Pope Francis Compares Homophobic Politicians To Hitler

Trad Catholics and the Vatican appear to be going in opposite directions.


“VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis said on Friday politicians who rage against homosexuals, gypsies and Jews remind him of Hitler.

“It is not coincidental that at times there is a resurgence of symbols typical of Nazism,” Francis said in an address to participants of an international conference on criminal law.

“And I must confess to you that when I hear a speech (by) someone responsible for order or for a government, I think of speeches by Hitler in 1934, 1936,” he said, departing from his prepared address.

“With the persecution of Jews, gypsies, and people with homosexual tendencies, today these actions are typical (and) represent ‘par excellence’ a culture of waste and hate. That is what was done in those days and today it is happening again.” …”

Pope Francis believes you are sinning against his earth goddess the Pachamama.

Daily Mail:

Pope Francis is considering introducing ‘ecological sins’ in a new bid to battle climate change.

Speaking in Rome on Friday, Pope Francis said it’s ‘a duty’ to introduce the new sin to the Catholic Church’s teachings as a way to protect ‘our common home’.

This comes after the Pope held a three-week bishops’ assembly, called a synod, last month which addressed environmental dangers in the Amazon.

Speaking on Friday, he said: ‘We have to introduce, we are thinking about it, in the catechism of the Catholic Church, the sin against ecology, the sin against our common home, because it’s a duty.’

He was addressing members of the International Association of Penal Law in Rome, Crux Now reports.

At the same event, the pope also said that politicians who rage against homosexuals, gypsies and Jews remind him of Hitler. …”

So tiresome.

What are our Catholic friends going to do? My guess is continue to suffer in silence and pretend that Jorge Bergoglio doesn’t exist until he is gone.

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    • Francis is not the Pope, Benedict XVI is still Pope, whether he likes it or not, and he obviously doesn’t like it. The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was null and void because it was defective in form and matter therefore the Conclave called to elect Francis the Fool Pope was null and void. There cannot be two Popes at the same time. The Conclave could have elected HW Pope or emperor of China or voted to repeal the law of gravity, all those actions would have had an equal amount of legitimacy, zero.

      Francis is not Pope therefore none of his actions as Popehave an ounce of legitimacy, they are null and void. Francis is an anti-pope i.e. a false pope erected against the true Pope, Benedict XVI. There have been anti-popes before in Church history and this is an example of history repeating in our time. This too shall pass. Francis will be declared an anti-pope, the damage will be repaired in due time and the Church will continue until the end of time.

      • 12ax7,

        Please specify on why it was defective in form and matter. Was it because Francis was a heretic/apostate when elected?

      • 12 – Benny the JOO Ratzinger “resigned” because he was going to be REMOVED from the Vatican, and Vatican assets seized, because of child rape and trafficking. You haven’t had a Pope in 60 years.

        • I think the next pope should be a Chinaman, madam. The Cat-licks need to be reminded that their religion is universalist, not just for spix and wops.

        • Hello;

          The resignation was defective because Pope Benedict XVI “resigned” the “active ministry” of the Office of Pope but retained the “contemplative ministry” of the Office, according to his resignation later. This is an impossibility because the Office was created as a unitary office by Christ Himself according to Church teaching (Matthew 16:8) and has been maintained as a unitary office ever since. This alone is sufficient to nullify Pope Benedict’s (attempted) resignation. See: https://nonvenipacem.com/ for more analysis and detail.

          Benedict XVI has also continued to wear papal robes, signed correspondence as Pope and referred to himself repeatedly using papal means of address in private. This indicates Benedict XVI is aware he still holds the Office. Benedict XVI’s failure to exercise the duties of his Office no more negates his position than did Pope JPII’s failure to exercise his duties while he was in a coma. JPII was still Pope until he died although physically unable to exercise his duties.

          “Pope” (sic) Francis’ actions are not the cause of his disqualification as Pope, merely confirming evidence through his manifest heresies that he is not Pope. As I’m sure you know the Church teaches that all popes enjoys supernatural protection from error in matters of Faith and Morals (only). This is a negative protection i.e. it prevents any pope from erroneous teachings. Benedict XVI’s failure (and the bishops) to publicly rebuke Francis and send him in to exile is regrettable but not a papal error.

          • 12ax7,

            Thank you for such a detailed and informative response. Your comment was worthy of me copying, saving, printing out and taking it to a priest. I might even send it to a canon lawyer to get his opinion.

