Who Farted? Rep. Eric Swalwell or Chris Matthews

UPDATE: Swalwell has officially denied farting on MSNBC and seems to be suggesting it was Chris Matthews.


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  1. Swallows-well is literally and figuratively so full of shit it couldn’t be contained any longer! I’m sure Howard Stern devoted most of his show today to an in-depth discussion of that incident.

  2. Did anyone here watch the first episode of Rick and Morty’s fourth season last night? I thought it was a little too conceptual, even by Roiland’s and Harmon’s standards.

  3. @Hunter this is why the WN Movement is not take more serious is because of juvenile guys like yourself posting videos of people farting as a blog. I had heard by a couple people years ago that you were mentally ill and now I believe it.

  4. Swalwell did it…that

    was a trademark San Franshitsco demoncrat fart. What

    Comrade Mao in his collected works called “an ill wind from an air-raid tunnel” and

    also featured in the famous Hollywood western movie

    “Hoof Hearted”. Hitler, a confirmed vegetarian, was notorious for this sort of thing and thus known

    (behind his back) as

    “the flatulant Fuehrer”. Etc., etc.

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