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Good evening, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today we have Don Jr. who we have been told by Nick Fuentes and the America First movement is an American patriot who is totally different from Charlie Cuck even though he abandoned his wife for Kimberly Guilfoyle and called the Groypers a bunch of haters at UCLA sitting down with Dave Rubin to endorse moving toward unisex bathrooms.

Life Site News:

“November 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Presidential son Donald Trump Jr. struck a dismissive tone on Monday regarding the battle over “transgender” access to sex-specific restrooms, suggesting the ideal solution would be to move completely toward unisex bathrooms. …

“I’m a builder. I would love to build one universal bathroom,” Trump Jr. said when LGBT issues arose. “We’re real estate people. If I don’t have to build dual bathrooms, I could actually save a lot of money. I wish everyone would share a bathroom. I think it’d be wonderful.”


In reality, the Trump family has moved the Overton Window in the sense that homosexuality has been mainstreamed on the Right.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is worried that his party has moved too far left on gender ideology, health care and immigration to win the 2020 election.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama offered an unusual warning to the Democratic primary field on Friday evening, cautioning the candidates not to move too far to the left in their policy proposals, even as he sought to reassure a party establishment worried about the electoral strength of their historically large primary field.

Speaking before a room of wealthy liberal donors, Mr. Obama urged Democrats to remember the long, combative slog of his primary campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2008, arguing that the 16 month battle ultimately made him a stronger general election candidate.

“For those who get stressed about robust primaries, I just have to remind you I had a very robust primary,” he told the group of several hundred donors and organizational leaders in Washington. “I’m confident that at the end of the process we will have a candidate that has been tested.”

Yet, he also raised concerns about some of the liberal ideas being promoted by some candidates, citing health care and immigration as issues where the proposals may have gone further than public opinion. …”

Happening now.

Obama is currently being cancelled on Twitter by the enraged progressive activists who he has criticized for the extremism of their wokeness.

Hillary Clinton appears to be rebranding as a TERF to seize the center which would make her more conservative on gender than Don Jr.

“Hillary Clinton has continued her unlikely TERF rebrand this week by claiming that trans issues pose a “legitimate concern” for cisgender women.

The former Secretary of State stopped by BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday to promote The Book of Gutsy Women, a profile of 100 extraordinary women co-authored with daughter Chelsea. After the Clintons sparred over transgender rights in an October interview with the U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times, in which the former stateswoman said we must be “sensitive” to transphobia. …

Clinton’s comments have been a boon to conservatives who have used them to exploit a wedge between trans-affirming progressives and gender-critical segments of the left. The right-wing news site Washington Timescalled the backlash to her Sunday Times interview “unhinged” and a “completely understandable perspective, particularly for a woman of her generation.”  …”

In Trump’s America, Hillary shattering the glass ceiling as a radical feminist seems increasingly moderate compared to the queer activists who want to abolish the notion that sex itself has any biological basis.

In the UK, women are becoming men and detransitioning back to women after becoming dissatisfied with the thousands of new genders.

The Telegraph:

“‘How could I remove my healthy breasts when I’d seen my mother lose one of hers to cancer?” asks Charlie Evans. Until recently, the science writer from Margate identified as transgender, convinced, along with increasing numbers of young women, that she had been born in the wrong body. 

After undergoing a ‘social transition’, for which she changed her name from Charlotte, as well as her pronouns, her passport and driving licence, in order to live as her chosen sex, she refused to go through with the gender reassignment operation that would give her the sexual characteristics she thought she wanted.

But earlier this year, at 28, she faced coming out for a third time in her life: having announced …”

Oh … and a giant inflatable breast was unveiled outside of Facebook headquarters in the the UK this afternoon:

Daily Mail:

“Campaigners have inflated a giant breast outside Facebook’s London headquarters to protest the company blocking a medical tattooist who used social media to show the artistically recreated nipples of breast cancer survivors.   

Vicky Martin, who runs the Vicky Martin Method, uses her skills as a tattooist to recreate the look of a nipple on women who’ve lost their breasts to cancer.

‘It’s about giving women rights to be able to show other women that they look complete again after such a long journey,’ Vicky, who’s from Berkshire in Wokingham, said.  …”

That’s enough progress for today.

We can only take so much living in these fortunate times …

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      • Donny, Jr.’s Talmudic beard should give you a clue. He’s already a Yid, in his head. They are all traif at this point.

        “Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, which has a large Jewish population. He went to Kew-Forest School, ditto. Its other notable alumni include Katherine Weber, Jewish, Gideon Yago, Jewish, and Hank Azaria, Jewish. Googling on “attended Kew-Forest” brings up mostly Jewish names. Trump’s father was on the Board of Trustees at Kew-Forest. By the way, it is very expensive.
        Trump allegedly went to the Wharton School of Business, a famous spook academy. But we have a problem there, too. Trump is said to have graduated on time in 1968, at age 21 (almost 22). However, since he transferred in year 3 from Fordham University, it is unlikely he would be able to fulfill the degree requirements at Wharton in two years. This problem is doubled when we are told Trump worked at E. Trump and Son while at Wharton. It is tripled when we remember Wharton is in Philadelphia and E. Trump and Son is in New York.
        He avoided the draft allegedly for heel spurs or a “lucky high number”.

