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  1. The groypers vs. Charlie Cuck reminds me of the ancient Athenians, who employed sophists to teach their prominent young men the art of rhetoric. They too probably questioned the morality of promoting homo buttsecks.

  2. Ramzpaul thinks if we suck up to Zionists and support their genocidal ethnostate they’ll be kind to us poor goyim and allow us to have one. So I’d place him in that category of con men too.

    • I like Ramzpaul, but sadly you are correct. The Calvinists in South Africa thought if they’d “Bless” Israel, they in turn would have cover run for them by (((The Tribe))) in the UK/US. Of course, it didn’t turn out that way–“Apartheid for me, but not for thee goyim”.

      What is it with Protestants and “Blessing” Israel?! White Southerners used to (rightfully) believe that Jews were largely Marxists and responsible for bringing blacks into once white schools. Sometime in the late 70s, there was a “Reverse Red Pilling” and far too many White Southerners became borderline retarded on Israel/Jews.

      Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard showed more courage than any White Cuckservative when it came to taking on AIPAC/Israel.

  3. With respect to that specific question (why support Israel if we’re America Firsters), it’s true that the Jewish go-to move is to accuse you of anti-semitism, but it’s silly to pretend they have “no answers.” In fact, Israel Firsters a stock of answers to these questions, which might not be convincing to you or me, but they are sadly all too convincing to the typical cuckservative (especially Christercucks and Islamophobes). Groypers need to take that into account when heckling Con Inc shysters.

  4. The man is RIGHT. God bless him.

    A simple solution as pointed out by ‘ramzpaul’ wil do wonders to shine the light of truth on these low life snake oil salesmen, in the conservative inc.

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