            So, once again I give you much appreciation.

  1. The pope is so mad about “anti-semitism” he harshly condemns something that isn’t happening. Priests diddling boys on the other hand…

  2. What to do with a Pope who has defected from the Faith? He can and should be publicly condemned. His decrees can and should be ignored when they are heretical. He can be asked to resign. He cannot be forced from the throne however if he was validly consecrated. Canon Laws forbid force against him to the best of my belief.

    Will he be condemned and will there be a mass outcry from Catholics against him or his latest statements? No, or else he would not make his statements. The overwhelming amount of the cardinals and bishops will stay quiet.

    I will tell everyone who will listen that he and his comments are evil. I can influence people to an extent. I am forceful with my friends and deferential with adult males. Influencing men takes tact and sweetness. Meaning I just am non threatening to their egos and I just mention certain truths and let them do their own thinking.

    I believe St. Athanasius in the 4th century AD said during the Arian Heresy that if there was only 1 Catholic left then the Church was still alive. Remember the Church is composed of clergy and laymen NOT just the clergy.

    As for the 3 categories of humans mentioned by Francis? Condemnations of the Jews by the Church is a constant in Church history. The gypsies? Well known for their actions. Homosexuality? A behavior condemned by defined dogmas as a mortal sin. No one can change a defined dogma. Jews and gypsies cannot be killed merely for being in their category. There have been times in Catholic countries where male homosexuality was punished by death and definitely by prison.

    I truly do not know what he will say next. Is anything off the table with such a man?

      • November,

        Ah, the Borgias. See there is something to be said for the cunning Latin mentality. Combine that with family loyalties and medieval scruples and you have a Family dangerous to antagonize.

        • Cristina,

          Originally, I thought of a modern way of handling traitors using the polonium pellet umbrella trick, but since we’re dealing with the Vatican, it would be more fitting to use the tried and true Borgia’s system of dispensing with troublemakers.

          Points to you for understanding the reference. I can imagine you being quite efficient at making your family’s enemies learn a hard lesson but once.

          Did you get an opportunity to read this article about the RCC financial crisis and their cozy relationship with Wall Street?

          Could Francis’ proclamations be related?


          • November,

            I am learning to be efficient. I know you do not warn and you do not threaten. You do not bluster. No rattlesnake nonsense.

            Some of my relatives come from Sonora. There is a tribe of Indians called the Seri who made arrows with poison. They would get snakes and scorpions, put them in a pit and tease them to get their poison. They would then steep it or something and apply to their arrows. Very painful I have heard.

            I know a person can become resistant to certain poisons by taking them in small dosages. I have been stung by scorpions twice and the second time was not nearly as bad.

            I will read that article on the Church and Wall Street. I generally believe that leaders are evil but do what they do out of calculation.

            Trump is an exception. He seems to be without brains and tact. But then American leaders have no diplomatic skills they only try to bully and intimidate —like a school yard tough.

          • Trump is a blustering fool. He appears to be absent of intellectual curiosity and relies on cutthroat jews for advice and consent. The king of the Jews wears no clothes so to speak.

            American presidents have been morally adrift for much of the history of the nation, but it’s has accelerated over the past 178 years. Many administrations have allowed corruption to taint policies foreign and domestic.

            America’s role as the sole superpower days are numbered, as are its ability to unite its citizens and interlopers as diversity and multiculturalism are catalysts for increased rate of societal entropy.

          • November,

            Well, now I have another mini series to put on my list. I was planning on watching the Russian production of War and Peace 1967 or their Catherine the Great mini series. In Russian naturally since I am trying to learn Russian.

            Yes, Maria the Monster is more aggressive than myself. We also call her Masha the Monster since we watch a Russian cartoon called Masha and the Bear. The little Russian girl Masha is an Imp like Maria and about the same age.

            Scorpions appear to be neurotoxin poisonous. The sting in Durango was worse than the sting in Texas. I was younger as well. Either way just taking the ice pack off of the toe for more than a few seconds was like being on fire. The pain lasted for hours.

            My great grandfather has a preserved Black Scorpion of Durango that measures more than 6 inches long. In the 1950’s more than 1000 people a year died due to scorpions.

            Most scorpion stings are not reported. Neither of my stings was reported and I was not taken to the hospital. Since Texas scorpions are not as dangerous, my family was actually kidding me when I got stung the second time.

