Vox Explores Accelerationism

If memory serves, I believe this is the first article I have seen in the mainstream media which recognizes the accelerationists or the boogalootarians as we call them being their own distinct group with their own mindset, texts and strategy. Usually, they are lumped together with us by journos as “alt-right” or “white supremacists” or “White Nationalists.”


“Blaze Bernstein, age 19 at the time of his murder, loved to cook.

Before he traveled back to his home in California for the 2017-’18 winter break, the University of Pennsylvania sophomore had been elected managing editor of a campus cooking publication called Penn Appétit. It’s a position he ended up never filling. …

These killings were often linked to the alt-right, described as an outgrowth of the movement’s rise in the Trump era. But many of these suspected killers, from Atomwaffen thugs to the New Zealand mosque shooter to the Poway synagogue attacker, are more tightly connected to a newer and more radical white supremacist ideology, one that dismisses the alt-right as cowards unwilling to take matters into their own hands.

It’s called “accelerationism,” and it rests on the idea that Western governments are irreparably corrupt. As a result, the best thing white supremacists can do is accelerate their demise by sowing chaos and creating political tension. Accelerationist ideas have been cited in mass shooters’ manifestos — explicitly, in the case of the New Zealand killer — and are frequently referenced in white supremacist web forums and chat rooms.

Accelerationists reject any effort to seize political power through the ballot box, dismissing the alt-right’s attempts to engage in mass politics as pointless. If one votes, one should vote for the most extreme candidate, left or right, to intensify points of political and social conflict within Western societies. Their preferred tactic for heightening these contradictions, however, is not voting, but violence — attacking racial minorities and Jews as a way of bringing us closer to a race war, and using firearms to spark divisive fights over gun control. The ultimate goal is to collapse the government itself; they hope for a white-dominated future after that. …”

Violent accelerationism doesn’t have anything to do with the alt-right or neoreaction. These people have always been a faction of the White Nationalist movement.

Dylann Roof and Glenn Miller were accelerationists. They tend to be fascinated with other mass shooters like mass shooters in general. Glenn Miller used to write love letters to Joseph Paul Franklin who went to prison for shooting interracial couples in the 1970s. Violent accelerationists believe in collapsing the system through engaging in acts of violence that generate lots of publicity that stokes social tensions and increases racial polarization.

A good example of this is Dylann Roof who wanted to incite a race war by shooting blacks at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The Left predictably took the bait and reacted to the Charleston shooting by declaring a war on Confederate monuments. The war against Confederate monuments led to a backlash that has played out through the election of Trump to Charlottesville. Violent accelerationists have generally been successful in stoking polarization. It is the part where they bring down the system and emerge victorious which they get wrong.

The fatal flaw of violent accelerationism is that the vast majority of people on the Right and even within the White Nationalist movement are repulsed by them. This is because conservatives are oriented toward authority and preserving the social order and murdering people and breaking the law cuts against the grain of their most deeply held values. No one but the handful of people who incline toward accelerationism has any sympathy for church and synagogue shooters.

Still, the violent accelerationists are not wrong about the fragility of our social order and its deepening divisions. A poll recently came out which shows that two-thirds of the public believes we are on the edge of a civil war. The boogalootarians are simply impatient for it to start. If they were better versed in American history, then they would know that the violence has to be started by the Left for the Right to feel angry enough and morally justified to strike back.

Note: The most likely scenario is that that the accelerationists will all be in prison by the time some disgruntled leftist finally kicks off the Boogaloo. I’m not saying that it isn’t coming or is inconceivable. I just think their strategy of bringing it about is bunk.

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  1. Like James Mason has stated we need more revolutionaries and fewer reactionaries. I don’t want to wait until there’s one loaf of moldy raisin bread left on the shelf of the local Dollar General before the Boogaloo finally starts, do you?

  2. Kudos to Vox for their astute observations about the accelerationist movement. They have obviously been paying close attention. They must consider us a force that should be taken seriously, unlike the Jerry Springer Klansmen and skinheads of a generation ago.

      • Civil war means white people committing atrocities against each other while the jews and coloreds scurry off and wait out the bloodshed in safety. I sure as hell don’t want that.

  3. Civil war will not begin until enough of the billionaire class believe their wealth is under threat of confiscation. On that day a Trumplike will rise and give inspiring speeches, boosted by the mainstream media. Together they will lead American Whites into the RAHOWA meat grinder, to make the world safe for crony capitalism and Israel!

  4. I think most online “accelerationists” are just disingenuous Jews attempting to get white nationalists to conform to the Hollywood stereotype of the “Nazi” as a psychopathic killer and menace to society.

    Retards like Tarrant took the bait. He really was the perfect Jew tool: a dumb goy willing to throw his life away to kill the enemies of Zion. If you look at his manifesto you’ll see he has zero understanding of the role Jews have played in undermining the west. He just swallowed the neocon anti-Muslim lies hook line and sinker.

    I think Christchurch was a pivotal moment in our struggle because it lifted the mask on the kosher infiltration of the dissident right. Those who celebrated the atrocity with glee (most of them Trump supporters just a few months prior) revealed themselves as fanatical Zionists with a quintessentially Jewish hated of Muslims.

    Ultimately it does not matter whether the “accelerationists” are Jews or just brainwashed by Jews, both are enemies of our race.

    • You don’t have to love jews to realize that Muslims are bad. They are both poisonous to white society, but in different ways.

  5. My opinion has always been that any kind of revolt won’t come from the Pro-Wihite community ( of whatever stripe.) It will most likely come from somewhere in the “normal” population. One day, there will be one government abuse too many or possibly yet another TDO (the daily outrage) committed by some POC. It won’t be anything more than what has been happening for years but for some reason this will trigger a community to action, not just a lone Wolf. The Government will completely overreact, and hammer these people like you won’t believe to show them who’s boss. Everyone will notice but the silence will be deafening. Expect a hot Civil War within 6 mo to one year after.

  6. One nugget of truth that cannot be denied, we won’t vote our way out of this.
    1776- War
    1861- War

    We’re about 50 years overdue for a reckoning that will dictate the next 200 years.

  7. Accelerationism is just another media buzzword. Outside the heads of people say in front of computers, it is not an actual phenomenon, though the media picked it up from juvenile people involved in the Alt Right.

    A real terrorist would make great efforts not to be caught, otherwise his actions are strategically pointless. People like Mair, Roof and Breivik are just mentally-ill and desperate – we know this because they took no sophisticated steps to plan an escape. Their actions were, more or less, just a way of giving up while killing people they didn’t like.

    That doesn’t mean their actions were wrong. I won’t condemn them. I won’t call them cowards either. If you know that you will almost-certainly be caught and convicted and spend the rest of your life in prison, you are not a coward.

  8. At least Mr. Tarrants mosque adventure was not as embarassing as all the other famous shooting rampages. His manifesto is also quite impressing. But the complete absence of the jewish question in this effort is indeed very strange.

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