Bernie Sanders: It Is Time To Become The Party That Fights For Queer Liberation Again

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today we have some news from Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Rep. Katie Hill on the Democrats becoming the party of queer liberation again:

What is Queer Liberation?

Haven’t queers already been liberated?

No, what you have seen so far like the mainstreaming of homosexuality, gay marriage and the push for transgenderism is only the tip of the iceberg of the LGBTQIA agenda. We have to topple heteronormativity now.

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  1. I’m going to say it again.
    Even the mooslimes get this one right, and they are still wiping their ass with a bare hand.
    Tall buildings and gravity are underrated.

  2. Tolerance leads to acceptance; acceptance leads to celebration; celebration makes it a virtue, and then all criticism of it is shut down.

    I used to have sympathy for the alphabet freaks many years ago when all they asked for was the ability to do their thing in the privacy of their bedrooms. But it never stops there. That sprite commercial just sickening, and proof of what happens when this crap is tolerated.

    Put them all back in the closet.

  3. I watched a movie on TCM last night. “Dog Day Afternoon” from 1975. It’s a great film on it’s own merits. the films is based on the true story of the attempted bank robbery by married Army vet, John Wojtowicz. Wojtowicz needed money to pay for the sex “change” operation of his homosexual boyfriend, one “Elizabeth Eden” aka Ernest Aron (((?))). They actually staged a “wedding ceremony” in a Cathokike Church,during the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City, in 1971. Aron was in full White wedding drag. The priest that performed the ceremony was later defrocked. I’m certain that in the near future Cathokike priests will be defrocked for marrying men and women in wedding ceremonies. Carmen Bifulco, the actual woman Wojtowicz was married to, was estranged from her very strange husband, and she and their 2 children were living on welfare. The important reason for robbing a bank, though, was the “sex change”. Aron is always referred to a “transwoman” and “she/her/miss”. Grrrr. Aron died of AIDS, at age 41. The robbery became famous because Wojtowicz and his cohort, 18 year old Salvatore Naturale, held bank employees hostage for 14 hours in a stand off with the police and the FBI.

    The reason I am citing all of this is because, near the end of the film, there is a telephone conversation between Al Pacino, playing Wojtowicz, called “Sonny Wortzik” in the film, and Aron, called “Leon Shermer” in the film (I thought this was hilarious because the writers should have just named Aron “Hymie Greenblatt, or something like it), played by a very young Chris Sarandon, who was SUPERB. Both he and Pacino were brilliant. The cops and Feds are trying to get Sonny to release hostages, and surrender. To ANY-ONE who hasn’t directly experienced the lunacy of homos – watch this this movie, to get THIS scene. I haven’t encountered anything that better displays the proof that homos are dangerously mental cases. The complete disconnect with reality, the mind bogglingly incomprehensible selfishness and vanity, coupled with abject, but theatrical self loathing and self pity. The mocking bitter humour, the treachery and the immediate and mercurial preoccupation with irrelevant nonsense.

    It’s all there, in one little scene. If you see this – you’ll never forget it. You’ll understand why homosexuals have been purged from normal society, or kept at arm’s length. Homos are agents of destruction and derangement. I used to know and like homos, in my youth, when I was a no-NOTHING kid. I now think they need to be rounded up and walled up in closets, with walls of concrete, 20 feet thick. 100 miles underground.

  4. I can still remember those days not so long ago when the only thing queers were asking for was to be left alone.
    We’re learning the hard way why healthy societies always banned or marginalized these people.

  5. It’s not Clown World, it’s much more serious. it’s another example of how mass delusions and mental illness can rapidly spread in a large population.

    From the 1841 book by Charles Mackay: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds:

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    Academia and mass consumed Social Media drive this today.

    Every year I become happier that I moved from the NYC Metro region to semi rural Indiana in 2010.

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