Al Jazeera: Abolishing Whiteness Has Never Been More Urgent

Mark LeVine teaches history at the University of California and is a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace academic council.

Al Jazeera:

“Noel Ignatiev never set out to be a hero. His goal was quite the opposite: to be a “traitor” to a race that for much of his life would not accept him and whose inherent toxicity, he believed, would permanently impede the possibility of the United States living up to its ideals.

On November 9, the historian died, leaving behind a body of work explaining why and how Americans ought to abolish “whiteness”. As the country faces a surge in white supremacist violence and rhetoric, there may be no better time to engage with – and embrace – his ideas.

Ignatiev was born and raised in the same progressive – and for some, radical – American Jewish tradition that moulded Bernie Sanders (who was born less than a year before him). He grew up in a mixed-race area of Philadelphia where he witnessed the extent and depth of anti-black racism. In the late 1950s, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, but dropped out after three years and focused on leftist activism. …

Ignatiev was a member of the last generation of Jews who experienced what it meant to be considered less than white in the US – at least until the present generation experienced a sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks after the election of Donald Trump. He understood the malleability of race and its reality as a social, ideological and political, rather than biological, construct. …

This should not surprise us. While whiteness and its avatar, “Western civilisation”, have for centuries declared themselves to be the epitome of Enlightenment and freedom, historians have demonstrated not only the historicity of whiteness and its contingency, but that whiteness emerged directly and almost exclusively through its connection to imperialism/colonialism, slavery, genocide and modern-day racism.

We need only think of all those smiling white faces in photos of lynchings across the American south – what WEB Du Bois described as “the writing of human hatred, a deep and passionate hatred … on the pale, white faces” – to understand how the ontological pleasure gained from participating in the humiliation and extermination of black people is the most enduring identifying marker of whiteness.

One would have better luck taking wetness away from water – at least you can freeze it – than to rip the racism out of whiteness. …”

Now that whiteness is being abolished by our hostile Jewish cultural elite through their entrenched positions in academia and the news and entertainment media (Jewish emancipation is to thank for this), some former White people are becoming “born again Africans” in the UK.

Daily Mail:

“Anyone should be allowed to ‘identify’ as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background, according to Left-wing university leaders.

The Universities and Colleges Union has set out its stance in a report on the ongoing row about whether men should be able to self-identify as women and be treated as female regardless of their anatomy.

The UCU’s ‘position statement’ did not just stand by its support for self-identification of gender, but also insisted people can choose their own race, saying: ‘Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry and stereotyping. UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.’ …

In Britain, the actor Anthony Lennon – born in London to Irish parents – faced criticism last year when it emerged he had won funding from an Arts Council scheme to help ethnic minority actors develop their stage careers, because he ‘identifies’ as a ‘born-again African’. …”

Increasingly, we are seeing a radical push toward decoupling race, sex and gender from biology. We need to push back hard in the other direction by insisting that these things really are grounded in biology.

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  1. If this is the direction the madness is heading in, then I’ll have no guilt over identifying as black or trans or whatever to get a leg up where necessary…and if this stuff is still ongoing when my children come of age, I will encourage them to do the same. God help us if it lasts that long.

  2. Whiteness is not a culture it is a social construct. There is Irish culture, Italian culture, German culture, Southern culture, and Yankee culture, but no “White” culture. Whiteness has nothing to do with culture but only a social position. Without the privileges attached to it the idea of the “White race” would not exist, and white skin would have no more significance than big feet. Hunter you and your WN ilk are truly ignorant morons, and have bought into the trap of the idea of “Whiteness”, with an imaginary race, and an imaginary struggle.

        • The only people I’ve ever encountered who split hairs over or question what “Whiteness”, “White”, “White culture” mean are anti-White.

          • You are clearly brainwashed then. I’m not “Anti-White” as I don’t identify with a social construct , I’m a Southerner of Irish and English decent, and proud of that. But being a “White” Nationalist / pro White is a type of Universalism/egalitarianism for all persons of European decent. I reject all forms of universalism and egalitarianism which is why I’m not a White Nationalist.

      • 1) Anti-White morons put in place government and corporate “affirmative action programs” that discriminate against people with white skin for both employment and higher education.

        2) Anti-White morons run government funded White Guilt propaganda to guilt only people with white skin for history.

        3) Anti-White morons don’t care if a country is too Asian or too black. Yet they go CrAZy if they see any country or area that is too White. They demand all White areas be forced to be more diverse, ie less White, until no White areas are left on the planet.

        Then these same anti-White morons all say, “DUH… We can’t tell who is White.”

        Its a wonder anyone takes these SICK FOOLS seriously.

    • Oh just shut up. If I wanted to I could use the same bullshit logic to assert that there is no such thing as “fruit”, just apples, oranges, etc. Take your retarded bullshit back to Reddit.

    • Boriss, You show incredible ignorance of biological/genetic differences between subsets of Homo Sapiens. Perhaps, you’ve read too many anti-white scribes, listened to anti-white presentations by cultural marxists with fancy and ‘impressive ‘ titles in front of and behind their surnames, or perhaps you’re just one of those malfunctioning “woke” leftist whites that despises their own reflection in the mirror, but whatever caused your break with reality, your statement and conclusions are in error.

      Forensic anthropologists can differentiate between the skeletons of Asians, Europeans, black Africans, and admixtures of any and all of them. They are also able to determine with extreme certainty the gender of skeletons (spoiler alert: there’s only two).

      There might not be “Whiteness” as a cultural phenomenon, but it is Whiteness that as defined by the adversaries of White well being that is in their crosshairs for erasure by perpetual anti-white grievance agitation propaganda via the usual suspects.

