Richard Branson Apologizes After Tweeting Photo Full of White People In South Africa

Richard Branson forgot that whiteness is inherently a bad thing and that too much of it in one place, particularly in South Africa, is incompatible with the narrative that diversity is our strength and that whiteness has to be abolished.


“New York (CNN Business)Richard Branson apologized Tuesday morning after tweeting out a photo full of white people to announce the grand opening of his new Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa. …

The 69-year-old Virgin Group founder and CEO shared the photo of his all-white South African entrepreneurship team counterparts early Monday morning before deleting it after Twitter users took him to task for it. …”

Branson had tweeted other photos and a video that included black people in South Africa. The single photo of White people was objectionable and caused an uproar on Woke Twitter. I’ve spotted the single token black guy at Branson’s Centre of Entrepreneurship.

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  1. Funny how the niggers never apologize for brutally raping and murdering thousands of White South Africans every year, though.

    All billionaires should be literally burned at the stake.

  2. Richard Branson is a scumbag, I’m rooting for Woke Twitter to get him, then someone get Woke Twitter. The Richard Bransons of the world are the Greater Enemies, the Woke Twitter types are the Lesser enemies.

  3. It’ s clear, cucking hard doesn’t suffice for the Salaam witch trials these days.

    The first CEO that has the stones to say “get bent you fucking niggers” either gets crucified or coronated.

  4. How dare you hang out with other White people, Whitey?

    As SA is falling apart under the control of semi-retarded, murderous vibrant people, it’s not surprising that the best and brightest in the economic area are of the pale persuasion. Let’s hope they don’t get killed for daring to succeed where the kaffir can’t, like the poor Afrikaaner farmers.

  5. Their mask: not just slipped, but set ablaze and thrown in the dumpster.

    Too bad we f’ed it up with “ironic” naziism.

    We’ll get one last chance though.

  6. when will PTUSA, have a Young White Leadership Summit???

    I mean they already had a Young Latino Leadership Summit, Young Black Leadership Summit.

    Hey, when is the next Leadership Summit for Young WHITES ???

  7. F***ing Cuck!

    Branson must have put his pussy on before he wrote that apology. He absolutely removed his testicals.

  8. Sir Richard is a pansy. Not long ago he went on vacation with Bathhouse Barry to the Bahamas and they were caught play-fighting in their man-panties while windsurfing together.

  9. SA is 90%+ non White but that’s not Diverse enough. Only when no more Whites are left will SA be Diverse enough.
    Branson is a typical self hating White anti-White.
    White self hatred is sick.

  10. Branson’s kite surfing sessions with a nude white model lacked diversity as well. Wonder when he’s going to change that.

  11. So in other words White People don’t belong in South Africa. That’s pretty much the liberal platform on South Africa. The platform is literally White Genocide. Oh but what about Trump? He made a little Tweet or something about it but Did Nothing! Why? Because he and his Republicans are afraid of being called a racist. This is the same guy (Trumptard) that’s building a wall? HaHaHa. For what? He’s not gonna deport all the Mexicans….so what’s the point? Keeping all the Illegal Immigrants here so they can’t leave? Probably. Anything that goes in the direction of White Genocide is fine with the establishment political parties. Geeeeee……wonder why I’m a White Nationalist? Deo Vindice !

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