Southern History Series: Andrew Jackson’s Southern Identity

After reading Rich Lowry’s book The Case for Nationalism, I came away from it stimulated with an idea for a new project. What was American Nationalism like when we controlled the idea of America? Southerners ruled America from Washington through Lincoln.

The following excerpt comes from Mark Cheathem’s book Andrew Jackson, Southerner:

“Although most scholars describe Old Hickory as a westerner, as representative of the trans-Appalachian frontier, Jackson was truly a southerner. He was born and raised in the Waxhaws regions of the most southern of states, South Carolina, where he learned the path to success included building an influential social network, choosing a career in law, and acquiring land and slave property. In Tennessee, Jackson worked toward becoming a southern planter and gentleman, although his enemies would have disputed the latter. His desire to live as part of the gentry was ever present, even as he defeated the British at New Orleans in 1815, ascended to the presidency in 1828, and built the Democratic Party in the 1830s and 1840s. Jackson’s propensity toward violence, defense of honor, enslavement of African-Americans, embrace of kinship, and pursuit of Manifest Destiny created a southern identity to which many contemporary white southerners, elite and non-elite, could relate. …”

Andrew Jackson was an Ulster Scot from the South Carolina Upcountry which is ethnically and culturally one of the most deeply Scots-Irish regions of the United States. John C. Calhoun, who was Jackson’s Vice President and rival, was from the same region and background. Jackson and Polk were America’s Scots-Irish presidents from Greater Appalachia and both spent their careers fighting off calumnies from Yankees who were bitterly opposed to national expansion that benefited the South and who were not in charge of America at that time.

“Had not James Hamilton, Jr., one of the prime agitators, stated publicly that he supported Jackson because he was “a Southern man, with Southern interests and Southern feelings?” …”

The capital of Mississippi is named after Andrew Jackson. Jacksonville in Florida is named after Andrew Jackson in honor of the role he played in the annexation of Florida. There is an equestrian statue of Jackson mounted on horseback in Jackson Square in New Orleans which honors the role he played in the Battle of New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812. There are counties and cities named after General Jackson all over the South who removed the Indians to what is now Oklahoma to clear the path to White settlement. He broke the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend here in Alabama. No wonder he is hated by True Conservatives.

“Despite the political assaults that came his way during the presidential campaign, Jackson won a resounding victory. His electoral vote total of 178 swamped Adam’s 83; the 56 percent of voters who supported Jackson with their ballot also spoke to his undeniable triumph. The South gave Jackson a clean electoral sweep. After having secured only 42.2 percent of the southern popular vote in 1824, his percentage increased to 70.6 percent in 1828. In three of the five Lower South states (Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi), Jackson won no less than 81.1 percent of the popular vote. (The South Carolina legislature gave its electoral votes to the Jackson-Calhoun ticket, while the unique nature of Louisiana’s politics garnered Jackson only 53 percent of the popular vote.) In the Upper South, Jackson performed least well in Maryland (49.8 percent) and Kentucky (55.5 percent) but scored significant victories in Virginia (69 percent), Missouri (70.6 percent), North Carolina (73.1 percent), and Tennessee (95.2 percent).”

Jackson was hugely popular in the Old Southwest due to Indian Removal which Rich Lowry describes in his books as one of our great “national sins.” According to conservative liberalism, things like race, ethnicity, culture, religion and especially “identity politics” are qualities which do not matter which is pure ahistorical nonsense. These things are decisive.

America used to be a White Man’s Country until the War Between the States and that was because our ancestors controlled it. The institutional expression of this sentiment was the Democratic Party. It all came crashing down due to abolitionist agitation and we got the Reconstruction amendments when the Black Republicans took over Congress and dissolved our states and placed the South under military rule. This huge change was entirely due to the shift in power from one ethnic group to another in Washington. It would have never happened otherwise.

Note: Food for thought.

Is it Andrew Jackson’s party or Abraham Lincoln’s? Jefferson’s or Hamilton’s? The Republican establishment and Conservatism, Inc. are out of touch with their base. Why is that?

