Kosher Sandwich: Yoram Hazony and Bret Stephens Debate Nationalism At Princeton

The video isn’t available yet.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to watch two ardently Zionist Jews debate the future of American nationalism, conservatism and the Republican Party, one of whom describes himself as a “Zionist Jewish nationalist Israeli” duke it out in a room full of kippahs.

Daily Princetonian:

“The Republican Party is at a crossroads, agreed Bret Stephens and Yoram Hazony ’86 during a lively discussion, titled “Nationalism, Conservatism, and the Future of the GOP,” held by the Princeton College Republicans on Tuesday. They couldn’t agree on much else.

The direction the GOP takes regarding nationalism, which Stephens and Hazony disputed, could determine the electoral future of the United States and even the world. …

He sees the nation-state concept encouraged by Hazony as fundamentally un-American.

“We are a nation in which it makes total sense to be in this room regardless of different identities as individuals in a liberal democratic republic,” Stephens said. “Conservatism should champion that liberal democratic idea.”

He characterized the American identity as a set of liberal values, rather than a common geography, religion, tradition, or culture.

“I’m not interested in an America as the place that is bounded by the 49th parallel, the Rio Grande and the two oceans,” Stephens said. “I’m interested in an America that is founded on a set of principles and ideas.”

The conversation also turned to the state of Israel and the fate of Jewish people in a nationalist world. Despite their shared Jewish heritage, Stephens and Hazony clashed on nearly all fronts.

In one exchange, Stephens described Hazony’s proposition as “blood and soil nationalism.” …

The two speakers did find common ground during the question-and-answer session when discussing immigration. They agreed that the white identitarian movement in the United States is a rising threat.

What to do about this threat and how to protect vulnerable groups from its rise remains an open question, as does the best course of action for the Republican Party and the United States as a whole.”

Isn’t that our number one objection to Conservatism, Inc.?

It is one big synagogue controlled by wealthy Jewish donors which is run in the interests of Jews at the expense of the White population. The “mainstream” is Jewish conservatives debating Jewish nationalists debating Jewish progressives debating Jewish libertarians all of whom keep our politics kosher. This is the concept that TRS has labeled the Kosher Sandwich.

We’re not allowed to ask whether having this hostile Jewish elite in the first place is in our interest. Whenever Jews are criticized about anything they do, it is shot down as “anti-Semitism.” They can teach classes at Harvard though about “abolishing whiteness” and poison our culture with this nonsense. They even have the audacity to say that I benefit from “white privilege” by being totally marginalized and reduced to writing this blog in rural Alabama.

Note: The only thing I have going for me is piety, patriotism and the truth.

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  1. ” . . . The only thing I have going for me is piety, patriotism and the truth.”


    That’s what it takes in the long run. These three virtues are considered vices in our enemies.

  2. The jews go out of their way to insult and provoke us . Then they start in with their inevitable whining about the rising threat of anti semitism. Maybe, just maybe, it’s their own repugnant behavior which causes……

    Ah, I keep forgetting – jews deliberately provoke hatred against them so as to prevent being absorbed by the larger host population and disappearing. What a crazy group survival strategy!

  3. as former adherant Vox Day recently noticed, (((Yoram Hazony)))’s

    “blood and soil nationalism”

    applies only to Zion-in-Palestine. He,

    (((Brett Stephens))) and 99% of all Jews

    are murderous anti-Whites.

  4. The “big synagogue “ of Jews debating Jews etc, is a brilliant way of putting it. We are never allowed to just have our own ideas unless the ideas are filtered between one Jewish side or the other first.

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