Republicans Lose Again In Louisiana

UPDATE: Fulwar Skipwith has the definitive take on this at Identity Dixie:

BTW, the mainstream conservative movement doesn’t need your support and only wants more based transsexuals and based blacks:

We are monitoring the situation.

This comes as no real surprise though. By all accounts, our people in Louisiana were not motivated to vote for the cuckservative Eddie Rispone and some even voted to reelect John Bel Edwards. There is far more interest in the Groyper War these days than in electing Republicans.


“President Donald Trump campaigned hard in three conservative Southern states this fall, aiming for a string of gubernatorial wins that would demonstrate his political strength heading into impeachment and his own reelection effort.

The plan backfired in dramatic fashion.

The latest black eye came on Saturday, when Trump’s favored candidate in Louisiana, multimillionaire businessman Eddie Rispone, went down to defeat. The president went all-in, visiting the state three times, most recently on Thursday. Earlier this month, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin lost reelection after a similar presidential effort on his behalf. Of the candidates Trump backed, only Tate Reeves in Mississippi won. …”

The True Conservative brand is so stale that the GOP has now lost in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana. They even lost a Senate seat in Alabama because Alabama voters preferred Roy Moore to “Big Luther.” Meanwhile, Edwards won 98% of the black vote thanks to identity politics. He appealed to the blacks without alienating the Whites on social issues.

Rod also voted for John Bel Edwards.


“You see that the population centers — New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport — broke for Edwards. I bet we’ll find out that black voter turnout was very strong. I’m already seeing reports that urban turnout today was much higher than in the open primary.

I voted straight-ticket Republican, except for governor, where I did as I did four years ago, and voted for John Bel Edwards. Edwards is a veteran legislator who is pro-life (he signed the Heartbeat Bill earlier this year) and pro-gun rights. He’s got a record, and he’s got a platform. Rispone is a successful Baton Rouge businessman who has never held office, and, notably, if you check his website, he doesn’t have a platform. He ran entirely on personality: being a conservative Christian Republican businessman endorsed by Donald Trump. …”

John Bel Edwards is pro-life and pro-gun.

He isn’t a tool of wealthy conservative donors either.

I’m told that Edwards refused to cuck on Confederate monuments.

The GOP attacked him for it and wanted to bring back the Bobby Jindal era.

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  1. I don’t really care about the results as it’s not my state, but from the perspective of it being another slap in the face to trump, it’s pleasant to see.

  2. Same thing happened in the recent Canadian election. The ‘Conservative’ Party punched-right through the election build-up, still managed to get the highest number of votes, but remains the opposition and out of power.

    It never occurs to Cucktards that when you are constantly punching right, you are alienating the people whose only real choice is to vote for you. And since they know only betrayal awaits them, they stay home.

    This is the year when the Left truly won: they convinced the Right to adopt their Game Theory strategy of always defecting.

  3. Trump will lose reelection in 2020 and I predict that will be the spark which will change things drastically. The GOP and Dems are both Jew owned and run so I don’t care who wins but I do hope for as much chaos as possible as anything that hurts ZOG is great for us.

  4. why do people still assume their are 2 parties, and 2 goals here? the only party is the federal government, the only goal is less liberty for you and more control for them. swinging the population left to right is just a diversion. either way we lose liberties and they gain control

  5. If the GOP was ever truly conservative we’d have overcome our anti-White enemies a long time ago.
    Any White person who remains loyal to a party that has no loyalty to him is either a moron or a terminal fool.

  6. Yea, let GOP die. I could care less. This Democrat governer is more “conservative” than Conservative Inc” is. And I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way.

  7. A model for the GOP.

    Too bad the current GOP and it’s would-be usurpers are too stupid to see a winning strategy.

  8. Bizarre to see a site called Occidental Dissent happy about dim wins and GOP losses in general. It’s all a uniparty, and nobody likes the cucks, but if your only choice is between one candidate of the McConnell variety (only in it for the money) and the Pelosi variety (wants to take down the US and make it part of the global cabal)…I can go with the McC variety being beaten down, but I can never be happy about an anti-American dim winning.

    Of course, maybe this guy was an exception from the dims I know, but in general…never a dim is the motto of this once-upon-a-time hard leftist, now part of the bi-partisan America First movement.

    • It’s a month later, but that’s worth replying to. I’ve been thinking the same thing. One party has no one–but losers (globalists).The other has mostly losers–globalists — but they also have the Freedom Caucus, 7-8 really good fighters. So what do you pick?

      Pt two, just what you said. One said has globalists into it for the money. The other has globalists in it to destroy America. Easy choice.

      Two good reasons why, even if they screw it up sometimes, at least their WORST is better than the dims worst, which is obama. Their best is Jordan/Nunes/Gaetz/Meadows/Gohmert/Cruiz….where the other guys HAVE no “best”….. Come on…. .

      As for those who just want to see Trump lose, why stay in America if you hate America First so much? Never could figure that out. Go join those going to Central America, and good luck with the cartels.

  9. It really just goes to show you that white democrats can win in the south if they are not communist lunatics. As noted, Edwards is not a liberal and is pro life, pro gun and I believe anti sanctuary city/state so does anyone really hate that he won against a new Republican dude who came close to beating him? I mean why would anyone really care Edwards won outside of getting the ” muh Republican” guy lost?

    Trump is going to win Louisiana by a mile. Republicans did extremely well in the rest of the races but the jews media focuses on a ” black eye” for Trump because Edwards won. If you can find a sucker to bet a Democrat is going to beat Trump in 2020 in Louisiana, well jump on that bet!

    Republitards are still playing the ” well the real racists are” and will push that black vote from eight to ten percent in the next election. Wow weeee! Meanwhile not upgrading and increasing your white vote and white population is like driving on a bridge that has not been inspected for decades.

    Interesting how in Louisiana the Republicans sure love all them registered Republicans David Duke got for the national Republicans but then play the ” Duke is a bad boy” routine when the democrat run media comes out with their disavow Duke show while Al Sharpton literally does national tv and the jews and their goy dancers not only promote him but call him a civil rights leader..

    Hey Republicans, without whites, it’s over. And no amount of the one billionth speech on Martin Luther King or starting a speech with, ” Hola mis amigos y amigas” will change that….ever!

  10. I’ve always thought abortion and guns where confining Democrats to certain areas of the country. For instance Bob Casey won in Pa in the 2000s by being pro-life against Rick Santorum.

    I feel that if you aren’t going to be for making abortion illegal your talking points should revolve around poverty and the need to get rid of poverty and saying that abortion is a consequence of poverty. But some democrats instead say that poverty is preventing abortions, not causing it. “They can’t get the medical care they need.” That’s simply a stance that will alienate people more than the “keep it legal but make it rare by making people less poor” stance.

    Notice how all of the most extreme people on guns (like Beto, Castro) aren’t doing well?

  11. All this had to do with the GOP pushing the ‘conservative Inc’ agenda. American people especially American Whites are turning their back to the Conservative Inc version of the GOP.

    Conservative Inc. is nothing more then a REPACKAGED neocon agenda!!

  12. The bottom line is that once again Blormp has made himself look bad. He has short coattails and zero credibility.

  13. Eric Striker predicted that in a few years, anti-Zionism/anti-Free Market will become mainstream “Right” Issues. In the case of Kentucky, the GOP Governor was trying to take Medicare Gibs away. This is extremely unpopular, and too many people will not respond to ‘muh Principles.

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