        “Ivana is also Jewish. An early boyfriend was George Syrovatka. That is a Jewish name. Her first husband was Alfred Winklemeier. Many websites try to pass him off as an Austrian skier, but Wiki admits he was a real estate agent. Winklemeier is a Jewish name. Ivana lied about being an alternate for the Czech Olympic ski team. She went to McGill University in Montreal, a spook academy we have run across many times. lists her father’s name as both Knavs and Zelni?c?ek. I’ll give you a hint: drop the second “e”. You get Zelnick. It is Yiddish for haberdasher. Clothier. It’s Jewish, too. See Robert Zelnick, Strauss Zelnick, Bob Zelnick, etc. Robert was a fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford. Strauss was President of 20th Century Fox. Bob was ABC News producer. Also Friedrich Zelnik, silent film producer. Also David O. Selznick, whose name was originally Zeleznick, or, alternately, Zelnick. He and his father were major Hollywood producers, David at RKO (which was owned by Joseph Kennedy, remember).’

        ‘Both Trump and his father ran with top Jews in New York, including Samuel Lindenbaum and his father Abraham (Bunny), and Roy Cohn. These guys weren’t just their attorneys, they were their enablers. ‘”

        NEW PAPER, added 6/6/16, Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish. I show you how to read his genealogy.

        I started reading Miles with a LOT of skepticism. Yet, with each entry, he is showing the Jewish takeover of the reigns of power in every field, has been going on a long time.

        Trump is NOT our Friend.

  1. Much as I loathed Obama during his presidency, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I miss him now. His progressivism had limits, and at least he didn’t suck netanyahu’s dick.

  2. Just a question Don jr’s wife, who he had a bunch of children with iss jewish, right??

    If so, then I cannot blame the guy.

    It is bad enough for a women to marry a jewish husband. But to marry a jewish women is worse of the worse, KNOWING how the jewish talmudic religion places upon their women all this ritual & cultural significance.

    Remember, today’s jewisness is based on matriarchy – which is contrary to Abraham’s & God’s Law (interesting isn’t??).

  3. I should clarify, that the above opinions are correct as far as I am concerned, If I was considering to marry a jewish person.

    Just in any case someone is married to a women or men of jewish lineage and are both happy with each other.

  4. Charlie Kirk is Donald Trump’s whipping boy.

    Donald Trump pushes gay agenda, Groypers punish Charlie Kirk.

    Donald Trump puts Israel first, Groypers punish Charlie Kirk.

    Donald Trump cucks on immigration, Groypers punish Charlie Kirk.

    • groypers are the same as Qtards with their claims of “trump is a patriot, its the CABINET that wont let him do anything!!!11”

      • You don’t start by denouncing Charles, George, Louis, Nicolas.

        You start by denouncing Laud, Bute, Calonne, Rasputin.

  5. These ‘enlightened progressives ‘ would be on the receiving end of a good “wood shampooing ” via the PLA in Beijing had they tried to do that in China’s capital.

    Weimar’s “Einstein of Sex” is long dead, but his tribe keeps his legacy and agencies alive in the what’s left of the pathetic West.

    Zumindest sprechen wir kein Deutsch.

  6. Must read!

    For those of you who are unaware of Russ Winter’s work at, I suggest you give him your time. He is multilayered and pieces events together with the ability of any highly qualified forensic analyst. His stories and topics are as eclectic and comprehensive as they get and you will not find him addressing the same redundant topics. His selections are superb and he keeps topics open-ended and revisits them frequently due to there being obvious overlap between topics or new information that comes forward.

  7. I’m sure Azzholemador, along with Anglin, Lee Rogers and the rest of the Daily Sausagefest crowd, are thrilled at the prospect of being able to purchase MALE Japanese sex-robots.

  8. It is all anti-God. The race stuff the gender transforming stuff is all anti-God. God made you what you are and who you are for his own purposes and reasons. Fighting with God, trying to change Gods will and trying to undermine Gods authority is, has and always will be the work of the Jews. Why do they hate God? Why?

    • Seriously? Jews hate God because they Crucified Christ- they are DAMNED. The pagans hate God, becuase their ‘deities’ are empty names, and/or wood or metal idols. The average apostate hates God, because ‘I would rather rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven.’

      So the Almighty hardens their hearts, and gives them their wish. And we should be stoning them all in public, to rid the land of the Evil, but we are too much cowards, and pretend our lukewarmness won’t have us become God’s Spit.

  9. spic feuntes’ zoomers are naive as hell. trump, his son, and the rest of his jewish family are blatantly anti-white. he has only ever mentioned white people to condemn white nationalism. he hunts whites for signs of nationalism with his irish catholic scum like Tom Cullen. he hunts whites with the jewish DOJ.

    steve king and spic fuentes get banned from committees and even CPAC, but ok boomer, we’ve got a plan. these children are ignorant of the history of the federal government, and all the attempts over literally the past 100 years, to infiltrate and reform this system that have all failed without exception. their reality is simply on their smartphone screens, and it has no value unless its a troll. they will never understand politics or revolution.

    there great “victory” was a racially ambiguous brown guy leading an “america first” chant as charlie kirk departed. what a joke. no one wins with civic nationalism

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