The Political Cesspool: Gen Z and The Groyper War

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Here are some of the topics we discussed tonight:

  • Has it really been 20 years? James and I reflect on becoming middle aged adults with children in this scene. The next generation is coming up below us.
  • Generation Z is being radicalized and is rebelling against a moribund Conservatism, Inc. on the Right which was much stronger in our youth.
  • Nick Fuentes and the Groyper War against Charlie Cuck.
  • What is a Groyper?
  • It is more important to win Generation Z than the 2020 election. These are the formative years of young men in their early twenties.
  • Overall, it is great that Generation Z is rejecting mainstream conservatism in favor of nationalism and populism.
  • Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A
  • 50 years of racial integration and trillions of dollars in welfare spending hasn’t changed the negro at all
  • Everyone is being called a “white supremacist” and a “racist” these days because the Left is so out of touch with reality.
  • Everyone knows the truth about race and should just accept reality.
  • The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is good but isn’t worth the trouble to get whether it is the fights or the service. Chick-fil-A is still the better fast food chain.
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  1. @Hunter are you still with the League of the South? The latest I heard is that it is hemorrhaging members, and is on the brink of folding up. I also have it on good authority from a reliable source that there are a couple of the top leaders that are agent provocateurs. If you had any sense you would leave that organization. What say you?

    • When the US Empire (USSA) anounces a War on White Nationalism (War on Whites), it is not smart to join a membership organization. In the Soviet Union all membership organizations were infiltrated and anihilated by the Communist government. Only the anonymous model of activism (Samizdat) worked in the USSR.

  2. @Killian, yes EXACTLY I agree with you 100%! This is why the “Movement” in the U.S.. is a dismal failure. But you still have mentally ill people who wanna play revolutionary and keep getting into traps, jail, or just burn out. None other this shit will ever work so it’s useless to talk about optics or anything involving above ground groups. Stick to running this blog and leave the groups alone if you knew what was good for you.

  3. There is a real life REASON why Liberia is the sh*T hole that it is….

    The same thing goes for Rhodesia (zimbabwe), South Africa (currently known as Liberia 2, Nigeria, Uganda and so on…..)

    Oh yeah, how’s California these days ????

  4. James Edward of the Political Cesspool has been a solid rock in the internet shitshow of the last decade.

    I discovered James Edward back nearly ten years ago with his book “Racism Schmasism” and his work with Kevin MacDonald.

    Although I’ve had plenty of disagreements on specific, tactical issues, he’s always been a solid guy who obviously has his head straight.

    His work with the Occidental Quarterly is great and indispensable.

    His recent video with Kevin MacDonald about his new book is required for everyone. You can’t claim to be pro-white unless you have watched this – and understood it.

  5. “”…..It is more important to win Generation Z than the 2020 election…..””

    I honestly disagree. When Donald falls, then things go full Soviet. They don`t try to maintain freedom and rule of law illusion anymore. Z gen is important but but nobody can`t reach zoomers when there is full Soviet or EU style censorship.

    • What an incredibly stupid statement. Of course winning a generation is always more important than one election. There will not be “soviet style censorship” in America. That’s a gross exaggeration.

      Trump is not even a real nationalist, he’s not one of us. We owe him nothing and having him in office is holding up what really needs to happen — the formation of a European American ethnic nationalist party.

    • What does “full soviet” mean? Why would the USA government switch to overt brutal suppression (known to reduce social participation and ruin economies) when they are now experts at covert suppression and have the infrastructure to keep it going indefinitely? The GOP executive branch is going to find a way to keep getting between 49 and 51% of the vote each election, and things are going to remain in “hegelian dialectic” mode until the synthesis is reached in several generations. The synthesis being the North American Union where you, a brown mystery meater, are shut out of the economy if you are not genderqueer and forced to live in poverty in some brave new world style wilderness where you are hunted for sport by cyborg drag queens.

    • Bingo.

      Freedom, genuine freedom, blossoming out of the Renaissance’s rejection of orthodoxy, is out of gas. It’s like looking at an evening fall landscape with the last orange leaves clinging to the branches and expecting to see tulip buds in the morning rather than a foot of snow. Humanity itself is on the butcher block, not just white folk. Robotics, AI, and transhumanism is a night following which there can be no day.

      The human animal is not capable of the type of society the philosophers craft for it.

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