      Western Civilization’s foundational bedrock are Greek philosophy and ethics, Roman Statemanship, and German engineering. From that might cornerstone, a Pan-European mosiac of ethnicities have created unparalleled achievements in science, technology, literature, music, art, education, quality of life, and shared them with the rest of the world selflessly. No other race of people can claim anything close to that altruism.

      For all the anti-whites that ‘hate read’ Occidental Dissent, here’s your takeaway; for every tear the people of European descent have caused, they’ve dried an ocean of tears with our humanitarianism to ungrateful and resentful recipients of our goodwill.

    • WHITE PRIVILEGE: Give poor disadvantaged blacks lots of money and they WILL stop stabbing each other (and the occasional hapless White) and using bicycles to make their getaway, and instead they will THEN start shooting each other and using top of the range 4×4 Range Rovers with smoked windows as getaway vehicles. Progress!

      Black disadvantage means if you’re black you get free housing and all the household utility bills paid for and all the taxes paid for by the Government. Plus you get enough welfare payments to sink a battleship. You don’t have to waste time working or holding down a job. You can therefore devote your time to the important things in life. All your free time and all the money you receive can thus be spent on pleasure and leisure – which means lounging around in parks, block parties, drink, drugs, cars, Micro Uzi and Mac 11 machine pistols… and White women.

      White privilege simply means you pay for it all.

    • WRONG!

      Because of European paganism and Christianity Europeans have an overarching mythos that informs our socities.

      While there may be fierce arguments/disagreements over what how our society myths are interrupted or acted upon. The fact is where working from the same playbook.

      Your comment as well as Noel’s only makes sense in a majority white country where those small differences can be elevated and debated.

      That is not where we are at. The difference between a Nordic person and Mediterranean seems miniscule when you add in Sonomans, Nigerians and a Filipino. Why because they are interrupting reality through a completely different lens. Even a non-white like Filipino who may easily be Catholic. The Filipino’s Catholicism is would give them a closer connection but the Filipino’s own pagan religion heavily influenced how they interrupt the Bible/Christianity.

      Whiteness is important, and it is legitimate.

  3. Meanwhile, looks like some of our guys taking over Wikipedia.

    “”…..Noel Ignatiev (/???næti?v/; December 27, 1940 – November 9, 2019) was a Jewish racist propagandist. He was known for his work on race and social class and for his call to abolish “whiteness” and other racist apologies for genocide. Yet he never spoke about Palestine and the slaughter of people by jews over political motivated agendas. . Ignatiev was the co-founder of the New Abolitionist Society and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor, which promoted the idea that “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”.[3] He also wrote a book on antebellum northern xenophobia against Irish immigrants, How the Irish Became White. His publisher billed him as “one of America’s leading and most controversial historians”.[4]. Yet he never spoke about the Jewish monopoly over slave trade. Or how jews blamed europeans for their deeds…”””

  4. Al-Jazeera, which is owned by the US Deep State allied UE government, has been pushing anti-white propaganda really hard in the past year. They have also been pushing the LGBT agenda hard, but only for white countries of course, not for themselves.

    • During the Rape of Iraq by the US in 2003 Al Jazeera was one of the few international news agencies not under ZOG’s control. That is obviously no longer the case.

      • Yes, look up the “Sunni pivot.” In the late Bush era, the US Deep State made an alliance with Sunni Islamists. Now Sunnis and the US fight for Israel together.

  5. What I dislike about people like him is that their anti-racism is based on a retarded idea of good and evil. it’s not really like a “hate the world” nihilistic type of view.

    • If we people of European decent cease to exist it is our own faults, and to place blame on minorities is acting no better than niggers or Jews who always use the victim card. Either go make changes that you want, have lots of kids or shut the fuck up.

  6. Better yet, we should demand that race be “abolished” altogether.

    Demand that race be taken off the government census. Demand that race be taken off of immigration quotas.
    Demand that race be taken off of college and employment applications.

    At the same time, establish strict merit-based criteria for allowing in immigrants and hiring and universities.

    Abolish all quotas. Without a racial category, they aren’t necessary.

  7. Plenty of us Whites grew up in a multi-racial environment. Jews, like the arrogant supremacists they are, think their experience is so much richer, significant, and cultured than gentile whites. I’ve experienced so much richness from diversity that recognizing my Whiteness, reactionarily, became a necessary refuge from whence to rebuild.

    I don’t regret the diversity of my experience and all I’ve seen and done but these Fikes need to stay in their own lane.

    As for us reactionary Whites, trying to build some political coherence with our people spread far and wide with similar skin color, language, and physical idiosyncrasies…….

    …..but, within a vast disparity of cultural, religious, class, and historic identity…….

    INTEGRATE or Brazil.

    • And yet certain Brazilian parts are more homogenous than modern france germany etc. Sure whites are a minority here,but the majority non white is stuffes in Rio de Janeiro and the North East states(Bahia,Recife etc.).

  8. The mussies decided to grow balls??

    Careful there my little 85IQ camel hampers…… Don’t start something that might just wipe you OFF this planet we call Earth !

  9. “Ignatiev was a member of the last generation of Jews who experienced what it meant to be considered less than white in the US”

    This is a Jewish lie that WN’s play into because they think we have to say whites were good 100% of the time and nothing is our fault

    Jews were considered white at the founding of our country. Jews were considered white in the Confederate government.

    Jews have been considered white in England and Holland since the 1600’s

    While European peasentry was hostile the Kings and queens were fine with them.

    the most barbaric colonialism Europeans ever engaged in was done to benefit jews.

    I think at this point (with zero white run institutions or nation’s that operate in our interests) we would be better off making Jews wear the crown of white supremacy than to play into their narrative they weren’t white until the 1960’s.

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