Beyond Thunderdome: Conservatism, Inc. Attacks Nick Fuentes

The battle lines are being drawn.

On one side, Charlie Cuck, Benny Johnson, Michael Knowles and Conservatism, Inc. are accusing Nick Fuentes tonight of being a vile hatemonger, a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, alt-right, Holocaust denying, bigoted white supremacist.

On the other side, Nick Fuentes and his supporters are accusing Benny Johnson and Conservatism, Inc. of being a bunch of closeted liberals and homosexuals, professional losers and worthless grifters who are puppets of Jewish donors whose job it is tone police the Right and suck up millions of dollars while accomplishing absolutely nothing of value for their social base.

Benny launched his attack on Twitter:

We don’t care about any of this faggot shit though.

We’re not trying to conserve the -isms and -phobias of political correctness. We don’t care what the mainstream media thinks either. The whole point of our politics it to get rid of these cultural norms. We should be embracing authoritarianism and organic nationalism.

Michael Knowles of Daily Wire took some shots at Nick tonight at Q&A:

The homosexual atheist Brad Polumbo has written another article at the Washington Examiner attacking Michelle Malkin as a racist.

Washington Examiner:

“Can a self-described “little brown woman” be a white nationalist? It’s understandable to instinctively think, of course not.

But it’s not such an easy question. In light of Michelle Malkin’s recent antics, it seems she is, at the very least, sympathetic to white nationalism. Malkin is just as bad as those reprehensible alt-right actors who openly peddle white nationalism, despite the way she embraces classic leftist tactics and uses her racial identity to shield her from critics. Consider the reply she uses to accusations of racism: “Do I look like a white nationalist?” …

Yet her ethnicity and skin tone aside, Malkin’s views and actions support racism. Take Malkin’s recent defense of openly anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist alt-right commentator Nicholas Fuentes. She called him a “New Right Leader” and blasted conservative pundit Ben Shapiro for condemning the anti-Semite. Watch for yourself.”

I’m glad that Conservatism, Inc. is stating its values.

The choice couldn’t possibly be more clear. It is a racket that stands for homosexuality, drag queens, transgenderism, tax cuts, deregulating corporations, the American Empire and Zionism. It is conserving liberalism and nothing that else that voters actually care about. If you believe homosexuals, liberals and grifters who want to conserve political correctness and multiculturalism should be leading the Right, you are going to line up on their side.

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  1. Some people are trying awfully hard to make a guy named “Fuentes” the face of the White self-preservation movement. I find that a tad suspicious. Besides, I’d rather look at Daisy Fuentes.

    • You might remember the Alt-Right was free to assemble in public without harrassment from the government, until they weren’t. The government gave them enough rope. then they ordered the intelligence services to set them up in Charlottesville. After that, the Jew lawyers moved in and finished them off.

      They either shut them down or set them up. Since they are letting Nick spea,k they are going to set him up. At the end of this he will either be destroyed, or blackmailed for life.

      Also Fuentes is associated with a membership org, so his followers’ info is on a webstite the NSA and Mossad are free to hack.

      Membership orgs work when you are in power, they do not work when your enemies have all the power.

      • Lol..No doubt Daisy Fuentes was sexy and she is a white hispanic. I think it would be smart for Republicans to ” crypto” some Hispanics and speak of their European heritage more.

        I remember the first time I was in south Florida and I saw this blonde haired child speaking spanish. She looked as white as any German or Irish person. The child was Cuban.

        We need to bond more Hispanics to their European roots instead of the wide ranging and usually leftist Hispanic label. For example many Argentinians find it to be fighting words when they are not called European. It is these types of people who often resist far left politics and multiculturalism and do not suck up to blacks.

        Jewish and brown communist diversity groups are always trying to peel away white Hispanics from their European heritage. Too often white non Hispanics fall into this trap too with the racial comments because someone’s name ends in a Hispanic surname.

