Jorge Bergoglio Condemns Anti-Semitism

As with virtually everything that comes out of Jorge Bergoglio’s mouth, his recent comments on Jews was more of the same diarrhea from the most liberal Pope in history:


“Rome (CNN) –Pope Francis has condemned anti-Semitism, describing the persecution of Jews as “neither human or Christian.”

Departing from prepared remarks at his weekly Papal audience in Rome, the Pope said: “I would like to make a separate note. The Jewish people have suffered so much in history, they have been chased away, they too have been persecuted.

“In the last century we saw so many brutalities against the Jewish people, and we were all convinced that this was over. But today the habit of persecuting the Jews, brothers and sisters, is here reborn. This is neither human nor Christian.”

He continued: “The Jews are our brothers and should not be persecuted, understand?” …”

Let him lick the feet of Negroes, kiss the ass of Greta Thunberg, prostrate himself before the Pachamama and serve his Jewish masters. Jorge Bergoglio doesn’t have any authority over us. He doesn’t get to decide who is a Christian or a human being.

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  1. Imo they really screwed up big time picking this creep to be the pope and I understand that a good number of cardinals and other high-ranking men are upset with him. He actually has appeared to change basic church doctrine, which he has no right to do.

    • No, my dear. The Heebs did not screw up. I thought this jerk was OK, initially – but apparently he’s a mischling. Meanwhile – the Cathokikes may balk about his betrayal – but Cathokikes are even worse than Trumptards when it comes to being the obedient slave of their (((Church))) masters.

    • Too bad King Odoacer didn’t order his Ostrogoth army to drag the Pope out of the original Vatican palace, hang his ass and then have the entire place burned to the ground. That would have saved us over 1500 years of grief.

      • Well, let’s hope Clif High’s data is correct and the Italians breach the Vatican wall and “what they carry out will shock the world.”

        Yeah, I know I’m repeating myself and will continue to do so until this glorious event happens!


  2. The Vatican is a total SELLOUT, always has been, always will be.

    99.9999% of churches just ride the waves of social convention.
    None of them will provide leadership to a better future.

    • The Vatican is a sellout but where I disagree with you is on the belief that it has always been a sellout. It has been a sellout since it was infiltrated by kikes and Vatican II took place.

      • The first Papal protection orders of the Jews occurred in the late 500’s. Since then there have been various Papal bulls and encyclicals ordering protection of the Jews. So this is nothing new!

  3. 1) Jews are not Semites. End of Story.
    2) therefore, ‘anti-semitism’ is a Bolshevik ‘red’ herring.
    3) God – YHWH God calls us to hate with a ‘perfect hatred’ in the Psalms.
    4) That perfectness is the same Greek word in the LXX, that Christ used when he said, ‘Be ye PERFECT, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.’
    5) A Mutually Orthodox and Catholic saint prior to the Schism said, “Love your enemies, but only your Personal enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.’ – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves
    6) Therefore, what Christ and YHWH God hate, is who WE Christians MUST HATE.
    7) Modern “Jews” are the ethnic kin of Esau, who traded his birthright for a ‘mess of potage.’ St. Paul clearly states, quoting Malachi, ‘Jacob have I loved (the Christian Church) and Esau (Jews) have I hated.
    8. The Destruction of Jerusalem- city, temple, genealogies, and over 1 million apostate Jews, was the ‘greatest butchery’ of Israel ever known.

    9 Francis can take a flying ****.

  4. “The jews are our brothers and should not be persecuted, understand?” …”

    The guy is a dope, he has no grasp of reality. There again, they may be HIS brothers , but not ours.

  5. My main personal goal is to get closer to God. So I have no time for intermediaries like the politically motivated, pedophile Pope. I’m diving into what mystics/philosophers like William Arkle wrote, to get beyond the limits imposed by spiritual gatekeepers like Church hierarchies. God communicates through Creation, and I’m trying to learn the language, if you will. Temporal “authorities” only want to keep us penned up and controlled like placid, mindless sheep. Their hypocritical, materialistic concerns, like temporal power and wealth accumulation, leave me cold.

    • I’m afraid New Age mystics and gurus aren’t going to get you any closer to the Creator, Mr. Little.

      “I admire those who seek the Truth; But I am wary of those who claim to have found it.”

