Aryans Follow The Sun

I don’t recall reading about the destiny of the Aryan race in Rich Lowry’s book The Case for Nationalism. It was all strangely omitted for some reason.

The following excerpt comes from Reginald Horsman’s book Race and Manifest Destiny: The Origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism:

“In 1850 American expansion was viewed in the United States less as a victory for the principles of free democratic republicanism than as evidence of the innate superiority of the American Anglo-Saxon branch of the Caucasian race. In the middle of the nineteenth century, a sense of racial destiny permeated discussions of American progress and of future American world destiny. Many think of rampant doctrines of Caucasian, Aryan or Anglo-Saxon destiny as typical of the late years of the nineteenth century, but they flourished in the United States in the era of the Mexican War. …

The process by which long held beliefs in the superiority of early Anglo-Saxon political institutions became a belief in the innate superiority of the Anglo-Saxon branch of the Caucasian race was directly linked to the new scientific interest in racial classification. But in a more general sense it involved the whole surging Romantic interest in uniqueness, in language, in national and racial origins. Both directly through Germany and by transmission from England, the Americans were inspired to link their Anglo-Saxon past to its more distant Teutonic or Aryan roots. Even in colonial America the ancient idea of the westward movement of civilization had brought dreams of a great new empire on the North American continent, but as German philologists linked language to race and wrote of tribes spreading westward from Central Asia following the path of the sun, the Americans were able to see new meaning in their drive to the Pacific. They could and did conceive of themselves as the most vital and energetic of those Aryan peoples who had spilled westward, “revitalized” the Roman Empire, spread throughout Europe to England, and crossed the Atlantic in their relentless westward drive. Americans had long believed they were a chosen people, but by the mid-nineteenth century they also believed that they were a chosen people with impeccable ancestry.

By 1850 a clear pattern was emerging. From their own successful past as Puritan colonists, Revolutionary patriots, conquerers of a wilderness, and inventors of an immense material prosperity, the Americans had evidence plain before them that they were a chosen people; from the English they had learned that the Anglo-Saxons had always been peculiarly gifted in the art of government; from the scientists and ethnologists they were learning that they were of a distinct Caucasian race, innately endowed with abilities that placed them above other races; from the philologists, often through literary sources, they were learning that they were the descendants of those Aryans who followed the sun to carry civilization to the whole world.

The new ideas fell on fertile ground in the 1830s and 1840s …”

This is one of our “national sins,” right?

My guess is that Lowry wants to create a fake, sanitized and “inclusive” version of American Nationalism which is detached from race and ethnicity and which can be used as a prop to perpetuate conservative liberalism. It is worth remembering though who was actually in charge of America when we conquered the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

It wasn’t people like Rich Lowry who at the time were bitterly opposed to national expansion and Indian Removal. Prior to the War Between the States, what we now call the Republican base was its own party, the Democratic Party or the Democracy as it was known in those times, which was dedicated to the idea that America is and ought to be a White Man’s Country, and the business-oriented moderates of the Republican establishment were their own party, the Whig Party. In the South, the two parties only merged to become known as “Conservatives” during Reconstruction because of black citizenship while in the north the Northern Whigs became the Republicans. Then as now, people like Rich Lowry shouldn’t be looked to for leadership.

Over the course of the postwar era from the Dixiecrat revolt against Harry Truman down to Donald Trump, there has been a gradual realignment of the two parties. The overwhelming majority of the Republican base is now descended from people whose ancestors voted for Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and FDR. The Republican Party and conservative liberalism has grown ever more out of touch with its constituency who are mostly descended from Confederate soldiers who fought against Lincoln. The leadership, rhetoric and the policies haven’t changed to cater to the voters. Northern Whigs still control the Republican Party in defiance of political reality.

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  1. Historically considered such a sanitized birth and life of a nation is simply unknown. Willmoore Kendall, one of the first editors of National Review, is closer to the truth than later editor Lowry when he wrote, as I recall from memory, that “America was founded by men with sweat under their arms and blood on their hands.”

    Lowryism is what happens when men become so civilized that they forget the conditions and ground of being is constant self-assertion of life against non-being. Darwin may not have been right about evolution, but competition for existence is a fundamental truth of life that we ignore at our peril.

  2. It does seem as if the torch of civilization has been passed from Central Asia westward to the Pacific Rim. So what happens now? The Satya Yuga? The Age of Aquarius?

  3. The Aryan wannabe scum didn’t ‘revitalize’ the Roman Empire at all
    The Aryan wannabes betrayal of Rome and the eventual sack unleashed by those Aryan wannabes wanted to become what they tried to destroy DIRECTLY lead to 1000 years of European dark ages and left us all weak and vulnerable to islamic blockades of trade from the east into Europe… 1000 years….

    Even all this history the Aryan wannabes whinge over comes to them only because Romans were the only people to write anything down.

    • Alfred’s England and “Beowulf” are hardly the trappings of a Dark Age. The latter term is used to sully Medieval civilization.

  4. Historians do not use the term “Dark Ages” even more. They now call it the Early Modern Period due to the fact that many monks preserved the writings of the Greek and the Romans thus making a latter Renaissance possible. However, without the Bubonic Plague and mass deaths wages would not have risen and the Middle Class would not have developed(Feudalism would have not fallen) nor would there have been sufficient money for the Age of Discovery and Northern Italy kick starting the Renaissance. My point being that the Bubonic Plague is the worse catastrophe that even befell humanity-and European humanity at that-but out of all this Europe regrouped and become supreme. The United States may fall one day but out of chaos a new dispensation-a more natural order for the ages-may be born!The fate of white people in America need not be tired so tightly to the United States. The two are no longer one and the same.

    • “The fate of white people in America need not be tired so tightly to the United States. The two are no longer one and the same.”

      No longer one and the same is an understatement. One is openly hostile to the other.

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