LA Times: California’s Changing Demographics Will Further Doom Republicans

Everyone acknowledges the political implications of America’s changing racial and cultural demographics but Conservatism, Inc. because to do so would discredit the plausibility of conservative liberalism as the organizing ideology of the Right.

Los Angeles Times:

“SACRAMENTO —  Democrats dominate politics in California and Republicans are doomed for one simple, overriding reason: shifting demographics.

In short, the GOP’s core constituency is white people and they’re a declining slice of the California population pie. Conversely, Democrat-backing Latinos and Asian Americans have been expanding their slices.

That pattern is projected to continue, although at a slower pace. So the raw numbers won’t be getting any better for the already weakened California GOP.

“Republicans are heading into a demographic cul-de-sac,” says longtime Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC. …”

A few days ago, The Washington Post and The New York Times were both boasting that Virginia has also been transformed into a blue state because Democrats have replaced the native White Southern majority population with Third World immigrants.

The new Democratic-controlled Virginia state legislature is moving forward with its plan to tear down Confederate monuments. Charlottesville has moved on from tearing down Confederate monuments to tearing down monuments of Lewis and Clark now. The only reason this is happening is because of demographic change. The Democrats changed the demographics of California and Virginia to change the politics of both of those states.

It is taboo to candidly discuss this issue on the Right for three reasons:

1.) First, Conservatism, Inc. exists to neuter the Right, to gracefully lose the culture war and to assimilate leftwing social revolutions into mainstream conservatism. It has done this with the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, political correctness, anti-racism and most recently with the LGBTQIA movement. See our current banner.

2.) Second, the whole ideological edifice of Conservatism, Inc. which assumes that classical liberalism is true proceeds from the abstract deracinated individual as its subject and to admit that we are born into groups and that man is a social being is “collectivism.”

3.) Third, the mainstream media and the SPLC and ADL would say mean things about Conservatism, Inc which is deferential to their values and opinions. Most importantly, speaking frankly would derail their great plans to defeat the Left in the culture war. LMAO.

This is what produces the strange contradiction whereby Charlie Kirk and Don Jr. denounce “identity politics” while simultaneously celebrating Zionism and making identity based appeals to every group but the vast majority of voters of his own party. The ideology of the Center Right is classical liberalism, but it also has to serve the interests of the ultra-Zionist Jewish donors who own the party and it also has to conserve the norms of multiculturalism and political correctness which hold that White identity is uniquely illegitimate and should be deconstructed.

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  1. Every other racial group votes as a bloc, except ours. When the others votes as a group, it’s “identity politics.” We get called “supremacists” when we try to unite Whites as a voting bloc. If it’s easy enough to keep us apart by calling us names, our opponents will keep doing that.

  2. My prediction is that the Catholic politicians like Nancy Pelosi, and others see themselves as the leaders of the non-White Catholics in California and elsewhere, lording it over White people.

    • “Catholic politicians like Nancy Pelosi,”

      You’re joking ?

      Pelosi is about as catholic as madaline albright.

  3. It’s hardly a secret that changing demographics are going to doom the Republican party in CA. Too bad if Toilet Paper USA/ Conservative Inc. is too chickenshit to acknowledge such an obvious fact. Are those losers really so influential? I don’t think most of the public has even heard of Charlie Smallface and Ben “I pull my shirt all the way up and my pants all the way down when I pee” Shapiro.

  4. The Republitards and Trumpard will never win another election in the future. The Republicans will never do anything about Illegal Immigration. His border wall is nothing but a joke. It’s only a publicity stunt that will be the Baby Boomertards into staying on his team. The Democrats will win every future election when Illegals become Legal Voters. The Republicans will go along with it because the Republicans are afraid of being called a Racist. Truth be told it’s not about the “R” word but Republicans love working Illegal / Legal Immigrants for less than minimum wage. It’s a true Jewish Economic System. I recommend the Mexicans and other races do research on the Jews in America and the World. The Jew is the enemy. As for race…..we should all have Nationalism and respect national borders. The Jew is the enemy and we should all realize that by now. The Jew forces people together…’s basic racial nature that we stick with our own kind. It’s not about hate for literally Racial Survival in the World. Deo Vindice !

  5. who? what??

    the Californication Republiscam pty died years ago due to the

    “demographic change” that the cheap labor-crazy Repuibliscams themselves engineered.

    during the 2016 election in Judeo-Mexifornia, the open Senate seat contenders

    were a fem-Spic and a fem-‘groid/pajeet.

    and the ‘groid/pajeet won.

    There was no “Republican” candidate at all

    because there is no longer a “Republican” pty in Mexifornia. And

    soon there won’t be a “Republican” pty in ‘Murka. And

    that, from an accelerationist, Jew-wise, hardRight viewpoint, is a

    damn good thing.

  6. The colored people and Conservatism, Inc. explicitly assume the U.S. will continue to be a high functioning, first world nation maintaining gibs for the dusky types, military dominance and prosperity. The flaw with that assumption is that Third World people produce Third World countries wracked by poverty, crime, violence, backwardness, corruption, and failure. The U.S. has no “magic dirt” that transforms Third World people into first world people once they step one inch on to U.S. territory.

    Their faulty genetics aren’t changed and they simply reproduce Mexico, Somalia, Bangladesh etc. wherever they wash up in the U.S. weakening the country and rotting it from the inside out. The result is a poorer, weaker, more chaotic nation unable to do great things. In spite of what’s on TV there will be no competent Somali nuclear physicists, Mexican brain surgeons or Bangladeshi genetic researchers making breakthroughs, those things will happen in China if they happen at all.

    A weakened and bankrupt empire cannot support a first class space program; Russian rockets launch men in to space. A diverse military crashes ships, has angry Moslems shooting up Ft. Hood and cannot maintain high tech systems without white males. Our Greatest Ally may have to fight its own wars without help from an overstretched, bankrupt military they helped to bankrupt.

    The prosperity of recent decades including welfare gibs has been accomplished through massive debts. This has been possible because the U.S. had the world’s reserve currency, dominant military and technology since the end of WWII, 75 years ago. That advantage has been squandered through war, equality, diversity, welfare and immigration. The false, temporary prosperity of debt, debt, debt is about over, what comes next is poverty and chaos; no more gibs, no more empire.

  7. I can’t believe that they still have some republican seats in california.

    the thing is. while the government (federal and states) keeps data of everything. there’s no official data on the demographics of the voters. the only thing closer to it it’s from exit polls that arent exactly reliable.

    so, while the non-hispanic population was around 62% in 2016, the voters are 69-70%, but, in states with high hispanic population the difference was 10% or more, according to such polls. like texas with 58% of white voters, believe it or not.

    but the thing is: if ALL republicans keep their vote, and all democrats keep their vote as they did in 2016. , even in this situation, trump may still lose in certain states like pennsylvania. why? age differences. how many old trump voters from 2016 are dead right now?

    without counting, of course, all those mexicans reaching 18 year old each day

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