      – That colored guy at the bus station

      • Arkle isn’t New Age. You have no idea about anything I was mentioning. You don’t get anywhere following gurus. You’ve got to walk the path yourself. Your ignorance is showing, like your slip does when you’re cruising in West Hollyweird.

  6. Pope Pius XII was the last Pope who I recognize as having authority. Since Vatican II the mainstream church has become a Jew run anti-white Satanic organization and as time goes on it only gets worse. The only true believers left are us who are Traditional Catholics or Sedevacantists.

  7. For those interested in the traditional Catholic condemnation of the Jews there are innumerable Church councils, statements of the Popes and the Saints. Francis is creating his own religion and his own reality.

    If Francis has ever said anything truthful or actually condemned anything evil it must have been when I blinked. Hunter Wallace uses Charlie Kirk as his reverse barometer of the truth. Well it may be possible for a Catholic to use Francis as hers.

    A few of the many condemnations of the Jews can be found under TradCatKnight, the article on 03/06/2015———-June 3 2015.

    I will just list a couple. As an aside any Catholic who thinks that we have traditionally been against slavery is ignorant at best

    Ungrateful for favors and forgetful of benefits, the Jews return insult for kindness and impious contempt for goodness. They ought to know the yoke of perpetual enslavement because of their guilt. See to it that the perfidious Jews never in the future grow insolent, but that they always suffer publicly the shame of their sin in servile fear. ~ Pope Gregory IX

    Crucifiers of Christ ought to be held in continual subjection. ~ Pope Innocent III

    • Christina, as you are probably aware from my comments, I was christened Catholic but am presently agnostic. I think you should look at the clips of Kevin Annett on YouTube. I found him through Sarah Westall and Sarah is a genuine journalist. He gives some background on Francis that is probably going to be difficult to accept. I don’t know if it’s genuinely true or not but I go more it’s true than the other way. He has stated that Pope Francis had a relationship with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (decades ago) and that she bore their child. The group named “The Ninth Circle” within the Vatican performs child sacrifices. It is also why the Vatican has allowed a Mormon Church to be built in Rome (previously viewed by the Vatican as pagans or something like that).

      Search for Sarah Westall Kevn Annett on YouTube. Here’s one:

      We are truly living in evil times.

      • Snowhitey,

        I thank you for the information. I too have heard of strange things like the possibility of that vatican ceremony. A Father Malachi Martin has written/spoken of such matters usually through books that might or might not be fiction.

        I had not heard of Francis’ sexual adventures however. I will put that video on my viewing list.

      • Rabbi Benny Razinger “resigned” because he was going to be arrested. Under his tenure, the Vatican was a brothel and a marketplace. Think Epstein, only with little boys.

        • A brothel? Doesn’t that usually include women? At least is used to. The only women at the Vatican are cooks, cleaners, laundresses, or low-rung admins.

          Ratzinger is truly demonic. Those eyes! I believe Annett stated the demon Ratzinger helped kill Pope John Paul I. Trust but verify though.

          Look at the clip above in my response to Christina. The serpent hall is almost hysterical except for the fact it may really mean something NOT GOOD! It’s at 9:47.

    • I won’t, More. It’ll never happen.

      I am simply astonished by the mindless, slavish devotion that the Cathokikes have to their (((Church))). They are presented by the relentless treachery of the Hierarchy – but all they do is make excuses. No matter the nature of the outrage. This Mischling in the kippah kisses the feet the negro muslims, and literally kisses the ring of Rothschilds demons – and they justify EVERTHING. The horrendous treatment of their own kind, the Covington boys should have been the final straw. Carthokies are willing to throw their own children into the jaws of Moloch. Just like the Jews.


      There must be some type of genetic defect at work. I can’t figure it out.

  8. The Jews have always tried to influence or control the Catholic Church, as well as the various Prorestant ones. Sadly, at this time in history, they have manages to achieve a grat amount of control and influence. It behooves us to learn how this was done. I recommen that if you all can afford it, buy a copy of “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” by Rabbi Louis I Newman. Newman give the inside scoop on how it’s done from a Jewish POV. If you wish to purchase a copy, go to Or you may find a copy in a medium to large big city library. Hunter ought to get a copy for his library!

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