        Open the door for white Hispanics the way it was opened for Italians who were once considered not white and are now some of the greatest defenders of white civilization.

  2. Too bad I can’t take Fuentes’ side in this battle but as a Trump supporter and a denier of white supremacy he is not “our guy”.

  3. spic fuentes is a civnat just like the GOP. his boys even call the opticucks in IE wignats. talk about optics cucking. dude that disavowed IE at NC even supports the RAISE act. Spic Fuentes and his army of massive cucks and brown people aren’t doing jack shit. when they lose hard in 2020 that will be obvious.

  4. It seems that Conservatism in the U.S. has devolved into a bunch of monkeys hurling excrement at eachother…while the cancer spreads unabated. Logic kinda dictates this all ends in a giant firefight…a guy is probably better off stocking up on food, water and ammo than worrying about what Shapiro, Malkin or Fuentes is doing.

    • This kind of piddly-ass internecine in-fighting only helps Jews. They’re the ones stirring the shit up. Gilad Atzmon, the renegade Jew, writes about this all the time.

  5. Fuentes is beside the point. It’s not about him or Richard Spencer or any personality or brand. It’s a rising of consciousness. The people are getting fed up with their oppression and we are rising up. As long as Fuentes is with us, God bless him. But as we always see in this movement when he turns out to be less then perfect don’t be disheartened. It’s about the movement.

    • BINGO !!!

      ” It’s a rising of consciousness. The people are getting fed up with their oppression and we are rising up. As long as Fuentes is with us, God bless him. But as we always see in this movement when he turns out to be less then perfect don’t be disheartened. It’s about the movement.

      It’s called Perpetual motion, going forward. Personas come and personas go. It is all about the movement !!

    • Exactly, this is a lot bigger than Fuentes. Groypers are speaking for a whole generation of white people. The fact that so many people will say this stuff at these events and that they even get cheers is huge. It couldn’t have happened five years ago. It’s proof of white consciousness going mainstream among the young. Don’t get hung up on personalities or hair splitting about ideology when you evaluate a mass phenomenon like this. It’s clear Groypers are the new normal.

  6. What does chosen mean? Chosen means the Jews regard themselves racially superior to all non-Jews and the Jews believe their Jew God made them that way. Jews have no business calling others racist.

    Bigotry is hatred without reason. Why do the Jews hate Christ and Christians? WTF did Christ do to make the Jews hate him the way they have and still do for the past 2,000 years?

    These are questions accusers and finger pointers need to answer and must answer.

    Fuentes is not going to answer these questions, because, because, because….

    He is one of them. it is all part of a show. Fuentes is being promotes in order to be destroyed. Watch….

  7. This clash this so call fight WAS and IS inevitable !!!

    There was his dude back in the early 20th century and whilst he was in prison, he WROTE about his “struggle” – he named it “My Struggle”.
    In this memoirs of his there is a section where he emphasises on the matter of movements.

    That, when a new movement is organically forming there WILL ALWAYS be a “clearing” a separation between the Healthy true spirit of the movement and the weak/superficial part of the movement.

    Separating the Wheat from the Chaff!!!!

    What was that dude’s name, hmm ??
    What was his name again ?????

  8. Republitards once again pretending race has nothing to do with Republicans potentially going the way of the Whig Party if Merica keeps importing non whites as well as let blacks plop out kids while the gubbermint covers it.. I mean how is this even an issue? Sure some non whites will vote Republican. Of course. There will always be people like an Allen West or Sheriff Clarke. But the reality is an Al Sharpton or Aoc would destroy those two in a majority non white district every single time.

    Sure, there are Jews who are conservative. I would peg them at about 25%. The problem is the other 75% and their money donations as well.

    Republtards are still too cowardly to admit that without whites, its over.Statistics prove this time after time. Crenshaw would not be elected to dog catcher in a mostly non white area. He just pretends because “some” blacks and browns vote for him.

