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  1. “Had I to carve an inscription on my tombstone I would ask for none other than ‘The Individual’ ” – Kierkegaard

  2. Prof. K-Mac may very well be America’s last great scholar. For all intents and purposes the 800+ year tradition of higher education in the West is over.

  3. Even if we accept that slavery is a sin – I defy anyone to show me where in the Bible it says so, but let’s leave that alone for now – is any sin worse than any other sin in God’s eyes? If the Yankee hates Dixie for the sin of racism, then isn’t the Southerner equally justified in hating the North for its acceptance and promotion of sexual sins, usury, disrespect for authority and so on, all of which ARE expressly condemned as sins in the Bible? Seems like a case of irreconcilable differences to me. The time has come to get out of this destructive relationship. The South has been abandoned by an apostate spouse.

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