Roger Stone Has Been Found Guilty And Convicted On Seven Charges

Forget about the Rise Above Movement.

Donald Trump can’t protect himself from the WITCH HUNT. He can’t protect Paul Manafort, General Flynn or Roger Stone. He can’t even protect the MAGApedes who are assaulted by Antifa at his rallies. Do you really think he can protect you after this?

The Washington Post:

“They got Roger Stone.

On Friday, a federal jury found the brazen and unrepentant Republican dirty trickster guilty on seven counts of tampering with a witness and lying to Congress, offenses he committed during the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. In retrospect, it seems inevitable that Stone would get his comeuppance in the end for the decades of damage he has done to the foundations of American politics. But over the 5½ years we spent following him for the making of our documentary “Get Me Roger Stone,” Stone never even hinted that he believed his misdeeds would ever catch up with him.

The cause of Stone’s downfall is the really striking part of the latest chapter in his astonishing story. After decades of smashing norms, he is finally going to prison because of his fidelity to an ideal of friendship that the friend in question likely doesn’t return. …”


“Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone held a Bible as he arrived at the federal courthouse in Washington on Friday.

The intrigue: Hours later, the self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” was convicted on all charges — guilty of seven counts of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering, Reuters reports.

The judge set sentencing for Feb. 6, and rejected a prosecution bid to have Stone jailed until then …”

It’s true that the Democrats have treated the Trump presidency as illegitimate since Day 1. They never accepted the verdict of the 2016 election and have created all of these fake scandals and targeted all his lieutenants as an excuse to take down Trump.

Suppose that Donald Trump loses the 2020 election. Will a Democrat president be allowed to govern after this? Will Trump’s successor also be treated as illegitimate and impeached by Republicans in Congress? Would Trump use his platform to undermine his successor? Why wouldn’t the polarization just continue to spiral out of control?

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  1. Hopefully Trump’s bumbling, arrogant stupidity has permanently damaged the office of Chief Executive. I also hope millions of white Americans will finally realize the futility of voting for change. But that may be expecting too much from those docile, ignorant goy cattle.

  2. Answers to the four questions posed in the closing paragraph of HW’s commentary: #1:yes in-deedy! #2: nope! #3: nope! #4:Why not?

  3. Besides pardoning the whole lot, I don’t see what else he could do. I have to say that Trump’s braverly leaves something to be desired. He often talks a good game but doesn’t follow-through with tangible actions. He talks big but then folds like a cheap tent.

  4. Trump seems best at using Twitter to attack his enemies.

    The 600+ Antifa who were in the Charlottesville, VA who caused all the violence when they and other radicals jumped in front of the clergy and locked arms blocking the Unite the Right people’s entrance to the park to which they had a legal permit for in August of 2017 need to be rounded up and put in prison. But as usual, where’s Trump?

    He never intervenes when his own people need him the most to do so.

    President Jefferson Davis stood up to rioters in Richmond and demanded them to break up in 5 minutes or else.

    The bread riot was eventually quelled when Jefferson Davis climbed atop a wagon and threatened to have Confederate troops—which had been called out to support the public guard—open fire on the crowd. He pulled out his watch and gave the rioters five minutes to disperse and return home. At first, it appeared as though the mob would defy the order, but at the last minute, they obeyed and began to drift homeward. More than 60 rioters, including Jackson, were arrested for theft and rioting.
    — Encyclopaedia Britannica — “Richmond Bread Riot”

  5. I’m no fan of Stone, but he was persecuted for years by the feds. He had been bankrupted and had a couple of attempts on his life during the investigations into his association with Trump. He was lied about in congress by congresscritters, so it’s weird he got convicted for lying to them. It’s also well-known that the feds threatened a lot of Stone’s associates to get some of them to turn on him. But it’s even weirder that Blompf let it all go on, letting his loyal friend get treated like that. Blompf is not going to back his friends; he won’t lift a finger to help them, the backstabbing bastard.

    • Blompf will only provide an Executive Office shield to protect and defend (((JAP ivanka and zio-sewer worm Jared))). Those are the facts.

  6. It’s funny; even when trump was revealed to be an unrepentant and shameless liar, one virtue that kept getting trotted out in his favor was that he appreciates loyalty and stands by his friends. Yet what have we seen these last few years? One by one, his close friends are getting prosecuted and locked up, and trump can’t even be bothered to pardon them. Such a weak, spineless old bastard; won’t defend his base, and won’t even defend the devils that stand by his side. I hope he dies miserable and alone.

  7. The reality is that Trump has little to no real power! Where was he at on telling Sessions/Barr to charge Lois Lerner or John Koskinen? What about the countless mayors across the country committing treason with their sanctuary city policies? He says nothing!

    Then there is the constant censorship by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube which I’m sure he is still monitoring the situation. Nothing has happened, nothing will! If Trump wanted he could really create havoc for the real wirepullers, but he will not because he is a coward. He could have countless press conferences addressing all sorts of issues. Imagine if he could at least publicly shame many of these crooks by having them go through the ordeal of an arrest, a booking into jail and then having them bail-out and deal with the media circus that would follow without even counting on the charges sticking. That at least would be a treat to behold and it would send a message that he is not playing games!

    The whole fabric of law and order is breaking down nation wide anyhow! One only has to spend a couple of hours on YT to realize just how out of control the police are now throughout the U.S. Many cities now will not even charge for shoplifting under a certain dollar amount or address many misdemeanors. Some cities your lucky if the cops show up at all! These decisions have far-reaching consequences that will begin to manifest themselves the next few years and make this country even more difficult to deal with.

    I don’t even want to contemplate a post-Trump presidency! “The horror,…the horror!”

  8. For this movement, December 2020 has been an unfathomable over-the-horizon epoch when it should have been an axis around which all cognition revolved.

    If Trump wins, we can build a party on the ballot to contest 2022 and 2024 similar to the Brexit Party but for Partition. If he loses, well, we will be up against it since we didnt prep the body politic for a sudden unilateral Partition.

  9. I am in total agreement with almost all of the comments on this story. Trump is a total coward, a loud-mouthed buffoon. If he pardoned RS he would get negative publicity from CNN. Fear of that negative publicity motivates him much more strongly than doing the right thing and standing loyally by a man who stood by him for years.

  10. Blumpf your friend Roger Stone is just found guilty , “He’s not my friend anymore according to Jared but I’m monitoring it! total witch hunt unfair the do nothing democrats are at it again folks”

  11. Stone is always someone I have enjoyed reading about. He’s a total degenerate, but he’s an honest degenerate. He was tied in to the various GOP Dirty Tricks Squad over the years (Roy Cohn, Lee Atwater, and Karl Rove come to mind). Stone is a Swinger (as into Swing) and got exposed when pics of him and his wife were published in The Enquirer back in 1996.

    My favorite story about Stone, was how he got Elliott Spitzer removed from Office. One of the founders of Home Depot had a beef with Spitzer, and asked Stone to help him out–money was no object. Stone agreed, and that night he went to a Swinger’s Club in Miami. He met a girl who was “On the Job” (she was an escort) and went to the Swinger’s Club on her day off. She chatted with Stone and revealed she had a girlfriend who was also On The Job, and had a client who was the Governor of New Jersey. Stone asked if was Jon Corzine–and she said “No, he was Jewish”. Than, Stone asked if it was Elliott Spitzer–and she said “Yeah, that’s it. I can’t remember if he’s the Governor of New York or New Jersey, but that’s him”. With little effort and no money spent, Stone brought down Elliot Spitzer.

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