          • Cristina,

            The neurotoxin potency probably correlates to the predators and prey the scorpions encounter in the two different regions.

            In regards to the Borgia miniseries, it is rated MA for Mature Audience because of nudity and sexual situations. That’s just a ‘heads up,’ in case you were thinking of watching it with your parents or/or younger siblings.

            You sure are taking that Russia language immersion seriously. Perhaps, you could be a translator for businesses and politicians dealing with their Russian counterparts.

          • November,

            Thanks on the warning on the nudity in the Lucretia Borgia series. As a girl it means little since I see naked girls every day in the shower room but I doubt if my parents would want my older brothers to see things like that.

            I really did not know about the specifics of scorpion poison except that it hurt.

            Yes, I would much prefer to be an interpreter compared to an accountant. It depends on what my Family want me to be. Maybe both.

          • November,

            I think I would prefer my poison to be neurotoxin since there is less visible damage to the victim. Making it more clever and subtle.

          • Cristina,

            I do believe that Spahnranch1969 was referring to this miniseries.


            I think Maria “The Monster ” should be cast as a young Lucrezia Borgia.

            The Holy See has been a harbor for much malfeasance throughout its history. It must’ve had a terrifying grip over the people of Europe that a schism hadn’t occurred prior to the Protestant Reformation. Even in Luther’s time, the RCC was behaved like the fictional character “Walter White’s” alter ego “Heisenberg.” It would be best to tread carefully.

            There are indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle that use the poison from the poison arrow frogs to kill prey and intruders. I recall a video of them running around naked shooting arrows at a helicopter. It was quite amusing. What God or demon did they think that chopper was?

            Well, you are Empress Scorpion. Is your toxin a neurotoxin or a hemotoxin?

  3. Yes we are going in very different directions and have been since the kikes took over in the early 1960’s. This Pope and many others in the church need to be removed and excommunicated, church officials who have harmed children must be handed over to the authorities for trial and if found guilty sentenced to prison or executed, the ridiculous celibacy rule for priests and nuns needs to be removed, Latin mass must return, we must once again speak out against the evil of the Jews, abortion, and homosexuality. In addition to these things the church must return to being a place solely for Catholic Christian people of European origin to worship Christ. I don’t care about the so called souls of various forms of shit colored savages around the world but what I do care about are the eternal souls of my people.

  4. Since the Catholic Church has a large, possibly majority homosexual Priesthood it makes sense for the Pope to be pro-homosexual.

  5. Can’t speak for Mr. Fuentes and other Catholics involved with the authentic Right, a primarily political movement, but more pure-play religious Traditional Catholic media has been railing against Pope Francis’s Amazonian Synod 100%. I subscribe to The Remnant, and the last issue was 50% larger, had half a dozen pieces calling out the heresies and idolatry of the synod. This in addition to conferences including Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider, as well as prayerful protests in Rome. The need to resist Francis to his face has been heavily stressed, as well as the need to #UniteTheClans (SSPX, FSSP, and diocesan Latin Mass and Novus Ordo worshippers) in resistance.
    Overall the Trad Catholic scene is MUCH bigger and has wider sympathy than it did when the motu propio allowing all priests to say the Latin Mass came out a dozen years ago. May not seem so now but things are looking up, and God willing, Francis and friends are the last gasp of the 68ers in the Church.

  6. Cuck Francis genuflected to that heeb to the point hiding his crucifix inside of his gown/robe. How absolutely pathetic!

    The RCC should be dissolved for the good of the faithful.

  7. The church is run by fags. When the Catholic pedo scandals first became known, articles mentioned the practicing queers in the “Pink Mafia” that had taken over most seminaries, monasteries, and higher positions in the church. Pervs just got moved around to different parishes instead of getting thrown out.

    The pink twinks are still running things. One priest close to Bergoglio got busted for having a queer orgy, and a cardinal crony of the Antipope got tried and convicted in Australia for child sex abuse. It’s no shock that buttpumpers waving the rainbow flag would also be politically correct on Joos and “climate change.” They’ve turned a holy institution into a satanic one.

  8. Pope faggot at it again, just like all the other popes they are all heretical because they all claim to be christ in the flesh on earth

  9. Funny how jews don’t prostrate themselves in the presence of Catholic officials or Christian symbols, but gentiles must do so in front of the Wailing Wall and Holohoax memorials.

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