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  1. The Jewnited States is at least partially responsible for the destruction of Rhodesia and SA. Unlike the Greek and Roman Empires before it the American Empire has cast a malign influence over the entire world.

  2. Our common want of common ‘threads’ We have woven our common European ‘blanket’ were we are ALL subscribers and contributors !!

    When I was a young man In Australia going with my Polytechnic school to camps for a week at a time, the farm owners there that were running those camps, in the evening in an open fire gathered around with large logs burning and hypnotising us, we used to sing this song an old WW1 song from the Great War.

    I loved every single millisecond of those days – and I miss them even today!!

    “A Long, Long Way To Tipperary” – 1914

  3. I first heard of Rhodesia in my late teens, from reading Jeff Cooper’s book *Fireworks: A Gunsite Anthology*. Copper was anti-communist, and went to Rhodesia before the fall, several times I believe. The 1977 I.P.S.C. World Championship was held in Rhodesia, and won by a Rhodesian. Rhodesia fell to the Negro communists the year of my birth, but it is still interesting to read about it.

  4. Lived in Rhodesia in 1978. Was in the last all European National Service Class. RLI. I was the oldest guy in training. Lost 50 lbs. of American fat in training. Left Rhodesia in December 1978. The war was over about 10 months later. For the most part, training consisted of running and the dreaded Parade Square. I gapped it before para training. There was no American Embassy or consulate there. They were going to take our passports before we went down to SA for the training. And I considered that unacceptable. Training was totally disorganized. There was no set training schedule. No set length of training. The instructors had no lesson plans. They basically made it up on the go. I was in training for 5 months before I decided to leave. I can’t tell you how many times we were scheduled for a particular lesson, only to have the young instructors just ditch us in the bush. Capt. Cooper was the Officer in Charge of training. He was a no show for 5 months. Sgt. Wiggle was the guy in charge on a daily basis. A total idiot. How he made Sgt. is a miracle. However, Rhodesia was the best experience of my life. Learned a lot about the world there. Lost a good friend KIA. Steve Dwyer. Former USMC. He died alongside another yank that day. Hugh McCall. Former 173rd Airborne, Viet Nam vet.

  5. Living in Rhodesia was like living in 1930 England. For instance, there were very few bars, but there were lounges in some hotels. A gentleman was required to wear a jacket and tie after 3PM, in order to enter a lounge. Ladies may not enter a lounge unless escorted by a gentleman. Pornography was banned. Police generally didn’t carry firearms, but the public could. I was in a bank one day, and the guy next to me was carrying his shotgun. No problem. Crime rate was very low. While I was there, there was one robbery involving fatalities. Committed by a White guy. He was caught red handed. He was tried and executed within 30 days. That explains the low crime rate a bit.

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