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  1. Andrew Jackson, however, was not a good Southerner. He was a staunch Unionist who proclaimed “The Union must and shall be preserved” and bullied South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis. He helped free negroes getting the right to vote in Tennessee under its Constitution of 1796.

    • “Mr. Calhoun, if you secede from my nation I will secede your head from the rest of your body.”

      The quote is disputed but it does sound like good Ol’ Hickory.

    • I’m guessing that Old Hickory wanted to preserve the Union because as a boy he fought for American independence. If the Union broke up it might slip back under British rule. And as we all know he hated the British!

      As far as the darkies are concerned Jackson was a good, honorable man who believed in fairness. The niggers feared and respected him. In return he didn’t want to see them mistreated.

    • I think Jackson saw himself as the South, and South Carolina, and the South Carolina politicians opposing him as pygmies.

  2. “Is it Andrew Jackson’s party or Abraham Lincoln’s?”

    Well, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln were both Southerners who used military force for their own nefarious purposes. They were just like most Southern presidents.

  3. Andrew Jackson was much better than the blood sucking politicians of today that are controlled by the Jews. He was respected by everybody and yes a Southerner. The Yankee Jews don’t like that. That’s why he and other will eventually be removed from our Jew money. He wasn’t a supporter of the Jew Central Banking System. I’m sure the Jew would really hate him now. Deo Vindice !

  4. A lot of people dont know Lincoln corresponded with Karl Marx regularly, that has to raise some serious questions as to what Lincoln was really doing.

    • You’re right, but it’s also true that Tsar Alexander II sent a Russian warship into New York harbor as a show of support for Mr. Lincoln’s Union.

      • I’m not sure Tsar Alexander was supporting Lincoln as much as he was ensuring something other than Britain and Mexico existed in North America.. Several civil war veterans are on record thanking Russia for saving America, without Russia’s Navy in New York harbour..the Northern States would have ceded to Canada and the Southerns to Mexico..there would be no U.S.A….the jews hated Tsar Alexander for that and killed him a short time later, the creation of the U.S.A interfered with the Rothschild plan for world domination at that time somehow..when we go back really far to the Vikings, Russia and Europe were settled and created by it kinda makes sense Alexander would want America to exist as a Southern bufferzone between the Aztec hoards, Russia and the Anglosphere…I don’t recall the exact details, but at some point, Alaska belonged to Britain and Western Canada belonged to Russia, somewhere along the way an Anglo Russo maritme agreement was drafted that ceded Western Canada to Britain and Britain gave Alaska to Russia…I can’t remember the name of the agreement…but one thing is for sure, Russia, Canada, Britain and the U.S.A were good friends at one point, perhaps even part of the same Empire to a degree and the jews have done everything they can to make us forget that part of history…its all about divide and conquer with these kikes.

  5. on Jackson the Great’s tombstone it says:

    “I killed the Bank” –

    meaning his courageous liquidation of Hamilton’s 2nd Rothschild National Bank –

    and the Jews have hated him for it ever since. (((They)))

    hate Jackson like (((they))) hate Christ.

    the first book I read about AJ was a venomous hit-piece

    by the UC Berkeley commie-Jew professor (((Michael Rogin))).

    • Jackson was one of the country’s few really great presidents. His killing of the Second Bank of the United States was probably the single best thing he did in his presidency. The banking class of scumbags had to wait until 1913, 80 years later to establish their new parasite, the Federal Reserve.

      20 years later that scumbag FDR illegally seized private gold in 1933 then raised the official price from 20 USD per Troy ounce to 35 USD per Troy ounce. It was off to the races then with huge Federal spending resulting in Nixon’s ending the exchange of USD held by foreign governments for gold at $35/Troy ounce in 1971. The Treasury had stopped minting silver coins with even one grain of silver in them in 1965.

      This enabled Congress to bribe the people with their own money and build Leviathan. This shell game is coming to end now, no tree grows to the sky. The economic troubles on the horizon will completely discredit the “liberal” establishment.

  6. Trump: thinks he’s a modern Andrew Jackson when he’s really a modern James Buchanan.

    Also Trump: Thinks he’s a modern Cyrus the Great when he’s really a modern Julian the Apostate.

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