    Democrats say all the time that Texas will go blue due to all the non whites there.They say Georgia will go blue due to all the non whites there.They are correct and in reality. It’s the Republitards and their denying the obvious. To pitifully play this game of it does not matter if whites are declining and let’s do zero about it, well, that is Republican suicide.

    Everything Duke, Buchanan and Tancredo said when it was truly politically incorrect to say it, has come true and will get much worse if these conservacucks get their way. They can’t even deal in the theory of duhhh..

  9. I believe Canadian is correct. In order for the USA to survive, these United States need to DIE.
    The Experiment in WHITE REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLICANISM has failed, precisely because we opened it to anyone BUT White Republicans!

    Liberals (are they even human?)

    Partition- the US is Dead, Long Live America, the White Christian Nation.

    Grey Ghost is right.

    Let the dead bury the dead.
    Even Chik-fil-A is bending over for the sodomite faction.

  10. IMO Fuentes is being groomed for the next phase of “true conservatism”. He will disavow pro-Whites in a heart beat and already has indirectly.

    • “IMO Fuentes is being groomed for the next phase of “true conservatism”. ”

      Could be, but I don’t see how he can recover after the cookie joke. Alex Jones plays the full clip here:

      “He will disavow pro-Whites in a heart beat and already has indirectly.”

      Interestingly, his supporters attack pro Whites just as hard as anti-White jews. anti-White lefties, and Israel first conservatives.

    • Indirectly? He’s been openly denouncing “wignats”—a meaningless term that has come to denote anyone who mentions that they’re OK with being white and doesn’t hide behind religion while doing it—for the past two years with more fervor than he’s attacked any leftist.

      • Fuentes whines about Jews censoring and deplatforming him, yet he encourages his followers to deplatform pro Whites.

        Very jewy behavior.

  11. I have a hard time trusting anyone that calls themselves a real “Conservative” I don’t want to “Save conservatism” or fight “Fake conservatives” ect ect. We’re not conservatives, we’re nationalists. Charlie kirk and all these other cucks are the real conservatives, Conservatives are liberals, they have always been liberals, conservatism is cancer. I wanna defeat and replace conservatism with genuine Nationalism and populism, not try and co opt it’s brand and turn it into something that is pro us. That’s an idiotic position to take and is about a realistic as trying to co opt the republican party.

    We need the third way, neither republican or democrat, neither left or right but fully nationalist and truly America first and 100% free of Israel, Jewish capitalism and banking.

  12. Jesus Christ, “conservatives” are bigger SJWs than the leftist SJWs they whine about. Let the battle cry go out:
    “Dems R the REAL Transphobes!”.

  13. I’m afraid Killian is right. We (and that includes a wide, wide group of dissent right, alt right, alt light, immigration patriots or just anyone who opposes the Neo Conservatives or the global homo New World Order) we can not do membership organizations. Our neighbors and our relatives will go along with the witch hunts, throw us under the bus. This Presidential election year is going to be a killer as the mainstream media and Conservative inc will be on 24/7 witch hunts to find Trump supporters that are RACISTS, witches, Holocaust deniers or just someone who doesn’t like “Maury”, “Ellen Degeneras”, “CNN”, “John Oliver”, Hollywood movies – that’s us folks.

    I highly recommend OD readers try to insulate themselves from the mainstream media and Conservative Inc. – treat them the same as you would hostile visits from the FBI, BATF asking you about some movie reviews on Amazon or Facebook posts and asking to just “Look around your home”. The mainstream media isn’t going to be fair, neither is Conservative Inc – treat them the same as you would the worst forms of Black on White hard core porn:

    “I have nothing to say”.

    Just let friends and family know that you don’t watch CNN and the lying press and no you don’t care if people say you’re politically incorrect – yeah, you/we are. No we don’t like all kinds of things like the worst forms of hard core porn, gangster rap music, lying Neo Conservative war mongering or Jussie Smollet style hate crime hoaxes.

