Despite clusterfuck, pro white people kept their jobs and their families and children were safe after fail, so pro white folk just retreated, recovered and went on.

    • Rich L,

      Not that I dislike your suggestion, but in order to accomplish that goal, we would have to shut out tv, Internet, books, modern “music,” magazines, you name it , or the corrosive influences would befoul this small folk communities.

      • November, we wouldn’t have to completely cut off all media, just be careful what we allow ourselves access to. Not all of the internet is bad; I found out about writers like Fitzhugh and Yockey at websites like this one. Many classic movies provide good entertainment and a healthy message, plus there are valuable documentaries and excellent nationalist videos. Books are essential. I assume you meant that most modern literature and nonfiction is garbage. Which is true. It’s just important to use some discernment. I’m not going to suggest going really old school, and only have a KJV Bible for reading and an upright piano for music.

  2. While I agree Sweden should be ethnically Swedish, and probably Lutheran, I disagree with the concept of absolutism. No one man or authority should have absolute, unchecked power. The risk of ending up with a fool, or worse, having all power is too great. Even if the individual starts out as a morally and politically righteous person, it remains all too true that ‘power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

  3. Watched the commercial promoting Staffanstorp and…the pozz in Sweden is all about wiggers? I don’t get it.

  4. In my ideal Sweden, it would be Swedish, Lutheran and absolutist as it was in the days of the Lion of the North, Gustavus Adolphus, and Charles XI.

    So much for your “populism” then.

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