Atomwaffen Member Arrested In Texas While Driving Around With An Arsenal

I trust that everyone who reads this website has been following our ongoing coverage of the state crackdown on the Boogaloo Gang.

Daily Mail:

“A suspected neo-Nazi has been charged with a federal gun crime just weeks after he was arrested in Texas while dressed in tactical gear and in possession of multiple assault rifles, according to authorities. 

In a statement from Erin Nealy Cox, the US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh, 23, was charged with possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance.

He was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday. 

According to a criminal complaint filed a week prior, police stopped a blue Ford Focus on November 4 in Post, Texas. …

The vehicle was driven by Kaleb Cole, and Bruce-Umbaugh was a passenger in the front seat. Cole was not arrested in the incident.

Inside the vehicle, police allegedly discovered an AR-15 rifle, two AK-47 rifles, a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, at least 1,500 rounds of ammunition, a small canister of marijuana, and approximately two grams of THC oil. “

These guys are being quietly red flagged, rounded up and arrested all over the country in a federal dragnet in the wake of all of these accelerationist mass shootings mostly for prepping and posting propaganda on social media in which they celebrate Brenton Tarrant & Co. Their “strategy” seems to consist of drawing negative attention to themselves, styling themselves as a violent threat to society by identifying with mass shooters and going to prison for antisocial shitposting.

We’ve told these people how dumb this is for a decade now but their response has been to dismiss us as “movementarians” and “deradicalization agents” who are opposed to revolution. If you want to stay in touch with them in the future, you will have to write to them in prison.

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  1. Better that this lunatic-eyed fool was removed when he was, instead of pulling another ham-fisted shootup and making WNs look awful again.

    We already had a close enough call a couple days ago. “Nathaniel Berhow” did not sound like an Asian name at all.

  2. These guys would’ve been invaluable soldiers in the war against ZOG, but since there is no one to lead them they are doing dumb, irresponsible things and going to prison. I don’t especially care for Leaders but dammit somebody needs to step forward and take control, before any more young white men’s lives are thrown away.

    • before any more young white men’s lives are thrown away.

      That is, before any more young white men are seduced by irresponsible rantings like your own.

      • Why don’t you leave comments made, to be judged by the community that reads them.

        it is called the “market” place of Ideas, of free NOT controlled expression..

        • it is called the “market” place of Ideas, of free NOT controlled expression..

          I am not calling for him his posts to be banned (although if it were my site, I would assuredly ban his ass).

          I am pointing out that he is complaining about effects which his own posts contribute to creating.

          How can you can incessantly call for violence and routinely rubbish any other approach than violence and then berate young whites who take your posts at face value and act on them? You’d have to be a complete POS.

  3. Gosh! Maybe he’ll have time to “read Siege” again, in his prison cell. At any rate he probably missed Guerilla Radio 3.0, Ep.#74…

  4. As an observer from up North, in Canada, I see a coordinated effort by the jew right in the U.S. to capture the hearts and minds of young White men and steer them into the gutter/prison system while using them as “examples of radical Whitey”.. The ” bowl cut gang” and the “red shoes” optics crew are specifically meant to turn frustrated young White men into lonely, isolated assholes who are willing to kill soft and useless targets wherever for a feeling of friendship and comraderie..something must be done to reclaim our White youngsters from the grip of these kikes..the Nordic Resistance Movement is a model that should be used in the U.S to give our young White brothers an outlet and constructive means of defending our Nations and People…killing Black’s in churches etc. is NOT the way forward and only the jew right glorifies that and claims it is!

    • All you know is the ‘official’ narrative. You don’t know what the truth may be. Don’t be so quick to swallow what you’re fed.

      • True.
        I haven’t even read the news story.

        But my question is why did he, gather such weapons, what was his thinking he’s plan and to what end?

        Today, there are better and more EFFECTIVE ways to fight our enemies…. That is what I’m trying to say.

        If I have made wrong assumptions then I apologize for calling him an idiot.

        • “But my question is why did he, gather such weapons, what was his thinking he’s plan and to what end?”

          There are millions of Americans with such weapons, many with 100s of them. Ppl wi FFL who have silenced machine guns, all legal.

          Remeber how they framed Randy Weaver , killed his wife and son ?