  14. Something that we have to come to terms with is the fact that not only do we live in a post-constitutional time, we also increasing live in a post-American time. The constitution no longer has a heart beat or brain wave. It is dead. The life in significantly broad areas of the country no longer has continuity with the historic nation and its spirit. Often in this context what happened in Rome is cited. It is said that the people of Rome went to bed in the republic and awoke in the empire. On the surface Rome endured. The Senate still existed and all the offices had office holders, but the spirit had changed. The spirit had died and another inhabited the body politic. That is our current situation.

    This change can be seen in current events. During Watergate, Republicans and Democrats shared much in common. The Democrats fired Hilary Clinton from the investigation for lying and attempting to deny the President due process by denying him legal representation. Both Republicans and Democrats were in agreement on these elementary expressions of justice — truth and due process. Today the Democrats by embracing Clintonism have destroyed any common ground between themselves and the Republicans and have abandoned any common framework within which the party conflict can be peaceably adjusted. In such a situation violence is at best latent or in the case of Antifa, the unofficial commando wing of the Democratic party, all to active.

    This coup attempt against Trump — that is what it functionally is — coming so close to the traditionally accepted American way to transfer power shows that the Left no longer accepts elections as definitive. If power cannot be transferred or maintained by constitutionally controlled means, it will be done so through fraud and violence. Such a polity will always be in a latent or active state of civil war.

    In our current circumstances, the best we can hope for is the impeachment is defeated and Trump re-elected. In the face of such a double defeat perhaps Democrats will pull back and become once again a constitutional party. Unfortunately, they may not. In any case.let us hope men of goodwill ultimately prevail.

  15. I agree the goal should be Authoritarianism and Organic Nationalism. I think anybody in politics will evolve over time. Many people are moderates or liberals at a young age. That’s mostly because of brainwashing in the liberal school system. However many of those people become Conservatives by the age of 30 mostly because of being Married, having kids, and some type of Career. The whole I need more of my money comes in and people look for lower taxes. However Conservatives will never do anything really for White People. The Donor Class / Jews will never let that happen because the Jew and his White traitor followers want all the money. High Taxes are bad. Yes. However high bill costs are just as bad. All the above should be lower so people have more money. However none of this really matters when America becomes a brown nation. When America becomes a Atheist nation full of Drag Queens and Homosexuals marching in the streets. Abortion on demand. It’s already happened. I think it’s time people evolve. It’s time people stop being Conservatives and embrace the thought process and ideas of the Alt-Right and White Nationalism as a whole. Deo Vindice !

  16. The most important thing to come out of this for now is the growing awareness amongst the young that Conservative Inc. is a manufactured fraud, so that, if a year from now we see Fuentes swimming in money, doing his own campus tours, and being normalized to some extent, many of these youngsters will be able to see through it because they just went through it with Kirk and Co.

    And to no surprise, in recent days Fuentes has already started to cuck, backtrack, and make his message more kosher. Rather than double-down on issues like the Holocaust and Jewish power, he is rationalizing why he said the things he said and he is trying to minimize the damage. Also, he continually blocks people from asking pertinent questions on Twitter, he continually engages in the name-calling that he accuses Kirk or the Jewish press of doing by calling others ‘Feds’ or ‘wignats,’ and he’ll talk Israel extensively but never deep dive on the Jews and media/academia/Hollywood, etc. And of course he is all of a sudden as pro Trump as ever!

    We will take any inroads we can by any means and from reading most of the comments here I see that most have the proper cautionary perspective on Fuentes. With many of his young followers it’s the cult of personality! And many of these same followers need a lot of education on the Jews and their tactics. But hey! When I was 20 I didn’t get Jewish jokes and was clueless as to what a Jew was until about a year later I read John Toland’s biography ‘Adolf Hitler’ and had enough intuition at that age to realize there was more to the man than I was being told.

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