Charlie Kirk Gets Groyped In Houston

UPDATE: Cuck is rattled after Houston and just tweeted this:

North Carolina State was the first defeat of the Groyper War.

Charlie Kirk and Conservatism, Inc. got a big head and chortled in triumph over the Groypers about one riposte during Q&A on Twitter. No doubt that one victory went to their heads because the Groypers appeared to be in disarray last night with the whole state of North Carolina and dumb Southerners being disavowed as bad optics by a few people who lost their shit.

Wyatt pulling a Wyatt:

Cooler heads prevailed:

Charlie Kirk was just owned in Texas.

He attempted to whirl out an oppo hit of Nick Fuentes not supporting Trump in November 2016. A Based Black Groyper led a chant of “America First” and Cuck stormed out in disgrace from Houston.
Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye.

All is well again … for now.

Hopefully, a lesson was learned from the last 24 hours. Not every event is going to go your way. It is no reason to have a come apart. Pick yourself up and do your duty the next day.

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  1. For the record, the clip of Fuentes Charlie Cuck was trying to show was from November 2015 when Nick was 17.

  2. Seeing Fuentes’s face enshrined on TPUSA’s display table is a decisive and glorious VICTORY for the America First crew..Kirk and TPUSA are so spiritually, morally and intellectually bankrupt they have turned to promoting their adversaries for sustenance because the Israeli immigration anus sex well has run dry…if there has ever been qualified inmates for a FEMA is the TPUSA crew and their subversive Bolshevik jew handlers.

  3. Wow

    This looked like Poland or Hungary 10 years ago. Very professional.

    Easiest targets first, hard targets later. Cucks out, then genetic white liberals and after that,getting ride of super mighty Jews like Soros is easy. No general can not fight without army.

    Normie does not think, Normie is only afraid. Normie must feel the force and understand that i is not OK to be anti white. You know, being anti white is to hate somebody because of skin color and this is razizz and when you are razizz, then you will be called out and very much bad things may happen.

    There was massive nationalist rally in Poland few days ago and this was for single reason. If Normie is razizz, then those people coming after Normie.

    Bravo America…:D

  4. I haven’t been keeping up on this but I’d be willing to bet Charlie Kirk’s bread is being heavily buttered by Jews. They subvert every “conservative” movement are or themselves the architects behind them.

    And being able to get over with a crowd the idea that America’s Founding Fathers intended America to be some mishmash of races and cultures is pathetic. Yet an excellent display of the state of America’s educational (social engineering) system.

    One can only hope for a fresh shipment of Somalis to be shipped in close living arrangements to the idiots cheering so they can get a healthy serving of diversity.

  5. I’m real sorry we don’t have any based blacks here in North Carolina…. why do you even keep reporting on this kid shit… you seem desperate to fill the void left by the daily Informer.. you always said you were not a part of the alt-right but now all your articles are basically pandering to that audience. I miss your more interesting articles about southern history

  6. There’s also the possibility of plants in the NC audience to discredit Fuentes. We know HRC did it in 2016 in an attempt to sabotage Trump events. Although I’m not sure Kirk is that smart, devious and/or resourced.

  7. I literally have no idea as to much of what these people are talking about – what a Gropper is or are, or even who these few antagonists are. Does anybody actually speak any English nowadays to care to explain?

  8. Pay attention to how hard the Groypers dunked on “dumbass, low-IQ, toothless, inbred, redneck Southerners” for their own failure in South Carolina last night.

    That’s a consistent theme with this group—they speak worse of lower-income and Southern whites than they do of almost anyone else. They speak worse of them than leftists do.

    They think they can reclaim America by appealing only to under-25 Catholic Northerners, which is, at best, 10% of America’s white population. It’s probably lower than that.

    Pay attention. They have been created to divide. The fact that they can manhandle a few Ziocucks shouldn’t distract from this fact.

  9. Yes it’s true, Charlie Small Face got “owned”. But will this humiliation, entertaining though it may be, save any Boer farmers in South Africa from being viciously attacked with machetes, or single white females jogging alone in Central Park from being raped? When do we stop arguing about “optics” and start getting serious about fighting back?

    • owned? i dont think so. the herd is still on his side and always will be. what is “America First” really about? civic nationalism is what the elites always wanted anyways, since it really isnt nationalism.

    • Spahn,

      Thank you for cutting through to the gist of matter, Chuck the cuck being humiliated isn’t worth a hill of beans in the overall picture of the 14 words.

      It’s going to be o take a lot more than mere rhetorical dueling to cause the prevailing wind to change direction and blow in their faces with sustained force..

  10. some weird brown person leads a chant of “America First” and this is considered a win? lol. the point was never civic nationalism. spic feuntes is simply a boomer trucon.

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