          I am just saying ” be cautious , be skeptical ” of everything in the media. They have an agenda and it’s never in our favor.

          • I can’t disagree as far as the media is concerned. You are right.

            I hope I have jumped the gun and this young American is able to save his life from lifetime incarceration.

  5. Remember, kids, entrapment is an FBI specialty. But all pigs do it. They will set you up to commit a crime, and then bust you for the crime they convinced you to commit.

    • But….but….the FBI agent talked me into it, your Honor! Isn’t that called entrapment?

      Do you have a recording of the conversation where Special Agent X allegedly tried to entrap you?

      Um, no…..

      I hearby sentence you to 50 years solitary confinement at the Supermax facility in Florence, Colorado. This Court is adjourned.

    • Rich L,

      With CGI and planting dna and other forensic evidence, (((feds))) can conjure up anything they need to fool a low IQ grand jury to indict you even if you were at home sleeping when the “crime ” occurred.

      Do you remember Roger Ebert and Dr. Stephen Hawking had touchscreen keyboards that could speak in their own voices by using past recordings of them talking prior to losing their abilities to express themselves vocally? Zog could make you literally say anything nowadays by technological manipulation.

    • “Remember, kids, entrapment is an FBI specialty. But all pigs do it. ”


      That is gospel truth !

    • I think you missed the mark here.

      It is not only about so called “optiics” and it is DEFINITELY not about what jews and boomers think of WN.

      Its all about having a constructive resistance and been taken as a SERIOUS and ALTERNATIVE movement a different way towards solving America’s problems.

      It is all about doing the right thing at the right time.
      If we were in the fight against the jacobins in late 16th century or taking the reds in Francisco’s Spain or putting down the reds in the Wiemar ‘Republic’ then, ALL HANDS ON DECK – HAVE AT ‘EM.

      We are not living in those times.
      Now America more then the rest of Western nations needs to build a conciousness of National community/belonging within American society and most importantly within the Life Blood of the movement, American Youth.

      Portraying your movement as a form of White jihadism, means your movement has just DIED !

      Wise words:
      ” To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: “

      • I agree with you on that @eksothen, the juden has already shown us what a small percentage of the population must do to seize power…it worked for them, it will work for us too, a far larger group of ppl…if jews came into America with guns or swords blazing, they would have been wiped out in the 1500s and they’d be wiped out today if they tried that…it is a natural first instinct to kill that which pains you, but its going to take a lot more than instinct to rid ourselves of this parasite and while we are still operating on domestic and not military law, the only thing a shooter could look forward to today is a prison cell or death and a bad headline…which is probably what this kid was set up for.

    • Writing articles pointing out why we are right is 1000 times more constructive to our cause than being a Call of Duty villain. Creating a new country ran by whites within the former US is a marathon, not a sprint. So put down your AR15 and calm your tits.

  6. Looking at that photo my gaydar is going off big time. AtomWaffen is an obvious psyop.

    Just because it is “in the newspaper” doesn’t make it true. Don’t be so gullible all the time.

    • Lot of bisexuals in atomwaffen, that one kid in cali who killed that gay jewish kid was bi apparently Also all those submissive ass photos of atomwaffen members to show they are loyal to the gang Yep atomwaffen is a psy op and they are abunch of occultists and Satanists same with the order of the nine angles

  7. “all of these accelerationist mass shootings”

    What, you mean all one? All two, maybe? 😛

    Amazing how easily even people who should know better swallow the braindead narrative of the (((media))).

  8. People who think they are going to fight a “revolution” against the US Gov are either insane or retarded. A friend of mine used to be in the 82nd Airborne and showed me a pic one day of some war games he was a part of. I have never seen anything like it in my life. The sky was almost back from these “little dots” that were planes full of paratroopers and armor equipment doing a “drop.” My friend told me, “No one is strong enough to win against the US military.” Certainly not dumb asses with a few AKs and ARs.

  9. Going to Auschwitz to take a selfie with you’re atomwaffen buddy is the ultimate larp, what a waste of money too

    • These young men are seeking. Without direction from experienced minds, they are adrift. They don’t have structure and community. So, how can they help but make errors in actions ?

      Unlike another group that has refined its methods over 3000 years and has a highly structured community with a unified self-serving purpose.

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